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Central Perk (セントラルパーク) is a pop group formed in 2011 as a sub-unit to Apple Musume。; they made an informal debut with a b-side track for Apple Musume。's "We R Who We R", and later released their first single after about a month and a half.

Whereas the other sub-unit, Final Bow, concentrates more on vocal stylings and harmonies, Central Perk is more of a dance group. The three members were voted on as the most talented dancers by both fans and Apple Musume。 themselves.


Generation 1

  • Georgia Frazier
  • Portia Edwards
  • Roxy King

Generation 2

  • Roxy King
  • Josie Hernades
  • Maria Dae

Generation 3

  • Josie Hernandes
  • Maria Dae
  • Abby Maddox


Generation 1


  • Who's That Chick (ft. David Guetta, c/w Doki Doki)
    • This high-energy track, with beats from famed house producer David Guetta, reached number one on the charts, and stayed there for almost a month before slowly tapering down.
  • I Wanna Go (c/w Sundae)
  • Hit The Lights (c/w Lady)


  • Turn Me On (c/w Pop)
  • First Dance (Album)
  • Fashion Of His Love (c/w Blame)

Generation 2


  • Alive / Clarity
  • I Need Your Love / Bounce