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|homeworld= Jupiter
|homeworld= Jupiter
|birth= November 13
|birth= November 13
|family= CLASSIFIED (father), [[Aliana Junia]] (mother), [[Ariana Junia]] (Sister), [[Kevin Junia]] (uncle), Alethea (Princess Jupiter Clone/Makoto) (aunt), Morisato Kino (uncle); Kenshin Junia, [[Yuri Junia|Yuri Kino-Junia]], Kasagi Junia, and [[Ayame Junia]] (cousins)
|family= CLASSIFIED (father), [[Aliana Junia]] (mother), [[Ariana Junia]] (Sister), [[Kevin Junia]] (uncle), [[Makoto Kino (Guardian Universe)|Alethea]] (Princess Jupiter Clone/Makoto) (aunt), [[Morisato Kino]] (uncle); [[Kenshin Junia]], [[Yuri Junia]], Kasagi Junia, and [[Ayame Junia]] (cousins)
|occupation= Earl of the Marduk Estate, Head of Firewall Security and Viral Defense, Hacker
|occupation= Earl of the Marduk Estate, Head of Firewall Security and Viral Defense, Hacker
|alias= Archangel
|alias= Archangel

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Michael Junia
Biographical information


Birth November 13
Family CLASSIFIED (father), Aliana Junia (mother), Ariana Junia (Sister), Kevin Junia (uncle), Alethea (Princess Jupiter Clone/Makoto) (aunt), Morisato Kino (uncle); Kenshin Junia, Yuri Junia, Kasagi Junia, and Ayame Junia (cousins)

Earl of the Marduk Estate, Head of Firewall Security and Viral Defense, Hacker



Physical description




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color





Develops new and innovated security programs and computer defenses. In his spare time, develops and stores away various devastating new computer viruses. The REAL supreme hacker of the family, he can "dive" into cyberspace, abandoning his physical form entirely, and has the mental speed and genius to break down other programs and securities of rival or enemy systems undetected...most of the time. He has yet to defeat his mother's systems.


Jupiter, and the Sol Kingdoms

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Michael is the son, and first born of CLASSIFIED and Aliana Junia. At an early age, he demonstrated an advanced intellect, and showed great promise as a computer and programming prodigy, and was mentored by his mother to further nurture his gift. Aside from his genius, Michael likes to play pranks and practical jokes, and generally appears care-free and aloof at times.


Early Life

Michael was always an energetic and outgoing boy. Eager to learn and excelled in most studies presented to him. He never liked the strict structure of the schools, however. Being a mischievous genius, he would set up pranks and traps for his teachers, fellow students, and even pick on his younger sister, causing all kinds of troublesome disruptions. This resulted in him being punished many times by his parents, but it hardly diminished his interest in playing pranks for laughs. He would also take great interest in the cybernetic implants of his parents. Impressed with what the artificial parts can do to enhance things for his parents, Michael started asking his parents to have implants augmented into his body as well, but his parents denied his requests. Scolding the arrogant boy, his parents said his desire for implants was impractical and that he didn't "need" them as they did. That he should not take his fully functional body for granted, and only desire the implants based on the ideal that they were "cool" or that the implants would "improve" him more than what he was. His mother was especially worried about his desires for implants, and warned him that such procedures were complex and painful.

Michael took his mother's concerns to heart, and stopped requesting the implants, but asked if he later chose, as an adult, to get cybernetic implants if his mother would object or denounce him. His mother said that she would always object to him undergoing a harmful procedure, but she would respect it, and would not deny her son as an adult. Michael smiled and said he would talk to her if it did come to that.


When Michael was 14, he was walking with his younger sister, Ariana (11 at this time) to school. Unbeknownst to them, they were being followed by enemy insurgents who were aiming to steal top secret information from the Jovian data archives, but they were unable to break through Aliana's cyber defenses and firewalls. These insurgents decided to kidnap the young daughter of Sailor Valkyrie and use her as a hostage to force the Jovian Chief of Staff and her husband to surrender the information in exchange for their child's life. When the girl stopped to look in the window of a candy shop, Michael didn't notice and kept on walking until he heard his sister scream. He turned to see three men grabbing her and trying to drag her into a transport. Michael dropped his school bag and rushed to help her, barreling into the would-be attackers and fighting them off his sister. Once she was able to break away, Michael yelled for his sister to run to safety, which she obeyed without hesitation. Michael continued to struggle with the men, buying Ariana time to get away, until one of the men grabbed a pipe and struck him upside the head, making him stumble in a daze. The next thing he knew, he felt a ligature suddenly wrap around his neck, and tighten as he was dragged backwards into the darkened transport, originally meant for his sister. Struggling to breathe and call for help, he could only gag and gasp as the three assailants closed up the transport and viciously beat and strangle the young boy into unconsciousness as they made their escape.

Michael later awoke, his body beaten and sore, bound to a cold metal chair in a dark and damp room. Not knowing how long he had been out, or if his family was yet aware of his abduction, fear started to set in. He could hear angry voices outside of this space he was in. He couldn't make out much from the yelling, but he did hear a few points regarding; "...getting the wrong target..." and "...lesser bargaining..." being mentioned. His captors then entered his room, and proceeded to harshly interrogate and torture him to see if the boy knew anything about his mother's security measures and secrets. After several hours, they concluded that the boy knew nothing, and proceeded to move forward with hostage negotiations. Encrypted messages were sent to the family estate, demanding the exchange of top secret information for the return of Michael. At first, the family denied the demands, trying to buy time and using their own forces and resources to try and locate where these insurgents were hiding with their son.

The insurgents, however, did not take the denials of the Chief of Staff well. Knowing if they had gotten the girl, the family would have not been so quick to deny their demands. But with the older son, they knew the family were holding out on hope that their son could withstand being a hostage. The insurgents decided to send a new message, to show they were not going to simply wait while the family tries to seek them out with stalling. The insurgents dragged their beaten and bruised captive over to a table, and untied his left hand from the metal chair. Forcing the boy to stretch his arm over the table top, they proceeded to cut Michael's hand off, and send it to his family as a first warning of what will happen to their son if they continue to stall for time. Micheal was screaming and writhing as his captors re-secured his now handless arm to the metal chair. Their cruelty seemed to know no bounds, and Michael was certain that he was going to die.

When his family received their new "message", they were horrified. Aliana finally relented, saying she would give the insurgents what they wanted, and begged that they no longer harm her son. The insurgents, now seeing that they were in full control of the situation now, gave their full demands to Aliana as to when and where to drop the information, and if the Jovian forces interfered at all with their retrieval and escape of this "payment", that they will not hesitate to kill the boy. Aliana worked to download all the requested information for the insurgents, meanwhile her husband was secretly positioning stealth troops to try and trap the insurgents. When the drop was made, one of the stealth agents got nervous, and his camouflage failed, exposing his position. The insurgents detected this and responded with rage over this attempt to betray their instructions. They held a knife to Michael's throat, but Aliana begged and pleaded that they not kill her son. She ordered that all stealth agents be recalled at once, and they withdrew from all assigned areas. The insurgents agreed to not kill the boy...but still decided that Aliana would be punished for this attempt to betray them, and stabbed Michael's right eye, making his scream in agony. The insurgents maliciously threatened that if Aliana and her family tried anything like that again, then her son will die.

Aliana obeyed their new instructions for the information drop to the letter, and her husband withheld any additional interference. Once the insurgents were sure that the coast was clear, and their scout was able to retrieve the "payment", they made their escape and sent Aliana coordinates to where she could find her son. Aliana and her family were able to locate their son in an old, rusted, underground shielded bunker from the Silver Millennium. There they found that the insurgents had betrayed them. Michael was left for dead, stabbed several times and beaten within an inch of his life. He was bleeding out and unconscious. Aliana desperately had Michael rushed to a hospital, but there was not much that could be done. Michael was left in a coma and on life support. The wounds from the stabbings and torture would not fully regenerate, and he would not be able to live off the life support machines. Despite her and her husband's previous objections, Aliana decided that in order to save her son, they would need to implant and replace the severely damaged parts of her son with cybernetics. The doctors obeyed her orders and began the long processes of surgeries on the young teen boy.

The insurgents, however, didn't get away with their crimes. They studied and checked the information on the disks provided, and found the information to be genuine. Unbeknownst to them, Aliana had encoded a masked virus in the data, as revenge for cutting off he son's hand and hurting him so. When the insurgents made it into orbit in their stealthed ship, they tried to copy and transmit the data to their leaders through the ship's console. This action triggered the virus to infect, consume, and purge all data and programming connected to the disk, and the systems on their ship, deleting all navigation, communication, control, power and life support. The insurgent ship was now a dead floating tomb in orbit of Jupiter. No information was sent. No lives were spared. The dead ship was later dragged down into the planet's atmosphere, pulled by Jupiter's gravity, and was incinerated and crushed through its re-entry.

Becoming the Archangel

The first thing Michael remembered was darkness, feeling cold and numb. He was sure he was dead, trapped in a void of nothingness. He was resigned to his fate when he started to hear singing...a familiar lullaby. And the voice singing to him...it was his mother's voice. The song pulled at his consciousness, and he felt the weight of death lift. His consciousness was then flooded with a blinding light, and he finds himself laying in his mother's embrace, singing to him as she did when he was a child. He looks around, but sees nothing but white light all around them, and he looks to his mother, asking how she was there, and if he was dead. Aliana told her son they almost lost him, but through his sheer will to live, and extensive augmentation, he managed to persevere. It was then he paused and asked about her mentioning augmentation, and she replied with some sadness that in order to revive him, she had approved to allow cybernetics to be used to rebuild Michael's body. She told him he was so badly wounded, that his body was not able to heal and regenerate, and without artificial life support, he would have died. Aliana told her son that she had dived into his consciousness once he was "...brought online..." so she could help him "...wake up."

With help and instruction from his mother, Michael was able to will himself to awaken from his coma. Feeling the weight of his physical form again, and the pain from his recent surgeries, he managed to slowly pull himself up into a sitting position and look around the room at his relieved and weeping family members. Aliana was sitting at his bedside, holding his hand...his new left hand. Michael looked at the artificial hand with some amazement. It moved like any organic hand, no different from his right, and he had a sense of touch with it as well. Aliana and his father told Michael that his body was about 50% augmented. His mother reassured her son that as he grew, they could work on cloning his damaged organs and re-implanting them so he could lessen his augmentation and allow him to slowly return to a more organic and self-sufficient body. Michael understood his mother's concerns and suggestions, feeling the weight and pain of his implants so soon after his surgeries, and he said he would consider that option.



-Michael's favorite food is beef stew.

-Michael likes to regularly go clubbing at the Jovial Jovian club, but has a high affinity for classical music.