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MiniMoni is a group under the Hello! Project banner of entertainment. Formed the summer of 2008, it is made up of H!P Kids members Tokunaga Chinami, Sudou Maasa, Allison Blitz and Hagiwara Mai.


At the summer H!P concert when Allison made her debut, Tsunku announced that he would be forming three new shuffle groups to determine who would be in the then-on hold MiniMoni. He selected three members of Morning Musume, four members from Hello! Project Kids, and five solo artists to form the new groups. The groups would all cover a previous MiniMoni song, and whichever group sold the most singles would be the new MiniMoni.

This would mark the first time that the singles would be released outside of Asia, with intentions to promote them in Europe and America. The groups went on various shows to promote the singles, with a large performance on the Today Show in Central Park featuring all three groups and ending with a large, multi-group performance of MiniMoni's first single, "Jan Ken Pyon".

In late August, Tsunku announced that the four-member MiniMoni won, and thus became the new group.


  • Crazy About You (As 4nin MiniMoni)
    • Released Summer '08
  • MiniMoni on MiniMoni (1st Album)
    • Released Fall '08
  • Sakura Mankai
    • Released Valentine's Day '09
  • Himitsu
    • Released June '09
  • Suki Da Yo, Tomodachi-tachi!
    • Released October '09
  • MiniMoni² (Second Album)
    • Released April '10
  • Natsu Beach Party
    • Released July '10
  • Pen Pen Kyoudai
    • Released November '10