3rd Charm (Apple Musume。 Album)

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3rd Charm is the third full album by pop group Apple Musume。 and was released during their fall tour of 2011. It collects the singles released after their last album, and includes exclusive new tracks and remixes. Three editions were released world-wide.

The Look

The over all look harkens to late '80s - early '90s pop music stars. The girls all wear bright colors, with polka dots and stripes everywhere. The placement of the members is different on each of the three covers, but the same three members were featured center: Jean, Roxy and Sita.

The interior book as also colorful, with the pages featuring various shots of the girls in a mock-up of the Saved By The Bell set, various scenarios pantomimed out.


The album was mainly talked about while on tour, with many of the songs being performed on stage. One single, 3, was released with a video. Although elusive as to the actual meaning behind the song (the video just shows the girls playing around during a seemingly innocent sleep-over, and Roxy was quoted in an interview stating she thought it was just about "playing board games really aggressively") the lyrical content and stage performance seem to suggest more.

The regular edition came with just the standard CD. Limited version A came packaged with a DVD and a bonus CD of remixes. Limited B came with the same base CD and DVD, but with a different bonus remix CD.



  1. Edge of Glory (Album vers.)
  2. High Horror
  3. Lullaby for Love
  4. 3
  5. Scheiße (Portia Solo)
  6. Judas (Apple vers.)
  7. Run The World (Girls) (Jean, Georgia, Clover, Marcy)
  8. Love You Like A Love Song (Roxy, Monica)
  9. We R Who We R
  10. Naturally (Sita Solo)
  11. Lost In You
  12. Never Give Up On The Good Times


  1. 3
  2. 3 (Close-Up)
  3. 3 (Dance)
  4. 3 (Making-of)
  5. Making of "3rd Charm"

Bonus CD A

  1. High Horror [High Trance Dance Remix]
  2. 3 [hardXXXcore Trance Remix]
  3. Scheiße [Step-Into Dubstep Remix]
  4. We R Who We R [Retro Remix]
  5. Apples First Generation Singles Medley Mix

Bonus CD B

  1. Judas [Apocalyptic Remix]
  2. Love You Like A Love Song [LuvLuvLuv 12" Mix]
  3. Edge Of Glory [Full House Remix]
  4. Never Give Up On The Good Times [MOARDISCO Mix]
  5. Apples Second Generation Singles Medley Mix