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An incident that occurred involving the graduating class 77-B of [[Hope's Peak Academy]] involving [[Monokuma]] and [[Enoshima Junko]].
An incident that occurred involving the graduating class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy involving [[Monokuma]] and [[Enoshima Junko]].
=Before The Game=
=Before The Game=

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An incident that occurred involving the graduating class 77-B of Hope's Peak Academy involving Monokuma and Enoshima Junko.

Before The Game

The sixteen members of Class 77-B were scheduled to go on an excursion to Hokkaido as their class trip. They boarded a motor coach that was supposed to take them to the airport...instead, the windows of the bus darkened, and the face of Monokuma appeared on every monitor.

"Congratulations, Class 77-B! You are beary special indeed, as you've been chosen to play in The Ultimate Despair Game of Ultimate Dis-Bear-Ness!"

The entire class, which included Gundham Tanaka, was then rendered unconscious by sleep inducing gas.

Round 1: The Buttons

Each of the members of Class 77-B awakened in a soundproofed pitch black room. As they rose, they could hear the voice of Monokuma piped in through a sound system:

"Pu pu pu pu...can you turn the lights on?"

As each of the members awakened and searched the room, they found a panel with two buttons, colored black and white. "We're going to play a voting game! Press the button that you think will turn the lights on and free you from this prison! But if you press the wrong one...pu pu pu pu!" A monitor flickered to life, showing a video feed of a girl, blindfolded and bound to a stake, surrounded by sixteen Gatling guns. "You're gonna bring the hurt! Also...in case you're wondering if the air has been getting un-bearably hard to breathe...GUESS WHAT? YOUR ROOM IS AIRTIGHT!!!!"

Each of the students, before succumbing to asphyxiation, pressed one of the buttons. In the end it didn't matter, as the lights came on, the doors opened, and the girl was shot by sixteen Gatling guns. "She had quite a...grizzly fate!"

Round 2: The Money

The sixteen students, after being freed from their prison, found themselves in a large room that looked like a banquet hall. All of them were shaken from the previous ordeal. "Come and sit, pu pu pu...we'll start the next round!" Monokuma's voice echoed throughout the room.

At each of the seats was a place setting with a sealed envelope on it. "Don't open the invitation to the banquet until everyone is seated!"

When everyone was seated, the sixteen students broke open the sealed envelopes to reveal...money! (Well, money that replaced the figures of famous Japanese historical figures with Monokuma cosplaying as them.)

"All right, everyone! Right now, it's time to play...MONOKUMONOPOLY!"

The banquet table was lifted up into the ceiling as if on giant cranes, and straps suddenly locked the students into their chairs. The chairs then moved the 16 students into position onto the space labeled Go.

"You all know the rules...but the game ends with the first bankruptcy! Can you survive this bear market? Pu pu pu pu pu!"

The sixteen students found themselves in a bitter battle for real estate domination. Alliances were forged. Backs were stabbed. Houses and hotels flew like they were being flung by a tornado ripping through Kansas. Eventually, someone crawled to the top of the heap...and someone was left at the bottom rung of the ladder.

"Too bad! You lose! Go to Jail! Go directly to Jail! Do not pass Go! Do not collect 200,000 Monokumas! Pu pu pu pu pu!"

A trap door opened under the unlucky student's chair and they were sucked down a pit, screaming all the way. There was silence...then a sickening thud.

(to be continued)