Michael Sunnyside

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Michael Sunnyside
Biographical information


Birth October 18, 1893
Family Diana Caprice (Niece)

CEO, Rising Star Media Group

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His mind


Ratchet Altair, Gemini Sunrise, Sakura Xadium Aino, Matsumi Kaze

First Appearance

May 13th, 2010 (appx)

"I thought he was alright and then he had the Statue of Liberty do a Saturday Night Fever pose. Then he skyrocketed way past just alright and into awesome territory."
—Omni Legacy on Sunnyside


The wealthiest man in New York, Sunnyside owned the Little Lip Theatre (where the "Times" building once stood in Times Square) and acted as the commander and financier of the New York Fighting Troupe (effectively combining the roles that General Yoneda and Count Hanakōji served in the Japanese fighting force.)

Outwardly a flamboyant showman, he is actually a shrewd manipulator. Sunnyside also acted as a caretaker to Diana Caprice, whom he considers as his niece.

He was friends with President Herbert Hoover. He fought alongside him in China during the Boxer rebellion, taught Hoover all he needed to know to save the Marines that were under seige; this is where he met Mr. Wong, future designer of the STAR units. (His given Birth date of 1893 is incorrect).

Sunnyside's political sway was so great that candidates running for President in 1927 aggressively courted his support.

In 1934, indulging in his love for all things Japanese, he headed to the 17th Tenka-ichi Budokai on Papaya Island with Ratchet Altair. There they aided the great master Muten Roshi in a battle against the master of Sinanju, Chiun, and are rewarded by his sister Uranai Baba-- given the formula for an immortality elixir. Sunnyside spiked Rachet's drink with it on a lark and takes some as well, expecting it to be nothing more than one of Kamesennin's jokes... but it turns out to be the real deal.

In 1939, to help stop the rising Nazi menace, Michael Sunnyside briefly reappeared to help defeat the short-lived Berlin Attack Force (which had been corrupted by Thule Society), using some ex-members of the Japanese and French Fighting Troupes. After the victory, a German carbomb apparently killed him and Ratchet Altair. In reality, Sunnyside just went into hiding only to reappear some years later posing as his own son.

Today he poses as his own grandson, Michael Sunnyside the Third, and owns Rising Star Media incorporated. He also funds the Rising Valkyrie Unit, a successor to the Japanese Flower Division which was originally based out of Sweden in the '20's.



His Yacht, the "Stars and Stripes"

Project: PHOENIX

A known issue amongst members of the various Combat divisions was that with age spirit power in the individual began to wane. Also, reliance on Koubu / STAR armor to fight meant that if the armors were damaged, the inhabitants would be at the mercy of their enemies if they did not have secondary arms.

In a bid to help his people, and restore Ratchet Altair's fading spirit power, Sunnyside embarked on Project: PHOENIX, wherein Jack Dinsdale and his team raided Soul Society in order to learn the secrets of transforming Spirit Energy into physical arms. He then gave Harriet Weinberg the ability to do so, which saved her life in an altercation against a hyper-powered guard looking to take her life.

Current Projects

After having successfully purchased control of the building at One Times Square in New York, Sunnyside and Ratchet have returned to New York to work on the secret facilities there, which will be housed in the upper floors behind the advertising signs.


Sunnyside donates heavily to orphanages. Sunnysude can also perform magic tricks.... some better than others.