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(Sailor Q2: The Movie)
(Sailor Q2: The Movie)
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Mattie is led to an old church, which she feels is super creepy, only to nearly get hit in the head again, though this time ducking. However, the old woman this time hits her in the stomach, knocking her over. She tells her to pay attention. Mattie doesn't understand why she keeps hitting her, the old woman telling her it's cause she won't listen. She then tells her the spear is located within, hidden in the attic. She warns her, however, that before she can take the spear, she will have to face the guardian and if she fails, then not only will she not be allowed to take the spear, but her life will be forfeit. Mattie is nervous at first but tells her that she isn't afraid. The old woman tells her they will see and opens the door to the church for them.  
Mattie is led to an old church, which she feels is super creepy, only to nearly get hit in the head again, though this time ducking. However, the old woman this time hits her in the stomach, knocking her over. She tells her to pay attention. Mattie doesn't understand why she keeps hitting her, the old woman telling her it's cause she won't listen. She then tells her the spear is located within, hidden in the attic. She warns her, however, that before she can take the spear, she will have to face the guardian and if she fails, then not only will she not be allowed to take the spear, but her life will be forfeit. Mattie is nervous at first but tells her that she isn't afraid. The old woman tells her they will see and opens the door to the church for them.  
Entering the church, she finds it abandoned and dark. She starts to make her way towards the stairs but stops as she thinks she hears a sound. She tries to warn the old woman but finds that she has vanished.  
Entering the church, she finds it abandoned and dark. She starts to make her way towards the stairs but stops as she thinks she hears a sound. She tries to warn the old woman but finds that she has vanished. Mattie slowly makes her way through the shadowy and dark room, starting to feel get more and more creeped out. Finding a flight of stairs, Mattie tries to slowly make her way up, only for part of the stairs to nearly give way, causing her leg to get caught. As she does, she thinks she sees something moving through the shadows.  
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Ultra Guardian Sailor Q2 is the name of the second arc of the Sailor Q story. The events of the story take place in 1993 (overriding the events of the first season) and ran the course of 50 "episodes".

Story Summery

Animate Arc (Eps. 44-49)

Somewhere out in space, a group of shadowy women kneel before a be-throned golden figure. Their apparent leader, hidden in the shadows, swear to the woman that they shall succeed in their mission no matter what.

In St Paul, MN, Mattie Smithson (formally Matt) is dealing with yet another day at school. While she's glad for things to be normal again, she finds herself thinking back to what had happened before, though she barely remembers it, something which troubles her just a little bit. As the school day ends, Mattie barely misses the bus home and so is forced to make her way back by foot, much to her annoyance. Deciding to take a detour, Mattie accidentally bumps into another teenager, who briefly apologizes before moving on. Mattie then notices that the girl had dropped her purse and picking it up, tries to follow after her to return it. However, she soon notices someone else walking after the girl and realizing she might be in danger, Mattie is at first uncertain if she should get involved, feeling that she should get a police officer instead but her heroic side wins out and she follows the two, trying to see what's going on. She soon witnesses the stranger try to attack the girl, claiming that she has something she wants. Transforming into Sailor Q, Mattie interrupts the stranger, who much to Q's shock, reveals herself to be a senshi, calling herself Sailor Steel Serpent. Fighting against the other senshi, she finds her enemy much stronger then her and though she is able to drive her off, she barely survives the encounter.

As the days pass, Mattie encounters Steel Serpent again, this time along with a partner, the bestial Sailor Stone Golem, who once again, though Q is able to outsmart them, nearly leaves her broken in the process. Displeased by her underlings inability to deal with a single senshi, the leader of the small group, Sailor Platineum Banshee, takes charge and while targeting a local celebrity, uses the opprtunity to directly attack Q, threatening her family and friends in the process. Realizing the group will never stop their plans and deciding that she needs to protect those she loves, Mattie sneaks out in the middle of the night, planning to face them once more. Taking them by surprise during another one of their attempted attacks, Q is badly out numbered and out matched by the three. In a final desperate attempt to defeat them, Q grabs the crystal at the end of Steel Serpent's staff and begins to crush it. Banshee tries to stop her, warning her that it will destroy them all, but Q has had enough of them hurting people and ignoring the panic and attacks of the other senshi, uses the last of her strength to destroy the gem, consuming herself and Serpent in a massive explosion of power, vaporizing both of them to ashes.

Within a strange void, a red haired woman reaches down into a shimmering pool of starlight, holding in one of her hands a glowing purple crystal. After a moment or two, she slowly pulls out from the strange waters the completely restored body of Mattie. Awakening, Mattie is confused and a bit frightened, as she last remembered being destroyed by the blast. The woman, who introduces herself as Minerva, acknowledges that she did indeed die but that she has been brought back to life as her role as a guardian has yet to end. To assist her, Minerva summons a new weapon for the girl, the Rhapsody Flute, as well as upgrades her to a new level of power: a Super Sailor Senshi. Mattie finds the woman strangely familer but Minerva simply states that is something for the future. Mattie tries to protest, still not understanding but finds herself drawn back to the world of the living.

That evening, Mattie rises from the Mississippi and makes her way back to shore, still dazed and confused on what had happened yet instinctivly knowing that what she experienced was all true. While she was able to return home and tearfully reunite with her family once again (much to their confusion), she soon overheard a sighting of the two women on the evening news. Deciding she had to face them again, though still somewhat afraid after what had happened last time, Mattie runs off into the night once more.

Meanwhile, Banshee has decided that their original plan will take far too much time to accomplish their needed goal and so concocts a plan to utilize the bracelet of her bestial companion to try and remove the star seeds from every person within the city, though it will kill Stone Golem in the process. Before they can begin, however, they are interrupted by the now Super Sailor Q, who warns them against hurting anyone else. Sending Stone Golem against the senshi, at first the super strong warrior seems to have the edge but Q's new form soon overpowers her and in the process destroys everything but one of the bracelets that she wore. Before Q can react, however, Banshee steals away the bracelet and vanishes into the darkness.

The next day, Mattie finds herself unable to focus, worrying about what Banshee is up to. During class, Mattie overhears that one of her classmates mention a rumor of a mysterious woman having been spotted around one of the old buildings downtown. Realizing this is probably Banshee, Mattie manages to sneak in later that evening, only to be confronted by the woman, who still plans to try and remove the star seeds from everyone in the city. Forced to transform, the two senshi get into a battle and though Banshee at first gets the upper hand, she soon realizes that Q will overpower her quickly. Putting on Golem's bracelet, Banshee manages to tempoarly increase her own power. However, the added power soon destabilizes Banshee's form, giving Q a chance to finish her off, though in the process, Banshee causes the building to fall onto of them, forcing the senshi to escape. Unable to find any sign of the woman, Q returns home, convinced that she has saved the city once more.

Unknown to Q, however, Banshee managed to escape from the building, though in a highly weakened state. Swearing that she'll get revenge against Q, she turns a corner, only to be accosted by a mysterious figure, who says that she may have what they're looking for. The figure puts their hand against Banshee's forehead and then seems dissapoited by what they find. Stating that they have no more use for the woman, the figure shatters Banshee's bracelets, killing her in the process. Without another word, the figure vanishes into the night.

A New Friend (Ep.50)

In a dark unknown location, a figure looks over a map of the twin cities, musing to herself on where she shall strike first. After making a silent decision to herself, the figure vanishes.

Heading home from school, Mattie is invited to hang out with her friends and although she at first is rather excited to do so, she soon becomes aware of someone spying on her and not wanting her friends to get hurt, decides to turn down the invitation. Taking a longer route home, she continues to have the feeling that someone is watching her and quickly turning a corner, she waits to see who it is, only to be surprised to see a small brown cat following her. While she at first is taken in by how cute the cat looks, she quickly becomes creeped out by how it's staring at her and tries to continue on her way. However, no matter how hard she tries, the cat seems to always somehow show up close to where she is.

Finally reaching an empty parking lot, Mattie is stunned to see the cat teleport several times in front of her and is even more shocked when the cat speaks to her! The cat begins to warn her of a great danger which is about to strike the city and although Mattie tries to escape the cat, it none the less continues to appear in front of her, trying to make her case that a new foe is about to make their appearance. Mattie is reluctant to get involved after what had happened with the animates, but when the cat mentions how even her friends may be in danger, Mattie realizes the feeling she had before was not the cat but someone else following her friends. With the help of the cat, Mattie manages to track down Ellie, only to find her under attack by a mysterious woman, who draws a flower like object from the girl's forehead but after looking at the flower, the woman seems disappointed at not finding what she was looking for. She is soon interrupted by Sailor Q, who manages to get the now unconscious Ellie out of the woman's hands, only for the stranger to summon a monster from a strange compact before fleeing. Though Q is able to defeat the creature (though not without difficulty), she finds no trace of the woman or the cat from before.

Returning home exaushated, Mattie is startled to find the cat sitting on her bed, having waited for her to get home after the fight. Mattie is still a bit creeped out from before (especially how she got into her room), but the cat assures her that she's here to help her. Formally introducing herself as Freya, the cat promises to help her with these new enemies and though Mattie starts to try and ask more questions, Freya tells her that she will answer them all later but that the girl obviously needs rest now. Annoyed by this non answer but also very tired, Mattie soon drops off, as Freya curls up next to her.

Dark Hunter Arc (Eps.51-63)

It isn't long, however, before the woman appears once more, this time targeting her friend Peter's sister, who is frightened about taking an expensive commission on a painting. Mattie offers to accompany her and stay with her while she's working in an effort to help her through her nerves, neither of them knowing that the woman had taken the place of the original patron. While Sailor Q eventually was able to defeat the woman's Monster (who she learns is called a Shade), the woman herself gets away.

The woman, meanwhile, returns to a dark citadel in an unknown dimension, where she reports to four shadowy figures who are displeased with her inability to find the "Loadstone" for them. She states that she has just begun and will not let them down.

As the weeks continue, Mattie finds herself facing against the woman, who continues to hunt after the mysterious Flower like objects within her victim's forehead. At one point, Mattie finds herself found out as Sailor Q by another student, who begs her to let her accompany her on a mission. However, after become a victim of the woman, Mattie manages to convince the student that she isn't really the senshi after all in order to protect her.

Not long after, The woman once again targets another victim but is interrupted by Sailor Q. During the battle, the woman loses the bracelet on her wrist, which allows her to draw out the Flower Objects as before. It is only after she retreats she realized what had happened and becomes obsessed with finding it once more. Meanwhile, Peter manages to pick it up and during school, shows it to Ellie and Mattie, eventually giving it to the latter as a gift. That evening, the woman kidnaps Peter, only to learn that he does not have it. Back at home, Freya looks over the bracelet, realizing it to be a piece of technology allowing for the drawing out of a "Memory Gem", an object which contains a person's subconscious memories. Mattie tries to ask Freya why they would want to do that but Freya is unsure at the moment. Mattie then gets a call from Peter, who is mentally being controlled by the woman, who demands the bracelet back. Realizing that Peter is danger, Mattie ignores Freya's advice in being more careful and figuring out a plan in favor of simply going after the woman.

Lead to the Wells Fargo building, Mattie finds herself nearly killed in several traps laid by the woman, but after taking care of a Shade left behind by the Woman, she finally gets to the top of the building, where she is waiting. The Woman demands the bracelet in return for Peter, who she dangles over the edge. Though Sailor Q agrees and hands over the item, The Woman still tries to kill Peter and Q, having gotten tired of the Senshi's interference. However, in an attempt to fire a blast at the Senshi, Q's quick use of a shield sends the attack back at the woman, sending her falling off the edge, before Q can reach for her. Realizing someone will search after the damage left the building, Q quickly leaves with the unconscious Peter.

However, not long after she is gone, The Woman manages to climb up, having caught herself before she could fall all the way down. As she manages to get back to her feet, she finds herself met but he shadowy forms of the four beings from before. They speak of their displeasure to her and of the fact that she almost compromised their mission through her blunder. The Woman tries to defend herself but the largest of the figures grabs her by the throat, telling her that her usefulness is done and before she can make any action, throws her from the side of the building to her death. The figure then declares if they are to succeed in their search, then they will have to do it themselves...

Dark Ones Arc (Eps.64-75)

In a darkened cavern like space, a young girl moves her hands over a glowing orb, a third eye in her forehead darting around. One of the other shadowy figures in the room question the decision to use the girl's power like this but is shot down by their leader, who tells them that they have no choice. The girl tells them that she has found a potential target and one of the figures volunteers to take the job, teleporting out.

That day, Mattie is invited by her mother to come to her work as part of a family day at the lab (Freya is forced to stay at home, though follows the two anyway). Although, Mattie tries, she ends up accidently causing problems at the lab, embarrassing herself and her mother in the process. As a result of leaving, Mattie is at first unaware when the maintenance person has been replaced by the woman, who soon attacks Mattie's mother, drawing out her Memory Flower. Mattie happens to return, feeling guilty about before just in time to see what is happening and transforms, attacking the woman. Though she is able to defeat the woman's shade with a great deal of difficulty and save her mother, the woman herself gets away.

After another near defeat, this time only managing to win thanks to the Shade getting distracted, Freya forces Mattie into a grueling training exercise, during which she manages to gain for herself a new attack, allowing her to easily defeat the next monster she comes across. At the same time, Mattie wonders what Freya knows about the villains they're fighting, but Freya simply tells her she's not ready. However, answers come faster then she ever realized. While the figures continue their attempts to target individuals, during one such battle against a young man, he slips between a battle against Sailor Q that he and his people are searching for the "Cosmic Loadstone". When Mattie presses Freya, the cat is forced to finally tell her what she knows: The people they are going up against are known as the Dark Ones and are seeking the Cosmic Loadstone, an object of great power which Freya tells Mattie that can never get their hands on. They are searching for it's location in the minds of an individual but when Mattie asks if Freya knows who that might be, the cat tells her she herself isn't sure, but she does know only certain people have a Memory Flower strong enough to hold such knowledge. To assist Mattie with searching for these people, Freya upgrades Mattie's communicator to allow her to track such Memory Flowers. As a result, Mattie soon finds herself facing off against the Dark Ones in a far more proactive manner, defeating their attempts at capturing the Memory Flowers of people ranging from a pet shop owner trying to help a dog come out of depression to a news anchor obsessed with getting a story on Sailor Q.

At the same time, these attempts begin to frustrate the Dark Ones, who are losing patience with their youngest member and their lack of success in finding the location of the Loadstone. When the youngest suggests going after Sailor Q, however, she is quickly shut down by the rest. However, they do decide that they must deal with the senshi before she becomes too much of a threat to them. At the same time, they are unaware of their youngest member, who is watching Mattie and Freya from a distance and keeping track of them.

Through her communicator, Mattie and Freya are able to pin-point the next target as belonging to a classmate of her's. Mattie decides to keep close to her, trying to make sure the Dark Ones don't try and get their hands on the girl. However, during a conversation with the girl, she realizes that she's going too far and is not actually caring about her as a friend so much as just another possible victim. Before she can properly deal with the issue, however, the Dark Ones show up and much to Mattie's surprise, all four of them appear at once. Trying to transform, one of the members manages to strike Mattie with a blast, first knocking away her transformation wand before finally knocking her out completely. As Freya fruitlessly watches, Mattie is taken away by the four, to apparently be dealt with elsewhere.

Mattie slowly awakens, only to find her limbs entrapped in some manner of dark crystal. As her eyes become accostume to the darkness, she notices four figures standing in front of her: a tall grim looking man, a younger, somewhat handsome man, a haughty looking young woman and a little girl holding what looks like a crystal ball. The tall man introduces himself as Yoru, the leader of the Dark Ones Clan. He demands to know why she has been trying to interfere with their plans and when Mattie tries to play dumb, the younger man, who's name is Kurasa, shows her her own transformation wand. Yoru tells her that it's no good hiding the truth and the young woman named Kage suggests they simply kill her now, as she is of little use to them. Mattie then demands to know what they want with the Loadstone, something which surprises all of them, since they thought no one else knew about it. Yoru answers to her that they seek to use it to resurrect Queen Necros, something which shocked Mattie, after which Yoru demands to know how she knows about the crystal in the first place. When Mattie refuses to answer, however, Kurasu suggests that they try and check her Memory Flower, something which Yoru agrees with. Mattie struggles to free herself as the man draws closer but although the crystal does seem to start cracking a little, it seems like she will never be freed in time. It comes as a huge shock, then, when Freya suddenly leaps forward and snatches the transformation wand from Kurasa's hand with her mouth (scratching him in the process). Trying to toss it towards Mattie, at first it simply smacks her in the face, but the distraction is enough for Mattie to free herself and landing on the ground, manages to grab the wand, transforming. Asking Freya how she found her, she finds out the Comm allows her to track Mattie, leading her to the very spot they had hidden her. Yoru is angered by this and tries to attack Sailor Q, but the senshi manages to dodge the attacks of himself as well as his fellow Dark Clan members. However, Sailor Q takes a hit from Kage and is sent crashing back and taking this as their chance, Yoru fires a blast of energy from his ring to try and draw out her Memory Flower. However, at the last second, Freya leaps into the path of the beam, taking the hit. Much to everyone's shock, the cat's Memory Flower blooms open and reveals not simply what appears to be the Cosmic Loadstone, but also a planet which seems to be it's location. Yoru is pleased by this development and before Q can react, teleports away with the rest, the location now known to them, but not before causing their lair to collapse, nearly burying Q and Freya, who manage to slip out.

Back home, Mattie confronts Freya, wondering why she didn't tell her she knew all this time and Freya reveals she wanted to keep Mattie safe, something which confuses Mattie though the cat won't go any further on details. Mattie wonders what they will do now, knowing that the Dark Ones know where the Loadstone is and that they will use it's power to bring back to life one of her worse enemies. Freya tells Mattie that they have no choice but to go after them and they must journey to the planet Quinox in order to beat them to the location of the crystal. Mattie has never heard of the planet and Freya tells her that it is the secret tenth planet in the Solar System and the furthest from the sun. When Mattie wonders how they will possibly get there, Freya tells her that they will use the Tesseract, a secret portal in time and space which can take them to the planet and one which Freya can open. Mattie is at first frightened but quickly realizes she has no choice but to do this, otherwise the people she cares about will get hurt. With their plan decided, the two set about getting ready for the journey.

Ontop of a building, the four Dark Ones gather together and focusing their power, opening a tunnel through space, teleporting away in a burst of dark flame and light.

Slipping out in the evening, Mattie heads to a nearby park with Freya. Freya asks Mattie if she's scared and though at first she says she's not, she quickly admits that she is lying and is terrified. Freya tells her that they will succeed and looks up at the sky. Letting out a loud yowl, the symbol on Freya's forehead lights up, shooting out a beam which opens up a strange vortex in the middle of the air in front of them. Gathering her courage, Mattie looks one more time back to her home before leaping through with Freya, the vortex closing behind both of them.

Quinox Arc (Eps.76 - 95)

After a rather harrowing journey through the Tesseract tunnel, where Mattie finds herself fighting off creatures created by her own memories, Mattie and Freya arrive in the middle of what appears to be a desolated plain. Mattie is overwhelmed by the fact that she's on another planet as well as the sheer amount of devesation in front of her, though Freya seems even more affected by the appearance. Both of them steeling themselves, Freya tells Mattie that they have to go underground and to do that they must reach the caverns in the mountains far in the distance. However, as they make their way along, they spot the Dark Ones, who had arrived not long after they did. Though Freya and Mattie attempt to hide, they are eventually spotted, leading to a battle against the four. While Mattie as Sailor Q is able to defeat the Dark Ones latest Shade, they still manage to get away. Freya and Mattie then attempt to try and beat the Dark Ones to the caverns using a short cut, unaware of the fact that the Dark Ones have split up, allowing Kage to follow the girl and her cat. Along the way, Kage makes numerous attempts to try and stop them, using various different types of Shades to slow them down, including at one point using a creature to play with their senses. Eventually though, Mattie and Freya manage to finally find the the cavern they had been searching for, only to be confronted by Kage herself. Summoning her most powerful Shade and joining in the fight herself, Kage manages to nearly kill Sailor Q. However a combination of Q's Four Air Laser as well as dodging at just the right moment causes Kage to take a fatal attack from her own Shade. However, before she passes on, she weakly calls out the name of "Embra", confusing Sailor Q. As the woman's dead body fades away, Freya realizes the Dark Ones must have gotten ahead of them and telling Q to focus on the task at hand, runs down into the tunnel, followed by Q.

As they descend further and further down into the planet, Mattie starts to question Freya, wondering why she came to her, when there are probably others just as capable. Freya doesn't answer, only saying that only she can do this and at the same time, they learn The Dark Ones had gotten ahead of them, laying traps as well as Shade ambushes. During one of the ambushes, part of a cavern structure collapses, cutting Mattie off from Freya and leaving her completely lost. Forced to try and find her way back to the cat, Mattie found herself going through many dangers, including a moment where she fell down a collapsed shaft, landing on the edge of a brittle rock face with what seemed to be bottomless pit underneath her. After struggling to find her way, she purely by accident runs into the also lost Kurasa, who had become separated from the other Dark Ones. Their meeting devolving into a short battle, the resulting fight de-stabalizes the ceiling of the chamber they are in, causing a cave in and trapping their only way of escape, as well as injuring Kurasa in the process. With escape seeming to be impossible, the two are forced into a temporary truce. When Kurasa mentions Embra briefly, Mattie finally askes that that is. With little else to do, Kurasa explains to Mattie that the Dark Clan isn't mearly a group but that they are all family. Long ago, their people lived in the dark space between dimensions and worshiped a powerful being known as Necros. In order for Necros to exist in the regular universe, it must take on a host and that their sister Embra had been chosen for the role. She had been the Queen Necros who so long ago terrorized the Solar System and that Mattie had destroyed. They do not wish to resurrect Necros herself but mearly their sister. Mattie is horrified, wondering if she had perhaps killed an innocent girl. However, before the discussion can get any further, part of the cavern starts to fall, revealing a way out. While Kurasa has a chance to destroy the senshi, he decides instead to let her live and the two go their seperate ways. It's not long after that that Mattie finally meets up with Freya, who was worried about Mattie, but tells her that she has found a way directly to the Loadstone. However, Mattie tells her she has had enough with secrets and wants Freya to tell her everything and why she has to be the one involved in all this. No matter how often Freya tries to change the subject, Mattie refuses to go any further until Freya tells her the truth and so reluctantly leads her down another tunnel.

The two enter into a large chamber which seems to be a half collapsed sanctuary. Mattie is astonished by this but is more shocked when she sees a half cracked mural on the wall, deciding a princess who looks exactly like her! Freya tells her that the image is of the Princess of Quinox and that Mattie is in fact the reincarnation of the girl. She tells her how long ago, Quinox was a thriving planet ruled over by the kind Queen Minerva and that the most beloved of those on the world was the Princess. However, one day the planet fell to a mysterious attack and the Princess as well as Freya were brought to the Kingdom of the Moon, where they lived for three years until that too fell to the power of an evil woman named Beryl. As the Princess and Senshi of Quinox, it is Mattie's duty to try and safe guard the Loadstone from being abused. A stunned Mattie asks Freya why she never told her this before and Freya admits she had been trying to protect her. She had hoped that if Mattie had defeated the enemy early on, that she could simply resume a quiet life without become a target. Mattie is upset, stating that that is her choice to make and then tells Freya in this case they have to go and stop them. Freya agrees and leads Mattie along a hidden passageway, in the meantime explaining to a curious Mattie that the crystal had not protected Quinox before due to being "put to sleep".

The two arrive at a large pair of doors, only to find the Dark Ones already there. Yoru, annoyed by this development, orders Kurasa to attack the two while he and their youngest sister Cresia head into the chamber itself. Though at first reluctant after his encounter with Q, he none the less cares more about his sister compared to the life of the senshi. Though Mattie manages to change into Sailor Q, Kurasa is far faster and takes her by surprise, managing to injure her in her side and send her crashing to the ground. Just as Kurasa is about to perform the finishing blow, a woman with short brown hair and a green dress gets in the way and blocks his weapon with a staff weapon of her own. At first confused, Q is then astonished to realize the woman to be Freya. Freya orders Mattie to go on ahead and not to worry about her. She may have failed in saving her before, she tells her, but she will not lose her once again. Q reluctantly obeys Freya and runs on ahead, leaving the two behind to battle.

Q manages to reach the inner chamber, only to be amazed to see a gigantic purple crystal floating above her head. However, she is not alone, as Yoru and Cresia are also within the room. As the three stand there, a voice issues from the crystal, asking what they wish of it. Q tries to rush forward to stop Yoru and Cresia, but Yoru fires a blast which encases the girl inside a bubble like barrier. Just as Yoru is about to call out to the Loadstone to resurrect their sister, Cresia fires a blast from her crystal ball, shooting through her older brother. Stunned, he asks Cresia why, only for the little girl to reveal that she had no interest in bringing Embra back but rather wishes to become the new Queen Necros herself. Cresia then calls upon the Loadstone to bestow upon her it's power and have her become Necros. As Q helplessly watches, Cresia is enveloped in massive beam of energy, transforming into a fully grown woman, who proclaims herself to be the new Necros. As Yoru breaths his last, calling out to his sister Embra, the barrier around Q dissolves, freeing her. Necros II basks in her new abilities and lets out a massive show of power, causing the entire room to start to shake.

Outside the chamber, Freya reverts back to her cat form, too exausted to maintain her humanoid self. Begging her princess for her forgiveness for failing her again, Freya can only watch as Kurasa prepares to kill her once and for all. However, as the room shakes violently, a chunk of the ceiling falls, crushing the young man to death. Worried about what might be happening to Mattie, Freya runs as best she can into the room.

Back in the Loadstone's Chamber, Q watches as the corpse of Yoru dissolves away and angry demands to know why Necros II killed her own brother. Necros II mocked the man, seeing him as simply sentimental and unable to grasp the true power that the Loadstone could afford them. Q tries to attack Necros II in a rage and though she at first is able to at the very least keep the other woman on her toes, it becomes very clear she cannot hope to defeat her and is soon caught in an energy beam and blasted against the wall, held up against it by it's sheer force. Freya enters and seeing Mattie screaming in pain from the attack, begs the Loadstone to save the girl. Necros II mocks her, seeing her sister as having been weak to fall to someone so pathetic. Her transformation dropped, Mattie reaches out towards the Loadstone, weakly telling Necros II that she won't let her hurt anyone else. Just then, the Loadstone seems to glow and as if in response to the pleas of the two, showers Mattie in a shaft of glowing light. Before Freya and Necros II's astonished eyes, Mattie transforms once more, this time into a new form, that of Hyper Sailor Q! Though at first shocked, Necros II then mocked the new form, stating it only to be a mere costume for the same weak fighter. Attacking the senshi with another blast of energy, she is stunned when Hyper Sailor Q simply manages to bat away the attack and numerous other attacks the villain tries against her. Angry, Necros II charges at Q, who nearly teleports them across several points on the planet, their battle ringing out across it's surface, with Necros II growing more and more angry, stating that there is no way someone so weak could be granted such power. Q finally manages to get Necros II back to the chamber and though the woman tries one more attack putting all her power against the senshi, Q proves the more powerful and using the energies given to her by the Loadstone, kills Necros II with the Hyper Air Crown attack. Freya is shocked but proud of Q but when she tells her to return to normal and come home, Q refuses. She tells Freya that with the power she has now, she can defeat any enemy and protect everyone on the planet Earth and no one can stop her. Freya is horrified by this and even more so when she realizes that Q is rapidly weakening due to the strain the energy is placing on her body. Freya begs Q to come to her senses and that she has done enough, but Q feels it's never enough and that no matter what, someone will always try and come after those who she loves, so it is better she destroy them before they can harm anyone else and if Freya tries to stop her, then she may have to be destroyed as well. However, before Q can do anymore, a voice calls out to her.

Mattie finds herself in an ethereal plain suddenly, with the woman named Minerva appearing before her once more. She tells Mattie that it is time for her to let go of the power. Mattie tells Minerva her worries but Minerva tells her that there is always danger, it is never worth the suffering for which her plan may bring to other people. Mattie realizes that she is falling into the same trap that Necros II did but is still scared, not certain if she has the will to give up on abilities this amazing. Minerva pulls Mattie into a hug and tells her that she believes in her as she always did and Mattie realizes that Minerva is in fact the ghost of Queen Minerva and her past live's mother. At that moment, the voice of the Loadstone calls out, giving Mattie a simple choice: retain the power that she has now or tell the Loadstone to return to it's slumber once more. After a moment and reassurance by Minerva, Mattie gives up the power, telling the Loadstone to go back to sleep.

Back in the cavern, Freya watches as Hyper Sailor Q returns back to Mattie Smithson once more, collapsing on the ground. Running to her side, she looks and sees the Loadstone begin to glow brightly and in that brightness, is amazed to see the translucent form of Queen Minerva. Minerva thanks Freya for protecting her daughter and then with a last farewell, the cavern is enveloped in a bright light.

Mattie wakes up with a start and finds herself in her bedroom in the middle of the night. Looking about, she quickly realizes that it is the same night in which she left for Quinox and starts to wonder if it was all a dream. Freya, however, hops onto her bed and tells her it was a not a dream but a "miracle of the Loadstone." Mattie is at first confused but decides not to ask too many questions. Asking Freya if they managed to save the world, Freya affirms that, yes, they did indeed save the world. Wondering if her life will always be like this, Freya has no answer. Instead, Mattie walks over to her window and looking out, gazes up at the moon in the sky, Freya jumped over and sitting by her side, as the two think back to everything that had happened to them and their new hopes for the future.

Sailor Q2: The Movie

On a dark moonlit night in the city of a prague, a woman sleeps peacefully in her bed. She is unaware as the window to her room slowly opens and a shadow descends over her. Soon the shadow passes quickly, leaving the woman laying pale, wide eyed and two marks in her neck. The shadow darts across the darken city, before descending into the hidden sewer system beneath, entering a vast temple like complex. The figure joins with a group of other similar dressed figures who kneel as a man walks down a series of steps from a higher platform. The man proclaims to the crowd that the time has come for her great resurrection, that soon the perfect victim shall arrive and then their shadow shall descend upon the world once more.

Mattie and her family are walking through the city, her mother taking photos, while her father is trying to make sense of a map. Sara isn't too impressed by the city and complains about why they have to be here, while Mattie is worried about having to leave Freya behind back home. Sara proclaims that she simply wants to go back to the hotel, while Mattie wants to see the theaters, leading to a small argument. Their mother reminds them to be on their best behavior, as they were lucky to win these tickets thanks to a local contest, something which Sara states was not a much of a prize, which leads to another short argument, their parents wondering if they'll even manage to enjoy this vacation. After hitting a few of the major landmarks, the family decides to head back to their hotel room for the night. However, as they are leaving, Mattie accidently bumps into an old woman. As she turns to apologize to her, the old woman warns Mattie about a dark shadow rising and that she must strike it down before it can bring chaos to the world. Mattie is confused but before she ask for more information, she's distracted by Sara and by the time she turns back, the old woman is gone.

That night, Mattie struggles to sleep but finds herself troubled by the words the woman said to her. Awakening to a sudden sound, Mattie finds the window of their hotel room open and turning, sees a dark figure pick up her sleeping sara from her bed. Mattie runs over and tries to wake up their parents, only to find them under some manner of sleeping spell. Mattie tries to order the figure to drop her sister, but the figure simply leaps from the window and out into the open air. Transforming, Mattie as Sailor Quinox dashes after the figure, who leaps from roof top to roof top, avoiding any attempt by Quinox to grab back her sibling. Much to the senshi's surprise, several other figures appear out of the darkness and attack her, sending dark energy blasts at her. Quinox manages to deflect several of them with her flute but is eventually overpowered and is knocked off the roof, hitting the ground hard and falling unconscious in the process.

In tunnels under the city, the figures walk through the darkness, carrying the unconscious Sara with them.

Mattie comes to and finds herself in a dark room, lit only by a single candle. Confused, she looks around, only to spot the old woman approaching her with a cup of a hot beverage. The old woman tells her she had warned her before and now it may be too late. Mattie asks what's going on and the old woman tells her that her sister is to be used in a dark magic ceremony to resurrect the Queen of the Soul Vampires. Mattie tries to bolt out of the room, hoping to save her sibling but is hit on the head by the old woman's cane. The old woman explains that in her current state, she would never be able to stop them but there is a chance. She explains that in order to destroy the Queen, she will need the Spear of Light, an ancient weapon used long ago by a great warrior who first defeated the soul vampires and their leader. Mattie tries to go out again, saying she'll find it right away only to get hit yet again on the head. The old woman tells her that she only has until the moon rises to it's highest and at that point, everything may be lost. Mattie understands and then tries to head out, only to be hit once again for the third time. The old woman asks Mattie if she knows where it is and Mattie after a moment admits that she does not. The old woman tells her she shall lead her to it but that they must hurry. When Mattie asks her why she is helping her out when she doesn't know anything about her, the old woman tells her not to ask questions but simply to follow.

One of the soul vampires senses that something is about to occur and so their leader sends her out to deal with it, so as not to interrupt the ceremony. The leader then looks up at the top of the platform, where Sara has been laid down.

Mattie is led to an old church, which she feels is super creepy, only to nearly get hit in the head again, though this time ducking. However, the old woman this time hits her in the stomach, knocking her over. She tells her to pay attention. Mattie doesn't understand why she keeps hitting her, the old woman telling her it's cause she won't listen. She then tells her the spear is located within, hidden in the attic. She warns her, however, that before she can take the spear, she will have to face the guardian and if she fails, then not only will she not be allowed to take the spear, but her life will be forfeit. Mattie is nervous at first but tells her that she isn't afraid. The old woman tells her they will see and opens the door to the church for them.

Entering the church, she finds it abandoned and dark. She starts to make her way towards the stairs but stops as she thinks she hears a sound. She tries to warn the old woman but finds that she has vanished. Mattie slowly makes her way through the shadowy and dark room, starting to feel get more and more creeped out. Finding a flight of stairs, Mattie tries to slowly make her way up, only for part of the stairs to nearly give way, causing her leg to get caught. As she does, she thinks she sees something moving through the shadows.

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