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Biographical information


Birth 1932
Family parents, 3 ex-husbands

exotic waitress, pet sitter, elder care companion

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color






First Appearance

Tamili is a Denobulan who ran into Thrash one day while looking for an older client who had disappeared. The two joined together on the mission, and he subsequently invited her to travel with him--at least for a while. On December 8, 2013, she adopted a homeless Komondor who appeared at The Hotel and named him Armin, telling Thrash it would be good for him to come along on their travels. After a terrifying adventure alone and thinking Thrash was dead, they decided it would be best if she returned home for the time being. Armin came with her.

Character and Personality

Tamili is a rather cheery, easygoing person who has come to reflect the teenage style and attitudes of most of her co-workers at the café where she worked until the destruction of Akihabara, but she is also very curious and kind, and sometimes does mind being stuck where she is. However, she looks on the bright side and enjoys most of her life and the people she's met on Earth. She can be very loyal, and didn't let dead ends or danger stop her when tracking down an elderly friend with Thrash. Due to such unusual facial features, she usually wears a low hood over her face when on Earth but not in the Alien Zone in case her holoemitter malfunctions.


Over the last decade, Tamili has slowly accumulated savings, often working 3 or more jobs to afford to live and put some away. Although she had finally made enough to leave, her adventures with Thrash made her realize she is still enjoying life there. She is continuing to save for when she is ready to leave.

In early September of 2015, one of her older clients died, and while quite sad about it, she is currently looking for another companionship job to replace it.

On the week of April 18, 2016, she and Armin moved into a suite in the hotel.


Tamili is a dark-skinned humanoid woman with pronounced ridges from temple to cheek and on the lower portion of her ears, a vertical indentation in the middle of her forehead, and a slight ridge over her chin. She has grey eyes and dark brown hair. At 5'6, she's a bit curvy, but neither skinny nor full figured, and wears an American size 8-10.


So far, Tamili has revealed that she got lost while on an excursion from a space cruiser in 2008, which she could afford as her second husband was rich. However, they never came back for her, and no one has ever come looking for her that she was aware. An older gentleman in the Alien Zone took her in and watched out for her, getting her a job at his daughter's café of exotic waitresses and delectables. She has since taken care of him, and also found work as a pet walker and sitter, and often helps her elderly pet clients with other things such as shopping, chores, and spending time with them--companion work.

She is by training a zoologist, and grew up in a rather well achieving family in which there was much emphasis on studies. Unlike her siblings and many of her parents associations, she chose to focus on other things and thus her current situations seems to suit her. Due to her circumstances and absence from Denobula for about ten years, she mostly considers that her family and husbands think she is dead and have moved on, and while may speak of her husbands, doesn't consider herself married to them any longer.


Aside from caring for animals, Tamili has picked up various skills during her time on Earth, including geriatric care, waiting tables, Japanese Sign Language (JSL), and a lot about the rights and laws surrounding senior citizens who need to act within the main Human population of Tokyo.