Hino Rei

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Hino Rei
Biographical information


Birth April 17
Family Grandfather, Hino Risa (Mother), Hino Risa II (Daughter)

Student, Miko


Sailor Mars

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







some phsycic powers, fire


Sailor Senshi

First Appearance

Rei is a shinto miko, and Sailor Mars. She and her grandfather run the Hikawa shrine, and she is currently going to school to learn to manage it better. She is hot-tempered, collects manga, and is good at meditation and fire reading.

Two black crows, Phobos and Deimos, are her guardians.

She attended school at T. A. Jogakuin.

Upon returning from the future, she resided in the Aino House with her fellow inner senshi. Some time later, she left for schooling or something, but I forget where at the moment.

On December 19th, 2022, Rei discovered she was pregnant. She would give birth to her daughter, Risa, on August 10th, 2023.


Rei is a spiritual person who also happens to have a flaming temper. She often fought with Tsukino Usagi even though they were such good friends. As a miko, she is capable of sitting in mediation for long periods of time, and also has the ability to read messages in the fire and other omens that may happen around her. She cares very much about her grandfather, who raised her after her mother died, although she's often also upset by his antics.

Although for a long time she's hated men, she has lately become engaged to Yuuichiro, who previously worked at the Hikawa Shrine. Whether this has changed her outlook on men in general has yet to be seen.

Sailor Mars

"Soldier of Flame and Passion, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars I will chastise you!"
—Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars was awoken during an incident involving Jedite and a bus near the Hikawa shrine, and she joined Sailors Moon and Mercury in their search for the Princess and the Ginzuishou.

Her fuku has a red collar and skirt. Her front bow is blue and the back bow is red. Her shoes are red high heels. The personal accessory on her original fuku is a red jewel at the tip of the V on her skirt.

Powers and Abilities

Mars has spiritual and fire powers, connecting deeply with her life as a miko, in which she often meditates before a fire. All of her senshi form only attacks are in the form of fire which is fired at the enemy. It is most probably that by this time in her life, she is able to actually control fire.


Akuryo Taisen: This attack is available to her as a miko, not just Sailor Mars. A slip of paper with kanji on it is used to immobilize or purifiy.

Fire Soul: Fires a single flame at enemy, burning them alive.

Fire Soul Bird: More powerful version of Fire Soul in the shape of a bird.

Mars Snake Fire: Creates a serpent out of fire to attack enemies.

Mars Flame Sniper: Creates a bow and arrow out of flame and fires it at enemy.

Burning Mandala: Fires mutliple blasts of flame at enemy.


  • Enjoys track and field sports
  • Has always wanted to visit the bottom of the ocean
  • Has a habit to stare at people