DD Girls

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DD Girls
Biographical information



Unknown (Green chooses to celebrate March 15)


Spectrix (mother)


Doom 'n' Gloom Girls (Dub Counterparts)

Physical description



Female (all 5)

Hair color

Light Brunette (Purple)
Blonde (Blue)
Gray (Red)
Dark Brunette (Pink)
Blue (Green)

Eye color

Black (All 5)




Dark Kingdom (Formerly),
Queen Beryl (Formerly),
Aino Minako (Pink) (Publicly Formerly)
Matsumi Kaze (Green)
THE GREAT DANIEL BRYAN IN THE SKY!!! (Red, in a dream sequence)
Senshi Knights (Purple)

In the Year that never was, The DD Girls were the Queen Beryl's Strongest Youma. They were killed by the Sailor Senshi, but just barely as it cost Sailor Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter their lives. They all have the same mother, Spectrix.

All DD Girls use their color as their actual name unless otherwise noted.

Post Reboot

Due to the universe being rebooted, the DD Girls were pushed to the new 1992 by Usagi's wish. Any Youma that were destroyed/refreshed were also pushed to the new 1992 as well. Those outside of D Point are able to remember both the old 1992 and the new 1992. In August 2015, They arrived at The Hotel and after an accident involving Chibiusa and her Ginzuishou, they started to remember everything.


Blue DD Girl

During the Dark Kingdom days, Blue was killed by Sailor Mars' suicidal Fire Soul.

Wanting revenge against Sailor Mars after she started to remember, Blue went to Mars and attacked Rei with fervor, angering her to the point that she was ready to kill Blue; however, Matsumi Kaze convinced Rei to let her use the Cosmic Loadstone, and instead of dying, Blue was reborn as a Human, never to do any kind of evil ever again.

Blue was reborn as Katerina, and was adopted by Mika Markov.

Unfortunately, it seems that many remnants of Blue's psyche still remain within little Katerina's mind, trying to take over so as to complete her vengeance-fueled attack against Sailor Mars. To counter this, Mika and Katerina journeyed to Korin's Tower, and Mr. Popo severed Katerina's soul into two halves, sealing her evil half (Blue) into a rice cooker. The cooker was then taken away and buried by Joanna Smithson, who was at the tower at the time assisting them.

Red DD Girl

During the Dark Kingdom days, Red was killed by Sailor Jupiter's suicidal Supreme Thunder.

She has a bracelet that makes her look like an Irish girl made by Kevin Junia.

As of late, she has shown a very greedy disposition, wanting money--even willing to try and mooch off of Pink's salary. A very heavy alcoholism has also taken root.

Green DD Girl

During the Dark Kingdom days, Green was killed By Sailor Mars.

Her transformation bracelet gives her the appearance of a Swedish-born person.

She found herself falling for Calvin Kagetsuki, whose true identity was Caligo Shadowmoon, the twin brother of Eilean. After Caligo was freed from Chaos' grip, the two became formally engaged.

In the earliest hours of April 17, 2016 Green went into labor, soon to deliver her two children, Mira and Beryl, into the world. They have green skin and forehead wings like their mother and elvish ears like their father.

She has a Carbink named Carbinkle (Wow.... Very Original... *rolls eyes*).

Purple DD Girl

During the Dark Kingdom days, Purple was killed by Sailor Jupiter's suicidal Supreme Thunder.

Kevin Junia gave her a bracelet that altered her appearance to that of a Columbian-born person.

She entered a relationship with A Universe Mercury Knight Carlos Icelean, and as of December 3, 2015, was pregnant with their first child. It was sometime in February that she had her child, naming him Daniel.

However, sometime after giving birth, the two disappeared.

She likes Shark Tank, she even refers to the Investors as "Sharkies."

Pink DD Girl

During the Dark Kingdom days, Pink was killed by Sailor Venus' suicidal Crescent Beam.

She was initially afraid of Sailor Venus after getting her memory back, and once worked for her at Ginga TV and helped her as Sailor P on occasion. Ironically, she helps power up the very move that previously killed her.

Her transformation bracelet gives her the appearance of an Israeli-born person. She has a daughter from a potential future timeline branch, but due to her obsession with appeasing Minako, didn't spend much time with her until a breakdown opened her eyes.

She was fired from Ginga TV in late July of 2016 after taking an "extended vacation" which was mandated, she was soon swept up by a rival network, Fezi TV.