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|homeworld= Aeria  
|homeworld= Aeria  
|birth=September 8, 2012
|birth=September 8, 2012
|family=[[Matsumi Kaze]] (Mother), [[Mormeril Shadesong]] (genetic Father), [[Hideki Kaze]] ("father"/father figure), [[The Necromantress]] (Aunt), [[Jameson Atlas]] (Husband), Kyra Sharlan (daughter)
|family=[[Matsumi Kaze]] (Mother), [[Mormeril Shadesong]] (genetic Father), [[Hideki Kaze]] ("father"/father figure), [[The Necromantress]] (Aunt), [[Jameson Atlas]] (Husband), [[Kyra Sharlan]] (daughter)
|occupation= Thief (claims to be ranger), White Mage <br>Raven of Odin, Stage Hand.
|occupation= Thief (claims to be ranger), White Mage <br>Raven of Odin, Stage Hand.
|alias= Eilean Shin
|alias= Eilean Shin

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Eilean Windsong
Biographical information


Birth September 8, 2012
Family Matsumi Kaze (Mother), Mormeril Shadesong (genetic Father), Hideki Kaze ("father"/father figure), The Necromantress (Aunt), Jameson Atlas (Husband), Kyra Sharlan (daughter)

Thief (claims to be ranger), White Mage
Raven of Odin, Stage Hand.


Eilean Shin

Physical description

Half Elf, Half Human



Hair color


Eye color

Blue Green


5'10 1/2




Superhuman strength, Superhuman healing, White Magic manipulation,

First Appearance

Early Life

Born as part of the 400 Baby Project, Eilean's capsule was sent sixteen years into the past landing in a forest on the planet Aeria. Found by two elders of the Elflandss who had witnessed the rocket's landing, they named the baby girl Eilean, which meant "Daughter of the Star" in elvish.

Growing up, the girl slowly began to realize she wasn't like the other children, often becoming more emotional in situations then others of her age, as well as growing taller then her peers. When she accidently broke the arm of another child at the age of 8, it became obvious that she was not an ordinary Elf. Still, she attempted to fit in, even when she began to show signs of the ability to manipulate white magic.

One night, the day after her 13th birthday, Eilean overheard the two elders who raised her discuss the girl, both exasperated at her obvious outside features (including her height compared to the usually short elves). As she listened, she learned that she had been in fact adopted and had never belonged to the village in the first place. Overwrought by emotion, Eilean ran away from home that night.

Eilean is currently 17.

Ruin Raider

Not wishing to return to Elfheim for fear of her true past being found out, Eilean would spend several months moving from town to town, picking up skills as a thief along the way. Her journey would eventually take her to the small kingdom of Prajoka, where after spending a night in jail for the theft of some money from a traveler (which for once was not her doing), she became aquanted with a group of adventurers: Demian, a warrior for hire from the north, Hakin, a black mage from the city of Melma and Kal, a former monk from the order of the forgotten heroes. After a good number of drinks, Eilean agreed to join them in "Ruin Raiding" (the process of exploring old structures such as temples and castles, looking for any treasures) as their thief.

At the Hotel

After discovering The Hotel and her biological parents, Matsumi Kaze and Mormeril, Eilean eventually settled in a cottage in one of Aescapulus' desks which is similar to the homes she grew up in. However, she soon met Jameon Atlas, another member of the 400 about her own age, and fell in love with him. She also pursued her magical talents, and became a white healing mage when blessed by a large dragon. Eventually she became pregnant, and she and Jameson married. Their first child, Kyra, was born in September of 2015.

Shortly after that, in a pointed attempt to make members of her family pay attention to her, The Necromantress kidnapped Kyra, forcing Eilean to treat with her. Eilean eventually allied with the Necromantress, and Kyra was returned.


  • Speaks three languages: Japanese, English and Aerian Elvish.
  • is roughly three times stronger then a human, but is still far weaker then her mother.