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<B> NOTE: Kailey Ninegate was a deep-cover alias assumed by the third incarnation of [[The Intern]] in order to allow her to infiltrate the operations of the [[AU Actuary]]. This page reflects the profile of that fictitious individual. </B>
<B> NOTE: Kailey Ninegate was a deep-cover alias assumed by the third incarnation of [[The Intern]] in order to allow her to infiltrate the operations of the [[The Actuary|AU Actuary]]. This page reflects the profile of that fictitious individual. </B>

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Kailey Ninegate (nee Sunrise)
Biographical information

Earth 1337-??

Birth September 9, 1999
Family Doctor Xadium (Genetic Father), Hazel Ninegate (Genetic / Memetic Mother, deceased)

High School Student

Physical description




Hair color

light pink-red

Eye color





Red Devil (Zanbatō), Cross Punisher "Red Dead Redemption"


Strong Spiritual Power

First Appearance

July 16, 2015

NOTE: Kailey Ninegate was a deep-cover alias assumed by the third incarnation of The Intern in order to allow her to infiltrate the operations of the AU Actuary. This page reflects the profile of that fictitious individual.

"Yeah, Ah'm from Texas, an' no, I don't eat Hay."
—Kailey Sunrise

The Daughter of Doctor Xadium and Geminine Sunrise (who was sharing a body with Gemini Sunrise) from an unknown dimension, she was stranded on Earth 1337-A after being pulled into our dimension by the power of The Tyrant.

A typical high school student, she's somewhat lazy about her training, but her natural talent helps to compensate for her lack of discipline. A master of the Zanbatō, she has great strength for her size and is exceptionally quick-witted.

Supposed Background

"Life is where you are. Ain't no point in goin' back." - Kailey

After losing her mother and aunt at age eight to unknown ninja assassins, she was soon orphaned when her father, who could not bear the grief of losing a third family, simply walked off to die.

Coming to the HOTEL

"Ah was goin' t' school. Decided t' take a shortcut down an alley. Walked right into a goddamn gladiatorial arena. It was kill or be killed. Did some killin'. Nearly got killed. Then folks from here came an' Ah ended up here. " -- Kailey


A bit of a loner due to the early death of her aunt and mother, and being raised by her depressed and distant father, she shares the stoic values of her mother, Geminine, but has an unexpectedly perverse sense of humor akin to Paisley's.

Despite being only 16, she partakes in adult activities such as drinking, a consequence of her having to rely only on herself for supervision and leading a rough life.

She is more than willing to do business with unsavory characters like Simon Kerrick if it gets her what she wants.


Like her mother she has a vast fount of spirit power, but she has no real control over it, having lost all her teachers at a young age. Physically she is very hardy and strong due to channeling all that energy. She also has a full Gallifreyan (but not Time Lord) biology.

She is every bright and clever and seems very adept at hacking and MacGyvering things. She learns very quickly and as such rarely spends any time at school.

After awakening as Kailey Ninegate she seems to have an instant rapport with any Gallifreyan Technology, even wordlessly commanding Chateaux at her whim.

Takin' Care of Business

On October 4th, 2015 Kailey explained her life goal, which was to raise five million dollars. Three million to invest so she could live off the interest, one million to buy a house in Tokyo or Roppongi Hills outright, and one million for fun. Using some money she earned by selling media footage of Dale Gribble's strange alien phones that had been tormenting her, she decided to go into business with Simon Kerrick, using Craiglist and Amazon's Mechanical Turk to hire cheap piece workers to assemble a car parts / junk car database which she uses to find vintage cars that can be refurbished and sold. She has paid Masaki O`Cain to get a hacker schoolmate to make her a false identity she can do business under, and in the time being is doing business using X's alias of Frank Impresario.

Religion is the best business of all

On October 18th, 2015, after returning to the HOTEL after a few weeks' holiday, Kailey noticed an invasion of strange NEETs who had fixated on Yaijinden, forming a religion around them, earning vast sums of capital due to their monetizing of a video based on his worship. Determined to profiteer off their gullibility, she arranged for bound copies of the Book of Yaijinden to be put on sale for their purchase, expecting perhaps a few thousand dollars in sales. However, she was greeted with an order of 2 billion copies, netting her 100 billion dollars.

Setting up Home

Not wasting any time, Kailey set about getting herself set up with a new home, paying a huge amount of money on October 19th, 2015 to buy out the Shakaden Reiyukai Temple located at 1-7-8 Azabudai, Minato-ku, which she then converted to her new private home.


On January 17th, 2016 after a showdown with the "The Cult of Sunrise" -- people who had become hopelessly dependent on the HOTEL Technology Kailey had stolen to try and help feed and heal them, she suffered a psychological break, revealing her true nature as Kailey _Ninegate_, feeling enormous guilt for ruining their lives by addicting them to technology they were not ready for.

An uncertain history

Thus awakened, Kailey finds herself confused as to her place in the world, not knowing what of her history is true or false, and who her real parents are, and what to do next.

A Hell of an Insurance Policy

[10:59] <Morrigan> So...what are you up to now, Kailey?
[10:59] * Kailey Ninegate stabs a Typo Demon
[11:00] <Kailey Ninegate> Recuperatin'.
[11:00] <Morrigan> I mean with the Dragonballs. I thought those things were kept under lock and key.
[11:01] <Kailey Ninegate> Ah got some from Namek.
[11:01] <Kailey Ninegate> And don't you worry, they are.
[11:01] <Kailey Ninegate> Mine.

On January 29th, 2016 Kailey worked with Akumite to revive Daniel Kakaku, Katerina Markov, and Haneka Tadashita, bringing him the Namekian Dragon Balls and letting him make one wish, then keeping the other two in reserve for herself for unknown reasons.





  • Her Hobbies are sword/martial arts training, drinking and video games.
  • she has no career path, aspiring to simply walk the earth.
  • she indulges in a lot of unhealthy activities for her age such as drinking, driving without a license, skipping school
  • she can hotwire a car
  • she learns at an incredibly fast pace
  • she gets angry very quickly
  • she is very good at disguise
  • she seems to be good at MacGyvering things
  • she claims to have played Grand Theft Auto 6 which wasn't out at the time she played it.
  • she knows some Iron Soul discipline from her father.
  • she has developed uncanny business acumen
  • she's also making money fighting on the side in Fight Clubs in Roppongi.