Vanternass Emporium of Extraordinary Objects

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The Vanternass Emporium of Extraordinary Objects is the name of the shop run by Kaelyn P. Peinforte. It specializes in all manners of goods, most of which come off world and have been either made by Kaelyn or obtained through various trade sources.

While at first only found in The Lobby of The Hotel, Kaelyn soon began to expand her operations, not only to improve her business but at the same time to have the shops act as a protective area for stray magic objects and dangerous knowledge.

There are currently three branches with a fourth planned:

Hotel Branch

  • Manager: Kaelyn

This is the original version of the Shop, it appears as a small antique shop containing various objects of interest. What is being sold usually changes at least every month and objects of the same type rarely show up. Kaelyn keeps the more dangerous objects in a backroom of the store, as well as her personal sleeping quarters.

Tokyo Branch

The second store to be opened, it is located in the Azabu-Juuban neighborhood and is designed to look like an old fashion, traditional Japanese shopfront. The items are a bit more varied then in the hotel branch and there is a separate door that leads to a library containing books on magical and dark knowledge.

Paris Branch

  • Manager: Jean St. Germain

The third branch to open, the storefront appears to be a typical Parisian shop. The building was chosen as it lays on a weak spot in Earth's magical field and thus has to be protected from damage. Many of the items sold here are of less power or danger compared to Tokyo or the Hotel Branch.