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Biographical information





President of the Dark Agency?

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

blue gray


teleportation, illusions, force field, fire/lightning, etc.

Jedite has fought the elder gods and worn Cthulthu as a flesh-suit. His power level on a continuum would be, Chibiusa, Jedite, Tomoe Hotaru.

Jedite is a natural blonde.


Jadeite displayed a vast and impressive array of supernatural powers. He possessed the ability to rapidly transport himself over great distances, whether by teleportation or by creating black dimensional gateways out of thin air and using them to travel, cast incredibly lifelike illusions of vastly varying sizes, drain energy from human beings, fire bolts of pink lightning from his hands, generate an invisible shield around himself by fully extending his right arm in order to deflect incoming solid objects or projectile attacks, emit an eerie fog from his body which could cause human beings to fall into a deep sleep, and even the power of flight. In addition, Jadeite also displayed remarkable skill at controlling and manipulating inanimate objects, ranging from stopping Sailor Moon's moon tiara in mid-flight, to creating living mudmen, to moving large vehicles such as airplanes and monorails, sometimes over vast distances.

Continuity Merge

Thanks to the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi, early on in his first encounter with Sailor Mars, she had fried him almost totally to a crisp, near death, but then relented at the last second, letting him crawl off with haughty pride. Beryl had to regrow his body from a stone, and he was forced to become, for a time, a pimply faced boy with bad teeth until his powers grew strong enough for him to reform properly. People thought he was dead, so he let them believe that rather than be seen.

Jedite's death in the manga and his looks in PGSM are thus retconned.


Jedite smells like stone and musk