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Biographical information


Birth November 1 2004

God of the Northern Galaxy

Physical description

Validium construct



Hair color


Eye color







time-active, polymorphic


Dr. Xadium, Clan of the Steel Fist

First Appearance

"I remember that the rei.bots had come together and had a grand last-man-standing battle. Realities far away from here collapsed and ended one another in the brawl. but this is not a we deal with now, it is a rei-bot, the facade. The face is the same, the nature impossibly different. In what we know, the miko ascended to primacy, stood above her flesh and essence and honored its strength and made it her own. But in what we do not know, it is as if the machine ascended, honoring the miko's strength and integrating it into its totality."
Sakura Xadium Aino

Ascension to North Kaiou

After her assimilation of, rei-bot's dark persona tempered significantly, mellowing her to a great degree. It also left her as the most powerful being in the multiverse. In this situation, rei-bot found herself as hobbled as her predecessor--with strength surpassing that of most gods. She was no longer to act with freedom and impunity on the mortal plane. Rudderless, she simply existed, walking the Earth. At this time, Kaiou-sama, god of the north galaxy--frustrated at the constant intrusions of the legendary Super Saiya-jin Brolli--and aggravated at his lack of strength against the new generation of evildoers, who seemed to have no rival, handed off his post to rei-bot by fiat. Choosing to live on the Grand Kai's world with Gregory and Bubbles to train the warriors of legend, found herself a new niche at last--as the goddess of the north galaxy, charged with enforcing the peace and training the next generation of fighters. But she could not fill her predecessor's shoes.

Reversion to

Due to a ludicrously horny powerup by Chibiusa, was restored when, as rei-bot, she was forced to become a small suppository, enter Chibiusa and use up all of rei-bot's power to transmute the pink power of pr0n back into the objects of power that rei-bot had destroyed. then gave her post as god of the northern galaxy to IGNIS D. Blac, who was perfectly suited of the task due to her power level and the fact that she loved to watch and protect people.