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The '''Nyan-Nyan''' are a highly advanced race of pseudo-mammalian bipeds native to the planet of Nekotama.  
The '''Nyan-Nyan''' are a highly advanced race of pseudo-mammalian bipeds native to the planet of Nekotama. One of their species, [[Frisbee]], has been known at [[The House]].
==Physical data==
==Physical data==

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The Nyan-Nyan are a highly advanced race of pseudo-mammalian bipeds native to the planet of Nekotama. One of their species, Frisbee, has been known at The House.

Physical data

The Nyan-Nyan resemble Humans and other related humanoids, with a few differences. They are generally shorter than average; their ears are pointed, set high on the head, covered in smooth fur and can be manipulated at will; and they possess long, highly dexterous tails that have a similar fur covering. Like many species, the Nyan-Nyan have a male and female gender, although the outward differences between the two sexes are somewhat reduced compared to other species. They are, in general, somewhat more agile and quick than humans, and live slightly longer.

While their appearance alone is not too remarkable, the biochemistry of the Nyan-Nyan sets them apart from other sentient species. The Nyan-Nyan have been subject to various evolutionary stresses in their history, foremost among which was the collision of an asteroid with their planet some 6,500 years ago. While not large enough to trigger a planet wide catastrophe, the asteroid was radioactive, and released significant quantities of radioactive material into the atmosphere. This had the effect of drastically reducing the fertility rate, and ultimately led to a novel evolutionary strategy to counter this. Individuals were still fertile - just at a reduced level, and so the species evolved increasingly potent pheromones, which encouraged more regular mating, and thus increased the chances of success. Other than a restored birthrate, this innovation had surprisingly few consequences for the Nyan-Nyan, who quickly learned to hold off their increased desires until times when it was appropriate to express them. However, there were all manner of problems when the Nyan-Nyan began to interact with other species, most of whom are susceptible to the pheromones to some degree...

Cultural data

The Nyan-Nyan are a friendly, generally non-aggressive race. Regarded by most other humanoids as "cute" (and that's before they've been exposed to the pheromones), they are highly sociable and tend not to shy away from shows of affection. They have an apparent "ditziness" that sometimes may seem at odds with their level of technological advancement. Put simply, the Nyan-Nyan have an excellent capacity for learning and are capable of advanced technical accomplishments when they put their minds to it. Often, though, they just can't be bothered putting their minds to it.

Despite a general distaste for conflict, the Nyan-Nyan have nevertheless grown to be the dominant power in their region of space. Part of this was merely good fortune: occupying a sparsely-populated corner of the Andromeda galaxy, they had no interaction with other species until they developed intergalactic travel... at which point, the species was simply too advanced and too numerous to displace. Since then, they have come off best in various conflicts due to a combination of good fortune and some of the odder traits of their species. They won an effective victory over the Klingon Empire when the Klingons opted to withdraw rather than risk the shame of losing to a race whose attack vessels took the form of pink, cat-eared spheres. The Borg suffered a crushing defeat after assimilating a single member of the Nyan-Nyan species: having copied their biological data, countless drones began producing pheromones, and almost a third of the entire collective collapsed into a constant orgy of hyper-efficient shagging before they could be isolated and euthenised.

In fact, the Nyan-Nyan are actually feared in some parts of space, due to their ability to inadvertently devastate cultures simply by virtue of being there. The Ferengi, the Abzorbaloff and most recently the Space Marines have all experienced societal collapse of varying degrees, all brought on by exposure to Nyan-Nyan pheromones. The Nyan-Nyan themselves are somewhat aware of these problems, and try to limit their exposure to other species by sealing themselves in isolation suits during contact. Apart from this concession, though, the species displays a rather blase attitude to the potential effects of interaction with other species. There is no coherent first contact policy, and students are frequently sent out to 'study' populated planets with little in the way of camouflage.