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The Tokyoma Gaiden Official Card Game, known in English territories as Tokyo Side Stories Trading Card Game, is a new version of a card game originally known as the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game, and known in Tokyoma Gaiden itself as Knights and Guardians (騎士と戦士 Lit.: Knights and Warriors) is a card game played by Pinako and most of her friends.

In the original card game this is based on can be referred to here.

Changes from the Original CCG

  • Warrior cards (known in the original as Scout/Knight) and Monster cards how have stats they did not have in the original card game, Monsters now having a Mind-Body-Soul classification (E.g. King Emerald having the Mind Classification), and Warriors having a Victory Point value (E.g. Moon Warrior - Level 2 is rated at 3 VP)
  • Most in-universe cards have been changed (see table for details.)
  • Replacing a Warrior or Monster with an even more powerful one is now called "Leveling Up".
  • Most Person cards became Event cards due to being renamed.
  • Monster cards can now be allied with Warrior cards, and vice versa (this is represented by a Monster moving into the Warrior section, or by having a single unified section for both Monsters and Warriors.)
  • Rejuvenation is no longer available, Warriors must heal using item cards.


  • Both players must agree on the number of Victory Points (VP) to reach as the goal.
    • Typical amount usually decided on in tournaments is 35 VP, but in the most recent Tokyoma Gaiden anime, it is 15 VP.
  • Both players start off with one Warrior and one Monster.
    • This rule is ignored in the anime for dramatic effect.
  • If there are 0 Warriors and 0 Monsters on the player's side, that player automatically loses.
    • This was ignored in the anime in the first episode, but not ignored for subsequent episodes.
  • The turn goes as follows.
    • Leading Player's Warriors
    • Opposing Player's Monsters
    • Opposing Player's Warriors
    • Leading Player's Monsters
    • PIE Card Loading Phase
    • Battle Phase
    • Turn Ends
      • The anime typically mixes the turn order up, but in the first episode, The Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game turn order was used.