Veruka of Uranus

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Biographical information


Birth March 15
Family Roland of Prospero (Husband), Princess Arisa (daughter; reborn as Ten'ou Haruka)

Grocery Store Employee, Former Queen of Uranus

Physical description




Hair color


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Space Sword, Sword of Veruka


Manipulation of Space


Queens of the Solar System, The Original Sailor Senshi

First Appearance


Princess of the Sky

Veruka of Uranus was born to Queen Ourana and King Caelus, the only child of the royal house of the planet. Like many of the other monarches, very little is known about her childhood, though she has in the past referenced to the fact that she was under a great deal of pressure by her parents to act as a "proper princess" in order to conform to their expectations as heir to the throne. At some point as a child, Veruka met the princesses of Neptune and Quinox, becoming friends. Veruka especially became close to Thetis, the princess of Neptune. Later, she would be wooed by Roland, prince of Prospero, who sought her hand as part of a bet with his younger brother, though he would very quickly regret his plan and confess his actions to Veruka. They would shortly become lovers and then engaged.

Rebel Princess

With the rise of Selenity X, Veruka, who was already discontented with the manner in which the Moon Kingdom's rulers seemed to act to their fellow royals, soon started to chafe under the rule of the newest monarch of the Moon. According to one legend, She became the leader of a small group consisting of herself, Thetis and Minerva, calling themselves the Star Paladins and began to undermine Selenity from the shadows, though these tales have never been confirmed.

Eventually, Veruka, along with the other princesses rose in rebellion against Selenity X, as well as their own parents, siding with Selentiy's younger sister Serenity. Veruka especally was apperently vital in gaining the support of Uranus's satillites, with the guardian of Fransisco teaming up with the royals of Venus to forge the Outer Princesses "Holy Weapons" powerful enough to lay their enemies low.

Modern Day

Veruka currently works at Gyomu Super Nerima as an employee.


  • Manipulation of Space: Veruka can alter the structure of reality around her, specifically spatially. This has been shown to include alterting dimensional spaces, erasing space between objects and changing an individual's personal spacial perception.
  • Teleporation: By slicing space using the Blade of Veruka, Veruka can move from one location to another.