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During the many years Raihosha has spent on the Earth, he has taken a select number of children under his wing. In all he has adopted 17 children over the years, usually to save them from a disaster or to ensure that they have a real future. When any of his adopted children achieve their majority, he has given them the option of Bionetic Enhancement. Thus far, all but the two youngest have taken him up on the offer. The children fall into four groups as described below. Mongoosetiger and his young siblings are also considered part of the family. All of Rai's adopted children have taken his last name, Gregory.

The extended family tree is here.

It should be noted, especially if you play a character married into this family, that the entire family (or as many as possible) gather for Sunday brunch each week. Non-emergency news or happenings are often announced here.

Kanto Earthquake

These five children were all orphaned during the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake, while Raihosha was posted to Japan in the Naval Attache's office.

Born in 1910, she was a young teenager when tragedy struck her family, leaving her and her twin brother Ichiro alone. Since then, she has flourished under Raihosha's care. She now acts as Majordomo for his household, essentially his second in command. She is also known to run Raihosha's earthside intelligence operations, and she keeps a sharp eye on everything that is going on.

This was Junko's twin brother. He is now spoken of only as The Traitor.
Raihosha speculates that something that happened to Ichiro during the quake subtly unhinged him. He was undeniably brilliant, and looked likely to surpass even Raihosha in terms of power and ability, given time. However, he overreached himself and began to conspire with dark powers. When Raihosha moved to Panama, Ichiro took the opportunity to disappear into the Jungles of Ecuador. There he built up a Mythos cult called The Young of Shub-Niggurath. As his former teacher, Raihosha knew he was the one who needed to take responsibility.
Raihosha spent several years trekking through jungles in his pursuit of the cult. In the end he was only able to stop them by killing Ichiro (1939), and suffering Ichiro's Death Curse. This one event traumatized Raihosha for many years, and it was nearly a decade before he overcame the curse (which he explained as malaria that he caught in Panama).
The Traitor later returned and began building forces again, this time from a base on the moon in the Dream World. He and Raihosha spied on each other for some time, and after a direct attack on his mind, Raihosha lead a group into the dream world to the moon and destroyed The Traitor in a battle of Mages.

Born in 1915, Yumiko discovered her talents as a martial artist early. Since then she has only developed her skills, having learned dozens of forms of martial arts (some not even extant in this universe). She has also made a study of weapons technology and tactics. She currently operates as Raihosha's head of security. She has recently started visiting the Suburban Senshi as "SecOpsGirl." As of February 1, 2011 she is dating Idris. She also has a son, Viir Marikendra from the 400 babies.

Born in 1916, Junpei always liked taking things apart. He eventually learned to put them back together again. He currently has advanced degrees in civil and mechanical engineering. He acts as Raihosha's chief of engineering. He is a smiling jovial Japanese man, two meters tall and built like a Sumo-tori with a shaved head and wearing a shirt so loud one needs hearing protection.

Born in 1918, he became enamored with medicine the first time he saw a doctor in action (Raihosha performing First Aid on an injured woman in the immediate aftermath of the Kanto Quake). He currently specializes in Pathology and Epidemiology, and acts as one of Raihosha's Medical Assistants.

1930s Panama

These four children were adopted during Raihosha's service in the Canal Zone, although events saw him spending more time in Ecuador.

Esperanza was born in 1925, and adopted by Raihosha at the age of 8 in 1933. She developed a passion for genetics, and now assists Raihosha as a doctor with a specialization in genetic therapy.

Juanita was born in 1926 and adopted by Raihosha in 1934. She rapidly developed a gift for learning languages, probably because she liked to talk to people all the time. She currently acts as Raihosha's Protocol and Communications officer.

Alejandro was born in 1926, and Raihosha adopted him in 1935. Alejandro always loved to watch people interact, he became very good at seeing relationships and power structures. He has turned this interest into his vocation, acting as Raihosha's Off-world Intelligence specialist, concentrating on Political Analysis.

Carlos was born in 1927, and adopted in 1938. He was a born farmer, but he held a special love for ornamental gardens. That passion has only grown with time, and he is currently in charge of the landscaping for all of the park decks on the Aescapulus. While most of those decks are devoted to Earth environments, there are a couple that are reserved for flora from some very exotic worlds.
Carlos spends nearly all of his time breeding and researching plants from across several universes or taking care of the gardens and parks on Aescapulus. He is the most reclusive of all Rai's adopted children.
As of July 9, 2012 he had been married to Sarah Christensson for two years (although he hadn't been 5 days earlier, this was the result of an accident that trapped Aescapulus in the Time Vortex for six years). On September 22, 2018 Sarah gave birth to his son, Juan.

1945 Post-World War II refugees

These four children were adopted during the aftermath of the second world war, specifically in early 1946.

Rachael was born in 1938. She has had a lifelong passion for books and knowledge, along with a very logical and mathematical mind. This makes her position as the Librarian for Raihosha's collection a very natural position. She is responsible for keeping track of vast libraries covering dozens of timelines, as well as more limited collections from hundreds more. She also lends her talents as a cryptologist, and signals intelligence analyst.

Michael was born in 1939. He is somewhat a kindred soul to Junpei, and the two get along very well. But Michael is much more interested in why things work, than how things are put together. He follows this passion by acting as an Off-world Intelligence Specialist concentrating on technologies and varietals from other timelines.

Esther was born in 1940. She currently maintains the farmhouse in Tennessee with her husband Adam.

Adam was born in 1941. He currently farms in Tennessee with his wife Esther.

Local Kids from Tennessee

In more recent years, Raihosha has adopted a few lucky kids from the region around his farmhouse when circumstances led them to him.

Jennifer was born in 1950 and adopted in 1958. She followed a medical career, and is now an assistant to Raihosha specializing in Bionetic Enhancement.

Rudy was born in 1960 and adopted in 1966. He was the first adoptee to be interested in computer programming, and not just the hardware. By working with recovered material from the Fifth Empire, he has developed advanced programming techniques for Fold-space Force-state (FS2) computers.

Karen was born in 1970 and adopted in 1976. She is currently the CEO of a computer security firm in Minneapolis, MN with her partner Bill. She has so far declined bionetic enhancement.

Bill was born in 1980 and adopted in 1988. He is the lead programmer for a computer security firm in Minneapolis, MN with his partner Karen. He has so far declined bionetic enhancement.


Mongoosetiger was the first of his kind, and more information about him and his siblings are here. They are a humanoid cross between a tiger and mongoose. The second generation--four young females--are twins Ana and Yuna, Aina, and Arjuna. The newest third generation consists of 10 females and 10 males, including Malia, Mims, Ammbur, Suzie, and Carley. Yumiko and Rai, as well as the other adopted children and several other people from The Hotel enjoy caring for them and visiting.

The others often refer to Mongoosetiger as Big Brother, and Solartiger as Big Big Brother.

According to Rai's mentions of another set in fiver years, a set of cubs is currently in the works (summer 2017).


She and Rai were married in a small, hastily planned ceremony attended by her parents, Viir, Yumiko, MGT, and Aes in the late afternoon on Saturday, September 2, 2017, as a result of his proposal earlier that day. They plan to spend several weeks honeymooning in various locations before returning.