Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino

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Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino
Biographical information

Venus (Earth 1337-B)

Birth September 28, 5087
Family Sakura Xadium Aino (mother), Ichiro Oogami / Segata Sanshiro (father), The Iconoclast (Brother) , Vermellia X. Rosso (cousin / adopted sister), The Actuary (aunt), Doctor Xadium (Grandfather), The Intern (wife), Kaioh Michiru (Niece)

Freelancer, Emissary of 51st Century Venus, former Time Agent



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Her fists


converting impact damage to offensive force


Time Agency, Venusian Government

First Appearance

August 20, 2014


"Keep moving forward. Always. A great man told me that once, and I've always lived by that." - Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino

"You are a child of two universes. A child of Venus. Of Earth. Of Gallifrey. Your story hasn't even started yet." - Lady Ishtar

Brief Biography

The child of Sakura Xadium Aino and (on paper Ichiro Oogami but actually Segata Sanshiro), she and hails from the 51st Century Time Zone. A former Time Agent, she works for The Shadow Proclamation as a liaison to the Crystal Millennium and is a childhood friend and adoptive sibling to her cousin Vermellia X. Rosso. As of 2014, she is 29 years old in relative terms.

Cressida was born to Sakura at the point in Sakura's personal timeline after Sakura had left the 58th century for the 21st and then spent the intervening centuries safely out of her past self's way on an obscure Terran colony on the far reaches of the Human Empire, and as such knew nothing of Earth, Gallifrey or Venus. She was raised as a human, but the demonstration of some of her metahuman abilities required Sakura to school her in the art of Iron Soul combat. Along the way she was told many stories of the happy times Sakura had had in the 21st century, and she was determined to be a hero like her mother.

At the age of 16, she encountered a Time Agent and took over his investigation after he had been killed in the line of duty protecting her. This impressed the agency and they took her on despite her youth. In truth, the Agency hoped to steal the secrets of the Time Lords from her mother, but they were never able to make good on their designs due to Sakura's cunning. She developed a flirty, sexy side to her persona thanks to the influence of her "Uncle" Jack Harkness.

Cressida took it upon herself to prevent the Tairon War that ravaged Earth 1337-B, and so created a condition where her own personal timeline would change, the historical conditions leading to her upbringing on the edge of Imperium Space changing. In order to prevent her timeline from catching up with her, she's elected to stay in the past, never going back to the 51st century. She doesn't mind it so much, as she knows her mom and dad can come see her anytime, even if she's not exactly the girl they remember. Paisley, however, thinks her unique constitution as a child of two dimensions might protect her from the effect.

Finding the Fury within

In every generation there is only one who can go beyond going beyond to surpass even the limits of limitation... in this generation there is such a man... ...but you are not of this generation. - to Cressida

On May 28th, 2015, graduated Cressida from the Iron Soul school of Martial arts, having taught her every non-ki fighting technique she knew to perfection. She instructed Cressida to seek out Kung Fury and learn his ultimate martial arts.

The Girl With the Golden Fists

Since Cressida was born to an already permanently-transformed Sakura, she could not "transform" into a variant of Sailor Venus... but that did not mean she could not manipulate the planet power as she had thought. Borrowing her Grandmother's henshin stick, and with Sakura's tutelage, Cressida was able to combine the energies of Venus with haki in order to create a highly energized, nigh-indestructible "Gold Haki" that coats her arms with energetic golden armor that discharges incredible amounts of Venus / ki powered energy with each kinetic strike. Given her usual power set, who knows what would happen if she hit HERSELF with one of those strikes.

In time, she would learn to cover any part of herself with Gold Haki.


"She'll just keep getting better" --Flame Lotus

Cressida's unique heritage has given her the ability to take any form of kinetic physical impact and store or redirect it into offensive force. The more she is physically beaten, the stronger she gets. There are upper limits to this-- if the impact is too great, the shockwave gets disbursed around her as a kind of a "pressure release" which can endanger those around her, as well as her surroundings.

She does NOT have Venusian metal control, or Time Lord regeneration or mental abilities. She is as strong as a Sailor Senshi at her base, and her upper limit is currently unknown (but it must be unlocked through constant combat, and decreases as her adrenalin and the absorbed impact energy decreases). She is slightly Time Sensitive, and can pass through mild anomalies unaffected, but is susceptible to larger ones. She believes her Sailor Senshi power is manifesting in a completely different way than other Venus senshi of the past.

An excellent fighter, she is a student of Iron Soul specializing in non-ki combat abilities, mainly focusing on Haki. (Observation and Armament)

The more one hits or is hit by Cressida, the stronger and more durable she becomes, to the point of nigh-invulnerability. The key to defeating her in battle, therefore, is to dodge her attacks so her power remains more or less at its base, and then striking once with enough force to knock her out in one blow. This, of course, assumes you make a strike capable of knocking out a sailor senshi in one blow, but it is possible. has declared that Cressida has no upper limit to her physical power or potential, and that she will continue to grow stronger indefinitely given the right training, akin to Son Goku and the Hulk.


Hajya Ken Ouka Houshin - A massive punch that can send incredibly destructive golden energy harmlessly though people and objects until it explosively hits its intended target.

Kinkouho - A version of Tienshinhan's Tri-Beam Cannon that uses Venus power rather than ki so it doesn't have nearly as much of a life draining effect.

Auric Fist / One Punch - A highly energized, ki / Venus powered punch used after activating "Golden Haki". Its destructive power is, frankly, ridiculous. If used on a regular person... that person and their molecules wouldn't be there anymore, let's just put it that way.


A bit serious but willing to cut loose whenever she can, Cressida has the stoicism and iron will of her father, and the zaniness of her mother (to a degree), as well as a bit of a narcissistic view of herself. She is also a vegan due to having seen factory farming videos online as a tot.

Paisley Pythia Peinforte revealed that while Cressida likes to act flirty and fun=loving and a bit scandalous, it's all a massive front to try and compensate for how serious she had to live her life in order to be a good role model for her cousin Vermellia X. Rosso who was traumatized. In reality, Cressida had a serious, repressed upbringing filled with notions of duty, responsibility and expectation she largely put on herself.

In her youth she was more of a studious introvert who was tired out easily by having to deal with other people and the outside world, but she pushed herself to be more extroverted and cheerful, at least externally. Now much less quiet and mauldin, she still keenly remembers what it feels like.

A new name (for a little while anyway)

Thanks to a mysterious force attacking her former employer and ruthlessly terminating anyone connected with it, she had been forced to adopt a cover name, Cressida X. Carlton in order to protect the ones she loves. That lasted exactly until she hunted the bastard down and pummeled him into repentance for his crimes, leaving him drinking through a colostomy bag.


Cressida became engaged to The Intern on January 1st, 2018.


  • Cressida's first name is actually Cressida Sumire, but no one, including her, ever uses it fully.
  • Her parentage crosses dimensions, with Sakura being from 1337-B and Segata Sanshiro being from 1337-A. This does have an effect on her physiognomy and perceptions, but exactly what it is is unknown. Lady Ishtar is convinced she contains a vast power waiting to be unleashed. (And with the revelation Sanshiro is her father, there is no doubt)
  • She is from a Time Period wherein the Crystal Millennium is composed of 14 planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Quinox, New Kantek, Nemesis, Luna, and the Kuiper Amalgamation.
  • She can play the violin at a very high level, though she is not a master. She was taught by Michiru. She is also an excellent singer, having inherited the talent of both her mother and grandmother and having been taught by both.
  • She is a very fast reader.
  • She has a very sweet tooth and finds it hard to resist sugary sweets.
  • Due to her father's tendency around women, Cressida is genetically the aunt of Michiru. It was discovered that Oogami, unable to help himself due to hormones, cheated on Sakura with Lady Gaga, and while the couple were breifly separated, she rekindled a past romance with Earth 1337's Segata Sanshiro. He was so virile that just chasing Sakura around trees (as seen in the Saturn commercials) overcame her genetic inability to have children, his mind-seed insisting upon itself and merging with Oogami's, giving rise to Cressida. A cover story was developed that Sakura had the Kaminoans fix her. Depending on her mood she'll claim one father or the other.
  • In her future, Cressida will become the 42nd Kung Fury, and bring the secrets of "Ultra Instinct" godly battle style into the Iron Soul school after besting Flame Lotus in combat with her Unlimited Fighting Potential. She will become a warrior-scholar, dedicated to sharpening both her fighting skills and her mind as she travels the universe.