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Prom Committee is a sub unit of Apple Musume。. The group's focus is on youth and the trials of young love. They were made to counter Senior Class, a sub-unit focused on mature themes. Their signature looks utilize bright colors, ranging from pastels to neons depending on the season.


Class One

  • Maria Dae (Advisor)
  • Abby Maddox (Prom Chair)
  • Madison Gold
  • Grace McPhee
  • Chloe Thorson
  • Riley Brown

Class Two

  • Abby Maddox (Advisor)
  • Madison Gold (Prom Chair)
  • Grace McPhee
  • Chloe Thorson
  • Riley Brown


Class One
  • Boy Problems / Fever
    • Released Mar. '18
  • Heart To Break / Teenage Dream
    • Released July '18
  • ① Homeroom (First Album)
    • Released August '18
  • Out Of The Woods / The Sweetest Thing
    • Released February '19