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* Spinners: Top like devices used for transformation.
* Spinners: Top like devices used for transformation.
*ShinBrace: an attachment made to fit with the ArashiBrace which allows two Spinners to be used at the same time.

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Saori Shin is a member of the northern branch of The Shin Family, acting as a motorcycle racer for it's official Motor Team. She is also secretly Kamen Rider Arashi.

Saori Shin
Biographical information


Birth May 12
Family Parents (deceased), Saburo Shin (Older Brother)

Professional Motorcycle Racer


Kamen Rider Arashi

Physical description

Enhanced Human



Hair color


Eye color





Arashi Blade, Blizzard Hammer, Tornado Chain




Kamen Riders (loosely), Shin-Kaioh Corporation (loosely)

First Appearance

Early Life

Saori Shin was born in the city of Yuki City, located in the northern part of Japan. At the age of three, both her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her in the care of her older brother, Saburo, a near genius obsessed with the nature of weather and it's relationship to weather. At one point when she was young, her brother told her that someday he would be able to capture the winds within a toy spinning top, to help her cope with a storm which was scaring her.

Saori soon developed a love of motorcycles and at some point during her high school years, was able to get a licence, where she took part in small local races. Her talents in this paid off as Shin Technologies (later Shin-Kaioh Corporation) added her to their Professional Motoring Team. While Saori threw herself into her hobby full time, she soon lost track of her brother, who had become obsessed with a personal project of his own, though she did hear from some of her fellow racers that he had lost his job at Shin-Kaioh. On March 13th, 2018, Saori missed a phone call from her brother, which proved to be the last time she had any manner of contact with him.

Kamen Rider Arashi

Rise of Arashi

One evening during a particularly rough storm, a bolt of lightening struck the house of Saburo Shin, setting the structure on fire. Being the only family that he had, Saori was alerted to what had happened and having nothing to do after a particularly bad time practicing for a race, Saori headed to shift through what little remained, unaware that she was being followed by two people: one a young woman on a motorcycle, the other a man dressed in dark clothes. Digging through the contents, Saori found a hidden alcove, within which was a box. Opening it, she discovered a strange buckle like device. She was unable to examine it for long before the man made himself known, demanding the buckle from her. When she refused, the man transformed himself into a strange spider-like creature, forcing her to try and defend herself to no avail. Finally managing to escape, she found herself cornered until the woman from before appeared, telling her how to use the buckle, which Saori, having little choice in the matter, followed, transforming herself into Kamen Rider Arashi. Now able to take on the monster with greater ease, Arashi finished off the creature, though still confused by what was happening. The girl introduced herself as Fuji Tachibana, someone who apparently knew her brother and had been given his journal, which detailed all his experiments.

With no where else to go due to the destruction of the house, Saori moved into the back section of Kojima Motors and Repairs, run by a friend of her's, Hiro Kojima. However, the monster turned out to be the first of many, who seemed to be seeking something and hunted after several individuals that knew of her brother. At the same time, Saori found herself pushed into trying to help Fuji find her missing brother, often coming into conflict with these creatures. She was helped in these endeavors by Fuji, who first led her to the StormWheeler, a motorcycle her brother developed. While the journal didn't seem to bring her any closer to finding answers, she did eventually manage to find the Tornado Spinner, defeating the monster who also seemed to be hunting it down, while the defeat of another creature gave her the Blizzard Spinner.

Eventually, Saori found herself face off against what seemed to be the powerful leader of the group who had come after anyone tied with her brother, the man mistaking Kojima as the holder of the journal. Managing to track the creature down, Saori took him on in battle, finally embracing her need to try and be a hero. Using a combination of her Arashi Sword along with the power of the Tornado Spinner, Saori was able to destroy Omni Strata Zo, retrieving the journal in the process. She was unaware though, that she was being watched by someone in the distance...another Kamen Rider...

The Coming Tide

Coming Soon!


Kamen Rider Arashi's forms are called Systems. By placing a Spinner within the center of her ArashiBrace, Arashi can switch between Systems. In addition, pressing the lever down three times allows her to activate a Break Move, a finishing move against her target.


Arashi! Break the Storm!

- Transformation Announcement

Arashi System is Kamen Rider Arashi's default form and is accessed through the Arashi Spinner. This form is mostly focused on hand to hand combat, though it is also paired with the Arashi Blade. Arashi has to transform into this form before she can switch to any other form.

Without a weapon, Arashi's Break Move is the Arashi Crash, where Arashi pivots her right leg counter clockwise and then pushing herself into a spinning kick which is used against her enemy.

While using the Arashi Blade, Arashi can activate the Break Move known as the Arashi Cleave, a slashing upward cut using the force of the Arashi Spinner through it's blade and strong enough to slice through the enemy and into whatever might be directly behind it.

Tornado! Howling to Heavens!

- Transformation Announcement

By inserting in the Tornado Spinner, Arashi can transform into the Tornado System form. This form increases Arashi's speed and agility, though in the process her armor is somewhat decreased, making it easier for her to take damage. This form also favors punching, allowing her to access the attack known as the Tornado Punch, allowing her to strike with multiple punches at a faster then sight pace. In this form, Arashi has access to the Tornado Chain, a Kusarikama which increases the range of her attacks.

Arashi can activate the Break Move Tornado Vortex, which causes her to spin at a high speed, while spinning her chain at the same time, catching her enemy and attacking them with multiple strikes within the makeshift vortex.

Arashi can also use the Arashi blade in this form and with it use the Break Move Tornado Arashi Cut, a large vortex of energy channeled through the blade, though Arashi found the result can leave her hands numb afterwards.

Blizzard! Freeze you Up!'

- Transformation Announcement

Using the Blizzard Spinner, Arashi can transform into the Blizzard System form. This form is built more for defense and thus has heavier armor, though it decreases her speed in the process. Arashi's punches and kicks are much stronger in this form with the added bonus of freezing a target at the point of impact, though due to increased weight, her kicks are not as high as previous forms. Arashi had access to the Blizzard Hammer, a large mallet like weapon which like her, produces a freezing effect, it's attacks often accompanied by freezing winds.

Arashi can activate the Break Move Blizzard Glacier, where she strikes the ground with her Mallet twice, the first hit propelling her into the air and the second striking the ground on the target, capturing them in a giant ice crystal and often shattering afterwards.

Thunder! Strike a Bolt'

- Transformation Announcement

Using the Thunder Spinner, Arashi transforms into the Thunder System form. This form combines the best of the Tornado form, that being increased speed and offense power, with that of the Blizzard System, hightening the armor without any form of slow down. Each of her attacks discharges high amounts of electricity, creating greater damage against the target in the process. Arashi has access to Thunder Ax, a long handled ax which channels electricity through it.

Arashi can activate the Break Move Thunder Strike, a shockwave sent through the blade of her ax when the weapon is swept across the ground, while at the same time summoning a large bolt of lightening from the sky targeted at the enemy.



  • ArashiBrace: Belt Based Transformation Device
  • Spinners: Top like devices used for transformation.
  • ShinBrace: an attachment made to fit with the ArashiBrace which allows two Spinners to be used at the same time.


  • Arashi Sword: Default Blade Weapon
  • Tornado Chain: a Kusarikama like weapon
  • Blizzard Hammer: a heavy mallet like weapon
  • Thunder Ax: A long handled ax


  • StormWheeler: Arashi's Rider Machine.