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Kasagi Junia
Biographical information


Birth July 7th
Family Kevin Junia (father), Makoto Kino (mother), Yinping Junia (wife), Kenshin Junia (brother), Yuri and Ayame Junia (sisters), Aliana Junia (aunt), Morisato Kino (Uncle), Michael Junia and Ariana Junia (cousin)

Prince of Jupiter, Scholar Excelsor of Jovius University


Kasagi Junia, Prince Kasagi

Physical description

Jovian-Kanorian (Guardian)



Hair color

Chestnut Brown

Eye color

Emerald Green




Specially modified Jovian Spear


Has the Junia family's ability to create offensive and defensive attacks using a form of extreme PSP. It is currently unknown if he can use electrical style attacks like his parents.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor)

First Appearance
Junia Clan

Kasagi Junia is the second son of Kevin Junia and Makoto Kino Junia. He is a Prince of Jupiter, and though he is quite a fighter, it is the scholarly arts that holds his fancy. He has inherited his father's tactical mind and his mother's patience which has served him well in fights both physical and mental. It is not uncommon to see a book in his hand.

"My father holds Zhuge Liang in the highest regard and I understand why. If I can match a tenth of his ability, I will be able to accomplish the greatest things for Jupiter and the Junia."


Birth of the Lightning Scholar

It was a hot and quiet day on July 7th when Kasagi was born into the world. After being in labor for 5 hours this time, Makoto had Kasagi in her hands, and he slept peacefully there. Labor, while hard on her, was much easier this go around then when the twins came about. However, because of the quick turnaround between the twins and him, Makoto eyed her husband a little annoyed. He was oblivious to this situation, having seen his second son join the family.


Growing up Junia

Kasagi was not a nerd but he wasn't a jock either... he would be better classified as an extremely gifted and athletic geek. As he was the middle child, he was not expected to worry about the throne as much. However, his intelligence was truly a blessing to the family and he would not waste this gift.


Joining the Lily In the Past