Ratchet Altair

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Ratchet Altair
Biographical information


Birth June 23, 1906
Family ?

Executive Assistant to the CEO, Rising Star Media Group, Actor

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Hair color


Eye color





Throwing Knives


Exceptional Skill with throwing knives


Michael Sunnyside, Gemini Sunrise, Sakura Xadium Aino, Matsumi Kaze, Senka

First Appearance

November 14, 2010 (appx)


As a child, Ratchet had family issues and never knew what it was like to have a real family.

A native of Washington D.C., Ratchet was selected to lead the very first Kagekidan division in Europe, codenamed "Star", when she was only eleven years old. However, due to her inability to properly co-ordinate the disparate personalities in the division, the project was cancelled.

Ratchet, however, drew the notice of eccentric New York Millionaire Michael Sunnyside, who took her on as his personal assistant as he toured the world searching out more information on the threats behind the great Demon Wars. Unbeknownst to her, Sunnyside used her travels to smuggle in numerous ancient artifacts and works of lore to the US for his study.

Several years later, as a prelude to the formation of the revived Star Division in New York, she briefly joined the Tokyo Kagekidan Flower Division, where she met Sakura Shinguuji. There she learned the value of teamwork and camaraderie over pure efficiency.

Unfortunately, after only a few months as Captain of the New York Kagekidan, Ratchet's Spirit powers began to fail, and she was forced to hand over the reins, acting as Vice-commander of the unit until finally heading back to Europe in order to head the developing Berlin Kagekidan in 1929.

With the Great Depression scuppering all plans to continue any of the Kagekidan defense projects, Ratchet retired from fighting and the stage, spending time touring the world with Michael Sunnyside once again.

In 1934, she headed to the 17th Tenka-ichi Budokai on Papaya Island with Sunnyside. There they aided the great master Muten Roshi in a battle against the master of Sinanju, Chiun, and were rewarded by his sister Uranai Baba-- given the formula for an immortality elixir. Sunnyside spiked Ratchet's drink with it on a lark, expecting it to be nothing more than one of Kamesennin's jokes--the equivalent of Spanish Fly, perhaps--but it turned out to be the real deal.

In 1939, to help stop the rising Nazi menace, She and Sunnyside briefly reappeared to help found the short-lived but highly successful Berlin Attack Force, using some ex-members of the Japanese and French Fighting Troupes. A German car bomb apparently killed them both, but in reality, they just went into hiding.

Today Ratchet enjoys a strange life with Michael Sunnyside and works as his ever-efficient assistant as Vice President of Rising Star Media incorporated. She also helps train the next generation of Spirit-Armor warriors, the Rising Valkyrie Unit.


Ratchet has an air of maturity around her and is usually rational and calm in most situations, and is typically a no-nonsense woman, but she does possess a wickedly keen sense of humour.

She does not have a high tolerance for "occult stuff" such as prophecies and the like.


Ratchet prefers tailored suits as they are good-looking and efficient. Ratchet is useless with utensils, and has a completely incorrect notion about Japanese folk remedies.

As a child when she was sick her parent had no idea what to do with her, so she would go to the hospital herself for medicine.

Ratchet regularly corresponds with Matsumi Kaze of the New Grand Imperial Theatre via email.

Ratchet smells like crisp, freshly pressed linen, with a hint of spring breeze. And rich, sophisticated café Latte.

Current Projects

After having successfully purchased control of the building at One Times Square in New York, Sunnyside and Ratchet have returned to New York to work on the secret facilities there, which will be housed in the upper floors behind the advertising signs.