Coral Ellis

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Coral Ellis
Biographical information


Birth April 13th



Sailor Kore

Physical description




Hair color

Dirty blonde

Eye color

light blue




control mountains (the rocks in the ground) for defensive and some offensive purposes


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance

Coral Ellis is the Jupiter Satellite Senshi Kore, the senshi who has an affinity for mountains. An outgoing American, with a love for sports.

"Oh, the Seattle Supporters squads for soccer have some really fun chants. Would you like to hear a few?"


Before the Sailor Senshi

Coral Ellis is an exchange student originally from the Emerald City: Seattle, Washington. Her time in Seattle was that of every normal teenage girl. She loves boys, hiking in the mountains, and playing soccer. This love translated into her support for the Seattle Sounders FC, and even joining the world famous Emerald City Supporters, the major supporter group of the Sounders.

She wanted to go to Japan to learn more about Japanese culture, and really was looking for any excuse to be able to climb Mt. Fuji. Her parents agreed to let her go, and she was accepted into the program. In a rare case though, she didn't go to a pure Japanese family. She was assigned to the Allison family in Yokosuka.

She was a bit disappointed at first when she her that news... Until she met Tomoko Allison. The two but it off immediately, as if they were long list sisters who had been reunited. Some nicknames the pair "The Giggling Fools" because when they are together, they always seemed to be giggling.

Awaken Too Late?

On the very last day of August, Coral went looking for her best friend Tomoko Allison. It seemed that they were playing hide and seek, which led Coral to into the Hotel... Again. She saw Matsumi in there and asked if she her friend. Matsumi had not, which Coral decided to look elsewhere.

Before she was about to leave, she ran into David O'Cain and immediately started fumbling over her words, all the while blushing. Matsumi saw this and lifted the surprised David's hand, which showed a wedding ring. Coral, who was good at keeping her compsure, saw the gesture but continues to act shy. She didn't know why either, it was as if something deep down had awakened in her.

At this point, Juniper Aki came down and saw the stammering Coral. She called out to her using the name "Kore", after recognizing her and her most noticeable trait of the past. Obviously Coral hadn't awaken yet to her true identity, even going so far as to say that she didn't believe in reincarnation.

Juniper then took the opportunity to explain to David about the truth of Coral's past life. Kore was David's biggest fan, and had a massive crush on him. She would convince Jupiter Knight to take her with him on training missions with David. Yes she wanted to learn from the both of them for sure, but she really wanted to spend time with David.

Juniper realized Coral needed a shock to awaken fully, and transformed into Sailor Cyllene. Coral however went into shock and passed out. At this point Tomoko, who had been hiding and snickering only a few feet away, rushed in to keep her friend from having a nasty fall. Juniper believes Coral's mind when into shock due to the flood of memories of the past and did the only thing it could to process so much information.

Having talked with Matsumi, Kevin, among others, and finally David himself, Coral understood what was past can no longer be. She admitted though a piece of her heart would always belong to David, but looked to her duties as "The Rock Solid Shield of the Jupiter Royal Family" to help dull the pain in her heart. The zombie Janice commented how she believed that Coral had a very interesting future ahead of her. While some doors have closed, Coral had many more doors opened to her and compartmentalizing her past from her present (which a few weeks ago was just that of a High School Senior) would probably be for the best. And who knows what might be around the corner that could make her heart skip a beat or two. She also realized that she was a noble at that point with the rank of Baroness of Kore.

The Rock Solid Shield

With the past arc (mostly) closed off, Coral was ready for her first true assignment for Jupiter. She needed training obviously to truly become formidable, but Kevin and Makoto would send the teenager alongside her best friend Tomoko to accompany Juniper. They were sent to a fashion show in the Ginza District, one to help cheer up the two new Satellite Sailor Senshi but more importantly to scout out something that had the royal couple fascinated.