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(Significant Dates)
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*October 1506 - March 1508 - Befriends time lost [[Matsumi Kaze]] in Florance, Italy.
*October 1506 - March 1508 - Befriends time lost [[Matsumi Kaze]] in Florance, Italy.
*1674 - Met Esperanza Francisco-Guilla during the Franco-Dutch War.
*1674 - Met [[Esperanza Francisco-Guilla]] during the Franco-Dutch War.
*September 12, 1676 - Meets Connor MacLeod at Burgos Cathedral in Spain.
*September 12, 1676 - Meets Connor MacLeod at Burgos Cathedral in Spain.
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*June 4, 1840 - Opens the "Green Lady" tavern in Dublin.
*June 4, 1840 - Opens the "Green Lady" tavern in Dublin.
*March 21, 1843 - Meets Jack Vessalius and Glen. Has pearl stolen from her by Jack and swears vengeance on him.
*March 21, 1843 - Meets [[Jack Vessalius]] and [[Glen Baskerville]]. Has pearl stolen from her by Jack and swears vengeance on him.
*August 15, 1845 - Meets Connor MacLeod for a second time at The Green Lady. Declines challenge.
*August 15, 1845 - Meets Connor MacLeod for a second time at The Green Lady. Declines challenge.

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Rhia mac Gulia
Biographical information


Birth December 6, 115

June 20, 135

Family Unknown/deceased

Sorcerer, Tavern owner

Physical description

Human Immortal



Hair color


Eye color







magic, environmental control, divination, purification,alchemy

First Appearance


Rhia mac Gulia was apparently born on December 6, 115 AD in ancient Ulster (present day Antrim), though like many of her kind she was in fact a foundling. Growing up, Rhia became dissatisfied with her lot in life, often showing a marked preference in fighting with boys rather then playing with her fellow girls. One day, after her 16th birthday, the man who she had believed to be her brother attempted to rape her. In the process, he revealed their blood ties as being false. In the process of defending herself, she killed her assailant. Panicked and confused, Rhia fled into the night. The girl would wander over the countryside for several years, picking pockets and stealing whatever she could to survive.

She was eventually caught in 135 attempting to steal from the kitchens of the scarred king Fergus mac Leti. Forced to work for him as a serving girl, the king would let out his own frustrations over his disfigurement by beating her. After one particularly violent evening, she promised to help the king get his vengeance upon the sea serpent which had destroyed his face. Leading the warrior to Loch Rudraige, Rhia sat by the shore as the king destroyed his hated foe. After a long battle, the exhausted king vanquished his enemy and crawled back to the shore. Pretending to offer certain "favors" to the warrior, Rhia took his sword, Caladbolg, and slew him where he lay. However, she had not counted one of the king's loyal servants following them out to the location, and in his fury, the man stabbed Rhia in the back, and she experienceed her first death.

While the servant took the body of the king back to his kingdom (and concocting a story of him dying of exhaustion), Rhia awoke, the sword still clutched in her hand. Confused and frightened, the girl fled across the countryside until a voice called out to her. Entering a woods, she met an old man who referred to himself as "The Green Man" or "The Old Man of the Woods." He explained who she was and the rules of The Game to her and began to teach her how to use her sword to defend herself. He also introduced her to the ways of magic, a subject which would become a passion for her for many years. After many years of training and preparing, The Green Man set a final test for Rhia: a fight between teacher and student. In the ensuring battle, Rhia won and though pained to do so, beheaded her mentor, in the process experiencing her first Quickening and inheriting her master's proficiently in magic.

Rhia, like many other Immortals, soon began to wander the world, increasing her skills as a sorceress and swordfighter, as well as mentoring other Immortals. In an attempt to get an edge on her opponents, Rhia had a "soul tattoo" placed on herself, effectively binding her essence to her body for eternity. However, she soon tired of the constant fighting and running and finally in the late 19th century retired herself from The Game. She currently wanders Tokyo as a passive observer of mortals, only taking heads in defense of herself.


Rhia is an immortal who gains the powers of other similar immortals she kills, and this is able to absorb their abilities into her own skill set. Her own soul is bound to her body by spirit tattoos. Besides her own abilities in fighting and with her sword, Caladbolg, she as absorbed abilities in magic, environmental control, divination, and purification. She also has a working knowledge of Alchemy.

Significant Dates

  • December 6, 115 - found as an infant in a tree and adopted by the mac Gulia family.
  • June 20, 135 - Experienced first death after being stabbed in the back by a servant of Fergus mac Leti.
  • March 30, 145 - Experienced first Quickening after slaying her mentor The Green Man.
  • May 14, 190 - Has Soul Tattoo applied to her body and spirit, effectively rendering her invulnerable to pure death.
  • November 5, 1066 - Became mentor to Erin Uslef, her first Immortal student.
  • December 1, 1230 - Began study of alchemy with Paul of Taranto.
  • October 1506 - March 1508 - Befriends time lost Matsumi Kaze in Florance, Italy.
  • September 12, 1676 - Meets Connor MacLeod at Burgos Cathedral in Spain.
  • 1782 - has second meeting with Esperanza and encounters immortal Salvadore Piscano. Both barely escape with their heads.
  • June 4, 1840 - Opens the "Green Lady" tavern in Dublin.
  • August 15, 1845 - Meets Connor MacLeod for a second time at The Green Lady. Declines challenge.
  • July 12, 1898 - In New Orleans, after killing former student Sophia Nyula, officially retires from The Game.
  • April 14, 1923 - Attends a performance of Evening of the Camellias at the Grand Imperial Theater.
  • March 20, 1936 - Meets Connor MacLeod a final time in Paris.
  • December, 2011 - Becomes involved in the second Nonary Game. Is revealed to be Immortal to the members of the house.
  • April 25, 2012 - Meets Jack Vessalius once more and regains lost pearl, calling off her feud with him in the process.

Heads Taken

1. The Green Man (Man of the Forest)

2. Handro

3. Fergus MacLeonards

4. The Norseman

5. Lady Andrea

6. Tantilius

7. The Large Man

8. Cariloni of Malan

9. Galius Salivus

10. Talitha

11. Fleur Afferia

12. Captain William Andersson

13. Salmandra El Hodora

14. Diogenes of Lycida

15. Markham Grendel

16. Liocenius

17. Dover of York

18. Countess Gaives

19. The Egyptian

More Coming Soon


  • The Green Man


1. Erin Uslef (1066)

2. Hugh O'Neil (Unknown)


- As of 2014, Rhia is 1,899 years old.

- Though significantly old for an Immortal, Rhia has only 41 kills to her name.

- Rhia refers to Connar MacLeod as "more stubborn then a stone but driven as a demon."

- Rhia is an agnostic, but still retains some views of her old faith.

- Rhia's current watcher is a 35 year old school teacher named Miyaki Osani.