The Hotel, Housekeeping

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Housekeeping Facilities for The Hotel are completely full service and run by the HazMat Prinnies. And the Prinnies remind you that "Tipping is Always Appropriate!" dood.

Laundry Services

The HazMat Prinnies change linens once a week, with the exception of Haruka's Room which requires daily attention. Clothes and used towels may be left in bags provided by the Prinnies and they will be washed or dry cleaned in the hotel's facilities (and despite rumors, there has never been a radiation leak from the nuclear dryers).

Room Services

Rooms are cleaned on a regular basis, depending on historical needs. To take care of unanticipated events a simple phone call to the Facilities Room will have a squad routed within minutes.

Restaurant Services

The restaurant and kitchen facilities are cleaned daily and are routinely inspected to make sure they meet the strictest standards for health and cleanliness (which includes prompt disposal of all foodstuffs prepared by Flonne or Michiru as biohazardous waste).