Tsukino Usagi

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Tsukino Usagi
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Birth June 30
Family Chiba Mamoru (husband), Chibiusa (daughter), Aino Minako (half-sister)

Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Cosmos, Serena, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity

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henshin into Sailor Moon

First Appearance

Tsukino Usagi is Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity, etc., and a blindly optimistic young woman, gifted with a cosmic power, clinging desperately to her innocence.


Usagi, as noted, is an extremely optimistic person and can also be cluelessly selfish. She loves food, having fun, and being amused. She always hated studying, and rather than make her daughter Chibiusa study, changed the rules of spelling and grammer to accomodate her.

While originally well intentioned, Usagi's personality seems to have degraded with her rise to power, and her current whereabouts and status are unknown. During the Crystal Tokyo period, she became extremely lazy, getting Sailor Venus to do her appearances and turning the palace into a sort of theme park.

Sailor Moon

"The pretty sailor suited soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"
—Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon was awoken by Luna as the leader of the Inner Senshi and tasked with finding both the Princess and the Ginzuishou. Fortunately or not, she turned out to be the Princess and have the famed jewel. She eventually grew into the role of leader, although not without being a general niusance first.

Her fuku changes more than any of the other senshi, but the basic fuku has a blue collar and skirt, red/pink bows, and red/pink knee high boots. She has fancy barrettes, odango protectors, and both her compact and scepter are powerful objects which can be used for attacks. Her tiara can also be used in attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Moon's powers derive from the Ginzuishou, the most powerful starseed/Sailor Crystal in the galaxy. Her attacks are about purity and innocence, and unconditional love.

Of all the senshi, Sailor Moon seems to have the most adaptable magic attacks, many used only once or twice in favor to her main attacks. One partialarly effective such attack was sonic crying, used in some of her first battles.


Moon Twilight Flash: Uses her tiara to reflect moonlight at her enemy.

Moon Healing Escalation: Uses the Moon Stick to heal an opponent.

Moon Princess Halation: Uses the Cutie Moon Rod to attack.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack: Uses the Spiral Heart Rod to attack.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache: Uses the Spiral Heart Rod to attack in Super form.

Moon Georgeous Meditation: Uses the Kaleidomoon Scope to attack.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss: Uses the Eternal Tiare to attack.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss: Uses the Moon Power Tiare to heal.

In Suburban Senshi

Tsukino Usagi appears in Suburban Senshi as early as episode 3 as a petty, somewhat selfish, rather spoiled little girl that grows up into a petty, very selfish queen with a god-complex. Though the reason for her changes of heart are somewhat unusual, Usagi's story actually extends back to the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi.

The Crisis

During the strange storms the rifts in time and space and the general madness, it was learned that contrary to what everyone believed, Sailor Moon had not actually defeated Chaos/Sailor Galaxia through the power of love and peace. Instead, Sailor Moon's concentration had actually given Galaxia the opening that the corrupted senshi needed to strike a fatal blow. But rather than allow Chaos to destroy the Earth and murder everyone she cared about, Sailor Moon used the power of the ginzuishou to create an alternate reality that took the place of our own. Though she was successful in creating a new world, the monumental effort of this undertaking fractured Usagi's consciousness into three parts, colored broadly along the lines of her id, her ego, and her superego.

The Neo-Queen Serenity

In the aftermath of Galaxia's last charge, Usagi's id assumed her place in the new world. It was not long before her friends noticed the changes in her personality. Where Usagi had been kind, gentle-hearted, and sympathetic, she was suddenly spoiled, selfis,h and prone to using her magic space rock as a sort of club over the head. Most of them simply gave Usagi a wider berth and shook their heads, leaving her to cling fervently to her beloved Mamoru and watch for Chibiusa with hateful paranoia. Though given Chibiusa, the paranoia was not entirely unmerited.

Crystal Tokyo

Usagi's egocentricism continued long after she and the other inner senshi were drawn to the future. Shortly after their collective appearance in the year 2897, Usagi took control of a disaster plagued, war torn Earth and established a new world government, the Crystal Imperium, with its capital city in the newly-constructed Crystal Tokyo. Though her reign over the world was short-lived, lasting a mere seven years before Crystal Tokyo was turned into a theme park parody of its former self. Neo-Queen Serenity's rule would last until the year 3004, when an appearance by select Suburban Senshi provoked a conflict that would reduce the great imperial city to rubble and temporarily disrupt her control over the ginzuishou.

With the source of her strength distorted, at least for the time, Serenity attempted to escape with Mamoru to Argentina, though she was caught by Sailor Pluto and forced to work in the rebuilt capital as a maid for a time.


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