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==Management and Books==
==Management and Books==
[[Doli Yamada]] is handling startup management and books for this location.
[[Doli Yamada]] is handles general management.
[[Sano Edar]] handles IT services.
[[Sano Edar]] handles books and IT services.
==Available Positions==
==Available Positions==

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Floral Dream is the second in a line of floral shops run by a group of Lupa and Humans in Tokyo, the first being Floral Heaven. Yumiko Naritsu is the head of this shop, with further staff to come. It will focus more on Ikebana and other Asian schools of floristry.

Hours and Staff

The shop is open 8 AM–5 PM on weekdays, 8 AM–4 PM Saturdays, and 12–4 PM Sundays.


Yumiko Naritsu is the primary florist and tends to work from late morning and well into the evening, from about 10-11 AM to 8 PM. She currently holds a Master Florist certificate.

Richard Rogers, is currently splitting his time between this location and Floral Heaven, where he normally works.

Flower Handlers

Arjuna works as a flower handler. She generally works in the mornings, with longer hours around holidays. She works primarily in the basement: unpacking, cleaning, hydrating, and opening flowers and plants when they arrive and arranges them in the coolers.

Sales and Delivery

The shop has 1 full time Monday-Friday sales floor employee, and a part time employee for evenings and weekends.

There are 2 part time delivery people. Kassia has one of these positions, as well as learning flower handling with an aim of becoming Yumiko's apprentice

Management and Books

Doli Yamada is handles general management.

Sano Edar handles books and IT services.

Available Positions

Candidates applying for work at Floral Heaven should be able to get along well with the existing full time staff, and be able to handle the unusual and non Human things that go along with the shop. Expect to work long hours during busy times and holidays including Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas/New Year's.

There are currently no available positions.


The property for this location was purchased in July of 2017, and the team was in place to open on October 1, 2017.