The Eightfold Empire

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A consortium of the Eight Great Civilizations of the Silver Millennium which survived the Silence Event due to forewarnings by the Seers of Pluto. Shunting their people and technology into disconnected, labyrinthine pocket dimensions, they continued to grow and flourish for 10,000 years evolving culturally, technologically, and physically. They were brought back to this dimension when Furuhata Motoki awoke as a sleeping member of the Moon Kingdom, flew into space, went to Mars and found a contemporary Mars sigil which Sailor Mars touched, awakening her connection with the contemporary Martian Civilization. All eight empires have cloaked themselves on the various planets, waiting to see what Earth has become over the last 10,000 years.

The planets of the Eight-Fold Empire are:

  • The Iceworld - Mercury
  • The Lightway - Venus - richest planet in the Consortium
  • The Firestorm - Mars
  • The Jungle. - Jupiter
  • The Ruins - Saturn
  • The Shaken Sky - Uranus
  • The Flooded Realm - Neptune
  • The Empty Quarter - Pluto - second richest planet in the Consortium

Mars and Mercury provide the weapons of war.
Saturn (with help from Pluto) provides intelligence.
Venus and Pluto are the two principal suppliers of rare metals and funding.
Uranus and Neptune keep to themselves, mainly. They merely trade for goods; their gases make for excellent fuel. It is said they trust none of the other Eightfold Governments

"There is a lie at the heart of things."
—Ancient Plutonian Prophesy

After Ambassador Venus was nearly killed by a strange assassin's bullet, Ambassador Mars was ready to declare war on the Earth, but relented after Matsuo Shin vouched for the people of The Hotel, giving them sixty days (until 9/12/15) to find the truth. So far it is known that a traitor from the planetary governments 10,00 years ago failed to let the Moon know the Silence Wave was coming. It was someone high up, able to tamper with the Moon computers.

The Eight Become Six

On July 20 and 21, 2015, further investigations were undertaken at the Kantek Archive on Asteroid VX-N11C-MMP21A-Beta. It was discovered that Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Neptune were desperately trying to convince Saturn not to unseal Princess Saturn and start the Silence event, with Venus sending an Ambassador to Saturn to make one last entreaty--and to secretly collect an Anti-Silence device crafted by the Neptunians and Mercurians to harmlessly dispel the Silence Wave. It also seemed that an assassin using an ancient Saturnian artifact only accessible to Saturnian Royals stabbed the Venusian Ambassador to death, casting suspicion on Saturn, but it was discovered the Ambassador was poisoned prior with Plutonian yageflower, leading an enraged Ambassador Venus to fly back to her home planet, sparking a rapid war with Pluto that left both Selenite colonies barren of life. A few of the Plutonians who did survive were dragged off by The Cult of Mondas, who had been waiting patiently for the planet to fall, and they were "raised from the death of flesh" into new Cyber cultists.

The Six become Three

End of Empire

On March 21, 2016, the Eight-Fold Empire was sterilized by an Alternate Universe version of The Actuary as a message to Simon Kerrick.