Emilia Maximus

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Emilia Maximus
Biographical information


Birth August 1, 1996
Family Sir Reginald Maximus (father)

student, dancer



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

light brown




Eiry, Matsuo Shin, Kai

First Appearance

Emmy is the daughter of Sir Reginald Maximus and his late wife. Reginald and Emmy met Matsuo Shin and Eiry on their adventure in Matsuo Shin and The Temple of the Serpent, in which she and Eiry were put in a harem and nearly raped before the high priest tried to sacrifice her. The two became very close during this time, and since then Emmy seems to have become even more cheerful in her normal life. While she can come across as silly and is sometimes naive, she can also be quite sharp and observant.

Compared to many of her fellow students, Emmy isn't the best scholar, but excels socially and in sports. She thoroughly enjoys the archaeological trips she goes on with her father, although her focus is more on exploring and site seeing than history and knowledge. Emmy's best friend is Gorgie, a classmate she met in year 3 and the two are very close. Gorgie, however, lives in Northern England, so they usually don't see each other on breaks when they're out of school. Through Eiry, she met Kai, who is often in Ireland, and the two get along well.

Like many girls her age, she likes to dress fashionably, and usually overdoes it a little on the makeup, going for bright colors. She uses rosemary & mint shampoo, and her perfume is White Shoulders, which is what her mother used to wear. She doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, but she really likes dancing and takes classes in both ballet and contemporary dance as a hobby.

Emmy loves to dance, and has trained for many years. Despite auditioning several times for the Royal Ballet Company, she failed also in her final attempt. Luckily, she prepared and applied for two other, lesser known companies, and made it into both of those. As of the 2013-2014 school year, she now attends one of these companies rather than her former school, the Abbotsholme School in Staffordshire. She and Gorgie are still very best friends.