Kino Makoto

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Kino Makoto
Biographical information


Birth December 5
Family Kino Hanako (Mother), Unborn Child

Sailor Jupiter, IrnChef_Jovian, Princess Jupiter, Princess Latiaris

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weather and plant abilities, martial arts


Inner Senshi

First Appearance

Kino Makoto is Sailor Jupiter. Her interests lie in cooking, cleaning, and flower shops. Her parents died in a plane crash when she was young and she lived on her own while in school.

She is the tallest of the inner senshi and wears her hair in a high ponytail. After her return from Crystal Tokyo with the other inner senshi, Makoto ran the Sidebar Cafe until it was rebuilt as the rantbox (this is no longer online).

Makoto dated Furuhata Motoki for quite a while, but since he just couldn't kick the furry/animal habit, the relationship seems to have slowly died off.

Her current activities are unknown.

During the events of The Eightfold Empire civil war, members of The Hotel discovered the past of Makoto was not as they had once thought. Details of this newly discovered past are as follows.

"Traitor" in the Silver Millennium

During the Fall of the Moon Kingdom, the princesses Jupiter and Venus soon found themselves overwhelmed in the midst of battle. Near death, Jupiter reflected on everything which had gone wrong with her life and the course of the war. Just as it seemed all hope was lost for herself, a voice came to her, speaking to her of the betrayal of her people and the destruction of everything she had loved. This unknown being offered her another chance, one which may allow her to continue the fight and turn the course of the conflict. Desperate and out of choices, Jupiter agreed to the proposition, before silently passing on. At that very moment, her body was taken over by an unknown presence, one which forced it's way into the palace, killing the guard on duty and destroying the relay which allowed communication with the other worlds, thus hastening the end. Having accomplished what it needed to do, the entity leapt to it's death, allowing itself to be reborn on Earth inside the form of the princess.

Tricks, Lies, and Sailor Senshi

Reborn on Earth, the entity, now one with Jupiter's Soul, took it's place as a secondary persona buried under the mind of it's female host. Realizing it needed a way to hide and support it's current form, the entity took on the identity of the deceased Kino Makoto, a fair haired child who died in a plane accident with it's parents. Utilizing money which had been set aside by the child's grandparent and using the excuse that it belonged to her "uncle", the false Makoto was able to procure an apartment far above what would normally be possible. In addition, the entity manipulated the personality of it's host, giving her a tom-boyish personality which allowed it to push away other individuals, keeping itself isolated and thus safe from notice. "Kino Makoto" would eventually transfer to Juuban Junior High School, beginning a new chapter of her/it's life...

Thunder Child

On December 19th 2022, Makoto discovered she was pregnant with Motoki's child.


Makoto is a strong and independent woman, having lived on her own since her parents died until moving to Crystal Tokyo with the other Inner Senshi. Despite her strength and dedication to training, she loves domestic activities and among all the senshi is known for her spotless abode and delicious food. She does, however, have a tendency to pine about her "sempai," who broke her heart, and has a nurturing personality, which is no doubt what enabled her to stay with Motoki for so long.

Her relationships with the other senshi seem strong, and she admired Ten'ou Haruka especially for her strength and fighting skills. She is often protective of others and comes across as a tomboy, although her personal style is often very feminine. She is known to have the most "Talent."

She has always had the dream of running a restaurant, which was achieved with the Sidebar Cafe, and a flower shop.

Sailor Jupiter

""Soldier of Thunder and Courage, Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I'll punish you!""
—Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Jupiter was the last of the Inner Senshi to awaken, and joined the team before the appearance of Sailor Venus. She is incredibly strong as a senshi can have a temper when in battle.

Her fuku has a green collar and skirt with pink bows. Her footwear consists of low green boots. Her personal accessory is an antenna that rises from her tiara for lightening based attacks.

Powers and Abilities

Sailor Jupiter's powers fall into two main categories; (a) lightening attacks and (b) plant life with a weather phenomenon. Her abilities give her a great affinity for plants, and she often stores up static electricity. Her training as a martial artist also help her on the battlefield.


Sparkling Wide Pressure: A ball of electricity thrown from her hands.

Flower Hurricane: A flurry of flower petals that can blind her opponent.

Coconut Cyclone: A ball of lightening and petals that blasts an opponent on impact.

Supreme Thunder: A bolt of electricity collected by her tiara.

Supreme Thunder Dragon: A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder in the shape of a dragon.

Jupiter Oak Evolution: Balls of energy that are thrown at her opponent.


  • Is apparently good at Ballet, Basketball and Skating
  • Has always wanted to visit Rome
  • has a bad habit of stuttering when she's nervous