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|family=[[Matsumi Kaze]] (wife), [[Minami Kaze]] (daughter), [[Miki Kaze]] (daughter), [[Tina Gale]] (daughter), Ryo Kaze (son)
|family=[[Matsumi Kaze]] (wife), [[Minami Kaze]] (daughter), [[Miki Kaze]] (daughter), [[Tina Gale]] (daughter), Ryo Kaze (son)
|occupation=video game programmer
|occupation=video game programmer
|alias=Quinox Knight

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Hideki Kaze
Biographical information

Earth, Quinox

Birth January 23
Family Matsumi Kaze (wife), Minami Kaze (daughter), Miki Kaze (daughter), Tina Gale (daughter), Ryo Kaze (son)

video game programmer


Quinox Knight

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color







henshin, control over all types of air


Sean Collins, Senshi Knights

First Appearance

Hideki Kaze is also known as Quinox Knight. He is the husband of Matsumi Kaze, and her guardian.


Silver Millennium

Hideki Kaze was born the only son of the royal Knight of Quinox, Beowulf, and his wife Marina. Sadly, Marina died in the process of childbirth, leaving Beowulf to raise the child alone. The young Hideki kept mainly to himself at first, though he had only one real friend, Sean Collins of Saturn. He also grew closer to the girl who he would grow up to be charged with protecting, Princess Matsumi of the royal house of Quinox. Finally, he declared his love for the princess; however, this happiness would not last. Soon after, the planet was attacked by an unknown enemy, and although Hideki tried to defend the kingdom, he, Matsumi, and Freya were forced to retreat to the Moon as the only survivors of the horrible attack.

On the Moon, he found his beloved Matsumi in a state of deep depression. He sought to bring her out of it with the help of her friends, finally breaking through to her. He found himself with a happiness that he hoped would never end. However, misfortune seemed to follow the couple, and soon after, the Moon was the target of a vicious final attack by Queen Beryl's forces.

Hideki joined the Moon's forces in trying to defend the world, and though he used all his might, Beryl's forces were too strong and too many. One of Beryl's creatures, seeing Hideki, attempted to attack him from behind. Matsumi, as Sailor Quinox, jumped in at the last moment, taking the lethal attack. Incensed by the death of his true love, Hideki dove into the hoard and fought without mercy or care of his own safety. In the end, he died by his love's side. However, this would not be the end for the brave knight.


Hideki Kaze was born on January 28th, 1978 to Goro and Miyuki Kaze in the city of Yokohama. His early life was nothing special until age 6, when after moving to Tokyo, his older brother Kotaro died after being hit by a car. After this, his relationship with his parents changed forever. Mourning their deceased first born, they virtually ignored Hideki for much of the rest of his life. However, Hideki would find solace in an unusual way. Starting at age 6, on the same day his brother died, young Hideki began to have strange dreams. These visions always involved a girl, with short blond hair and blue eyes. As he grew older, she grew older as well. As Hideki grew older, he began to slowly perceive the strange incidents that ran through the city of Tokyo. This included events such as sudden transformation of a fair employee into a monster;


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coming soon

Senshi Knight Saga: Quinox Knight

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Coming across as somewhat cold at first, Hideki in fact is simply a very reserved individual. While not completely emotionless in appearance, he tends to prefer to give off a rather cool detached air, keeping his real feelings close to himself. Contrary to rumors, Hideki has been known to smile, though only in specific circumstances (half of which involve his wife). He is extremely loyal to those he deems friends and family, a trait shared with Matsumi and will go to great lengths to protect them.



Normally, Hideki is a practitioner of kendo, and is also a good hand to hand combatant. He is trained in judo and able to access some of his past memories in using the hand to hand combat style of Quinoxian Lon-Chi-Ki (but not much).

Ninja Q

Before his memories were fully awoken, Hideki took on the identity of Ninja Q, a mysterious masked ninja who would keep an eye on Sailor Quinox, as well as protect her from afar. Compared to his other identities, Ninja Q has very few powers in contrast to Quinox Knight. The few abilities he had were the following:

  • Ability to vanish in a burst of leaves and feathers
  • Ability to command bursts of wind against opponents
  • near perfect disguise powers
  • Ninja Mirror Attack: a small mirror thrown to deflect attacks
  • Feather Shurikins: small throwing blades shaped like feathers
  • use of Kusarikama and Kunai

Though for the most part, Hideki has abandoned this identity after awakening as Quinox Knight, he will on rare occasions once again become the Ninja Q.

Normal Armor

To equip his default armor, Hideki uses the phrase “Quinox Armor Henshin.” While in normal armor, his strength and speed increase. He can also equip a helmet that shields his head and hides his identity. His standard equipment in this form is Air Slasher, a style of kusarikama that is Hideki's main weapon. It can be put together as a double bladed staff, or taken apart and swung on a chain. He also has small shurikens, used for throwing at opponents.


A kusarikama belonging to Hideki.

In terms of attacks:

  • Air Blast: Similar to Sailor Quinox' except done with two hands.
  • Air Arrow: Arrows made of air energy.
  • Shield of Air: Shield made of air; small and circular.
  • Strife Punch: Punch charged with energy.
  • Vacuum Kick: Energized kick.
  • Air Cracking Strife: Super powered downward slash with the Air Slasher.

Super Armor

Similar to the Normal Armor but with the addition of small chains around the gauntlets and small wing like shapes in the back. New Attacks in this form include:

  • Double Air Blast: Two air blasts created from each hand.
  • Multi-Blades: Multiplies blades of the Air Slasher by 3.
  • Air Burning Strife: Energy-powered slash from both blades.
  • Sealing Air Crusher: One hit air vortex from hand. Extremely dangerous to use.


  • Is an avid fan of baseball, specifically the Yokohama Baystars
  • Owns and rides a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle
  • has a talent for baking, having been taught by his aunt
  • Outside of Sean, Hideki does little to work alongside his fellow Sol System Knights.