Shadow Walkers

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The Shadow Walkers were a subspecies of Humans who lived during the Silver Millennium. Few in number, they were rather secretive and very few people knew of their existence--usually only the most powerful rulers (Queen Serenity, for instance). However, their abilities made them extremely useful as spies, and thus those who knew were also interested in keeping them a secret.

Canon Keeper's Note: This group is not open to new characters at this time.


Those who would eventually become known as Shadow Walkers have a long but almost unknown history. Much of it is secrets hidden in the stories of individual people and the organization some of them formed. Considering that both they and the powers that be who may know about them keep them secret, only a select few have known of their existence.

Beginning with even the first societies, these individuals began to appear. Their low numbers, however, meant that some never knew there were others like themselves. Those who did eventually grew in number, and some created a group. When this organization was able, they sought out unknown people like themselves, and would train them in their abilities. Once trained, they could then choose to join, or go their own way. The organization kept very good records, and provided employment to members via contract and/or free-lance work employing their skillset--mostly spy, retrieval, and assassin work for wealthy clients (most of whom did not know the nature of the people they hired).

Their system, while an extensive network, was also one based in autonomy. Operatives could take assignments or not as they chose, and were seemingly not pressured into jobs.


The vast majority of their numbers had light brown skin with a grayish tinge, gray eyes, and white, gray, and black shades of hair. Their appearances were most often rather monochromatic. While their height varied greatly, nearly all of them were thin and lithe.

Although one was quite unlikely to see a Shadow Walker at work, if so, they would usually be wearing a catsuit in gray or black of a material similar to those of the sailor senshi--armor-like and damage resistant. In their civilian lives they appeared and dressed as normal people.

Powers and Abilities

The primary ability of a Shadow Walker was the ability to literally disappear into a shadow and exist within it. So long as there was a shadow present, they could escape from the sight of others and the detection of most scanners and sensors. Although they couldn't create shadows, they could manipulate lighting to various extents, and were able to travel through any linked shadows, even extremely small ones, such as at baseboards or corners of a wall, between locations.

They were also, in general, lithe and flexible people, capable in gymnastics and acrobatics.

Shadow Walkers often honed their skills in technology and hacking, and were able to break into computer systems or data for information quickly. While they carried little with them on missions, they always had very small tech devices which helped them with this work.

As with devices, any weapons carried by Shadow Walkers were usually quite small, and used only in true necessity. Unlike the senshi, they were not warriors or fighters, and their hallmark was being able to carry out their missions completely unseen and detected.

Shadow Walkers are difficult, if not nearly impossible to read by telepathy or astral, which significantly adds to their infiltration skills.


Only one Shadow Walker has survived in the current box play time period, but they have yet to actually make their presence known.