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zairafirefly is 34 and lives in PA. she is a writer and owns LOTS of books. she used to draw and be much more artistic, but doesn't do much of that anymore. she spends most of her day listening to music and finding ways to not do the dishes. other interests include cooking, flowers, knitting, and hanging out online.

she is the player of all the Tokyo Lupa group except Vilya, Miroslav, and Tien (see the Lupa category for a list): TheHunterKiller, wolftouched, SylvieM. (retired), Ayala Pridmore (dropped), Kiwi-chan, Kore, Caroline Carr, Tamili, Altyira and Nurieanth (retired), Andreas Stephanopolis, Alex-kun (retired), Viir Marikendra, Pantea, Amia, and Yasuko Mie. Mongoosetigers Ammbur, Mims, and Suzie are also played by her. she is the creator of the Lupa and xcheamo.

blog is at; booksie page (writings!) is at