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The Toei Family consists of very important people within the Toei Corporation (plus one embarrassment). The family has been in charge of the Toei corporation ever since they bought and merged the Toyoko Film Company and Oizumi Films. It is said that this family was the inspiration for Ted Turner to start his own media empire.

While the family is fairly high up in the company (With the exception of Hikomatsu), they are not "Executives" high up, thanks to the wishes of Toei's first CEO, Kanda Goto, while the ownership of the company can be inherited by the Toei family, the same family cannot be advanced further than a producers or author's credit.

John Toei

This is John Toei

John Toei (東映 鄭 Touei Jon), Originally Takehiro Toei (都営 武広 Toei Takehiro) Is the current head of the Toei Family. Having taken over from his father, Nakamichi Toei (都営 中道 Toei Nakamichi) who had been disowned from the local rail line business when he was a teenager. John promised to excel where other cheap studios failed at, Delivering quality entertainment at an affordable price. While this has caused talk of royalty non-payments over the years, the courts usually sided with the family, stating that even if the company were turn a profit (after licensing fees, author royalties to Shueisha, Kodansha, Shogakukan, Hasbro, etc.) they would not be able to pay any royalties to anyone who demanded them, this remained the case until 1998 with the advent of digital technology, which dramatically lowered costs. John is usually the target of blame since he's the owner, it's the CEO and his subordinates that are the ones behind the decisions, and once the company finally turned a huge profit, under the CEO's direction, it was decided to hide the new royalty-non payment clause (which John did not even know about until his son, Hikomatsu told him about it in fall 1999). while he was initially outrages, the CEO prepared for this with a sentence in said clause that "the owner is not allowed to cancel this clause without 500 people present". On January 17 or 18, he channeled his inner Ted Turner (or has Ted Turner been channeling his inner John Toei?) and gifted a hospital which would be called "Healing Haven" to a man named Hayashi Kaito, who was the man who saved Yuki Sakuraba and his daughter Chloe. The hospital was paid for out of pocket in gratitude. A clause is now being drafted to make sure that 3% of all profits are donated the hospital, much to the chagrin of the CEO and the subordinates.

Chloe Toei

Chloe Toei, westernized variant of Kuroei Toei (東映 黒瑛 Touei Kuroei) is the daughter of John Toei, and the next-in-line to inherit the Media Empire.

Hikomatsu Toei

The look of shame! Oh! The Hentaimanity!

Hikomatsu Toei (東映 彦松 Touei Hikomatsu), Known online as ORIGINALDarLing is the first-born son of John Toei, he was born in 1973, he began acting in various roles in various animated and live-action productions when he was 16 years old. in 1994, Hikomatsu starred in his first Non-Toei production, A Hentai Video called "My Little Darling" produced by Planet Hentai and the screenplay by Dojigi Yui as the character "Vam Pyre, The Demon". When word of this got out (Thanks to Redd White), John had officially cut off Hikomatsu from any chances of inheriting the Toei Media Empire. Hikomatsu would get a chance to work with his father again on an adaptation of Digimon Adventure, but because whether John was still bitter, or it was an unintentional irony based on the character he played five years prior, he played a villain named "Vamdemon" whom was dressed similar to, and looked like the character he played in "My Little Darling". He now spends his time signing autographs under the name Hikomatsu Oeido (大江戸 彦松 Ouedo Hikomatsu).

He has been pursuing the author of the screenplay in asking to direct a remake of this film for the US Market, especially after seeing a national survey in which he was convinced that most of the country would have liked to see the original based on said survey being what each state liked best in terms of kinks (most states said the "Giantess" kink), though the film is mainly about shrinking and was left unresolved.

Saburo Yatsude

Saburo in 1976, pitching a robot series to Toei Company executives
Saburo today

Saburo Yatsude (八手 三郎 Yatsude Saburou) is the younger brother of John Toei. In 1976, John asked for his help in producing stories for Toei's various productions, Programs which bear his name are Super Sentai, Golion, Toei's Spider-Man adaptation, Ninja Captor, Metal Hero, Daltanious, Dairugger and the Robot Romance Trilogy. In 1986, he married his high-school sweetheart, Alicia Todo (東堂 アリシア Toudou Arishia) and had a daughter, Izumi in 1987.

He is more hands on with his programs than John is, and even helps his daughter Izumi out with some of her PreCure shows, even offering the idea of a crossover between both of their projects, the only one accomplished so far between the collaboration between father and daughter is the Crossover between Dekaranger and We're PreCure.

Saburo has also been involved in a few international productions, such as the Americanization of Super Sentai, Power Rangers. a few of the anime he has created also has their Americanization fondly remembered while their original Japanese counterparts languish in unpopularity. (1 +1 +1 +1 +1, anyone?)

Izumi Todo

This woman is responsible for constructing every PreCure adventure on TV

Izumi Todo (東堂 いづみ Toudou Izumi) is the daughter of Saburo Yatsude, and the niece of John Toei. She asked her father to join the business when she was 12, while she was initially denied by the brass of Toei Animation, she was an ardent fan of Sailor Moon and was devastated when the series started focusing on the Starlights, she began writing fanfiction that focused on Chibiusa and her friends and a cursed lady guard named Rika. Once her father saw the fanfiction, he told her about the ending of the anime and asked if he could retool her fanfiction into something original, the fanfiction eventually became "Ojamajo Doremi". A few years later in 2003, she came across a lost manuscript from an author named "Naoko Takeuchi" titled "PQ Angels" in a lost and found at a local train station and took it to her home without anybody else knowing, she drew an idea from it about two girls who lived in a city called Verona. She initially named it "Pre Qure Angels", after the manuscript, but was denied by the brass, she eventually changed it to "We're PreCure!" which got accepted. When asked whether Toei or Naoko Takeuchi got the last laugh, it seems that it was Izumi herself, when it came to lost manuscripts, as she eventually began to think of more teams over the years, becoming a franchise that lasted longer than, and even eclipses Sailor Moon.