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Ahnung Pack
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|leader=Andre Weaver
|leader=Andre Weaver
|language=English, Lupa, Algonquin
|language=English, Lupa, Algonquin

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This pack is located in Ahnung, MN, USA. It hosts a rustic lake-side resort as its business, which also includes a lodge with a restaurant. Many of its' members study forestry and land management or pursue a position caring for the cabins or lodge.

Important People


Andre Weaver was the Leader of this pack in the early 21st century.


Scott Olson is the pack's Speaker, to be followed by Amanda Bearfang.


Sara Lakefoot (senior position) and Jean Blanchett (junior position) are currently the doctors/healers within the pack.


Grace Peterson is a cook in the restaurant, and being astral attended some of the first seminars.

Mally Henson is also a member of this pack, currently in a forestry & wildlife accreditation program.


Spring: Business starts to pick up, specially from non-locals, as the temperature rises and more people want to be outdoors again.

Summer: Their busiest season, plenty of tourists. Once harvesting starts, the start making food products near the end of summer.

Fall: Tourists start to trickle down, and the members can relax more into their own activities. Most of their food products for the year are made at this time once the harvest begins coming in.

Winter: Most of their business during the winter are cross-country skiers and those hoping to snuggle up in front of a fireplace. They also have winter hunting and ice fishing when the lake freezes over.

Lake and Cabins

The resort itself is built around Lake Mahaigan, for which the pack has fishing rights. The resort is made up of around few dozen cabins, large enough to hold at least a family and containing enough essentials to keep the visitor comfortable. Two teams are specifically in charge of the maintenance of the cabins.

Lodge and Restaurant

The main lodge is located with a stunning view of the lake and surroundings, and has a rather rustic and organic feel. The restaurant usually keeps it smelling like home cooking. It is a very down home style of food, focusing on local harvesting from their own lands and the surrounding areas. Dishes include wild rice, deer, walleye, and other local fare. They also smell smoked and preserved foodstuffs.


The pack mostly live around the lake, a few in the lodge itself, and others in their own homes around the lake. A few others also have homes further into the forests. Most of the area is relatively flat or gentle hills.


The current pack is the product of three separate packs that joined together: a native american pack, a small french group that came down from Canada, and a small group from a Swedish pack that no longer exists.

The original ancestors of the pack first arrived in the area around 1505, as an Ojibwa band led by their leader Wise-from-the-Forest. Having been pushed out of their territory by other tribes and seeking to avoid being discovered by other natives, they found the forest along with it's large lake. It was area with plenty of food, as well as being fairly isolated from others. Here, the tribe would survive for many years, keeping away from others and living in relative peace.