Mizuno Ami

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Mizuno Ami
Biographical information


Birth September 10
Family Mizuno Saeko (Mother), Father (divorced), Zonway Toshiko (Daughter), Emi Mizuno (Daughter), Mercurius Shin (Fiancee), Mizuno Ichiro (Uncle, deceased)

Head of Mizunomics Corporation


Sailor Mercury, Mizunomics01, Darkury

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water powers, technology


Inner Senshi

First Appearance

As Sailor Mercury, Ami is has vast intelligence and water based powers.


Ami is a quiet, studious person, who doesn't usually command attention. Never the less, she does have a secret wild streak. As a teenager, she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps to become a doctor. Although she wanted to study abroad, she put it off several times in favor of staying with her friends as part of the Sailor Senshi team.

Now, she is the head of Mizunomics Corporation, known as the Microsoft of the East. She can usually be found in her lab, enjoys CSI and has a huge crush on the lead actor, and doesn't seem to care about human companionship. She values science, study, and facts.

Her secret wild side was embarrassingly and publicly brought to light when her daughter, Zonway Toshiko, appeared, and revealed that the torrid love affair she thought was only a dream was indeed an alternate reality.

Sailor Mercury

"Soldier of Water and Intelligence, Sailor Mercury! In the name of Mercury douse your head in water and repent!"
—Sailor Mercury

Ami awoke as Sailor Mercury when Luna and Sailor Moon sought her out due to her incredibly high intelligence. She quickly got along with Luna as they planned strategy, and used her computer and goggles to help the group fight various enemies.

Sailor Mercury's fuku has a blue collar and skirt, light blue bows, and blue knee high boots. Her personal accessories are a hand held computer and special goggles that allowed her to see statistics and stats about what she was looking at.

Powers and Abilities

Mercury's powers mainly involve her high intelligence and defensive water-based attacks. Her high intelligence allows her to see and calculate weaknesses in enemies as well as battle strategies, and she often directed the attacks of her fellow senshi.

Her bubble and mist attacks were useful to the team in regrouping and hiding their movements from enemies, as well as mount surprise attacks. Some of her water wave attacks were also able to be used offensively. Her abilities with water give her a great affinity for water, and Ami is a very good swimmer


Mercury Bubbles Blast/Shabon Spray: A spray of bubbles that creates a fog that envelops the area. Defensive only.

Shabon Spray Freezing: More powerful version of Shabon Spray which can freeze enemies.

Double Shabon Spray Freezing: More powerful version of Shabon Spray Freezing.

Hyperspace Area Formation: Creates a field that allows protection to large areas. Rarely used.

Shine Aqua Illusion: Fires a blast of water that can freeze or destroy.

Shine Snow Illusion: Creates a snow storm which is blasted at the enemy.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody: Playing a harp made of water, fires a water blast at an enemy.

Mecury Aqua Mirage: Engulfs enemy in a globe of water which explodes and kills them.

Darkury: Continuity Merge

"Dark Power, Make-up!"
—Darkury's Transformation Phrase

Thanks to the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi, Kunzite once cornered Sailor Mercury and stabbed her with his blade, spreading Metallia's taint in her body. Everyone assumed the experiment to fill her with 'Negaforce' had failed, because she only transformed once prior to escaping, but after 150 years, the dark seed grew, corrupting her fully with negative Metallia force by the time she was living in Crystal Tokyo. Eventually, this Darkury would capture and brainwash Small Lady (see Sakura's tale). The Darkury influence is what makes Ami so much colder and ruthless than as seen in the anime.

Death and Rescue

Ina major blow to the timeline, Ami was killed by Hazel Ninegate so that Ninegate could seize control of her corporation, Mizunomics, and deploy a fake virus and antivirus solution really designed to protect the computers of the world from Tony Suthers' Artificially intelligent sons. Thanks to interference from The Actuary and Nivek Razal, she was saved due to being body-switched with a drugged clone. This did, however, result in her (relative) losing a week of her life due to being brought forward in time, and exposed her corporation to severe breaches by Hazel.