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The Intern
Biographical information


Birth September 15, ?? (roughly 590 years old)
Family House Sonara of Gallifrey

Intelligence Agent/Diplomatic Liaison Officer


Meiji Doyle

Physical description

Time Lord



Hair color

Sandy Brown/Pink (in sun)

Eye color

Bright Pink




sonic potato peeler, twin folding validium blades


eating, running away, sleeping


Celestial Intervention Agency

First Appearance

February 10, 2014

"I'm actually a full-fledged operative, but for some reason, the name stuck, so I kept it... ^^; "
—The Intern, on her title

Brief Biography

First Incarnation


"Lightning fast, with uncanny intuition. But her eccentricity makes her unfit for group operations."
—CIA Psych Profile on The Intern

A typical day for Intern

The Intern's first incarnation.

A fresh-out-of-the-Academy Time Lord from Doctor Xadium's alma mater, Arcal Academy, she hails from Port Abora in South Gallifrey and is considered a bit slow by her peers. Seeing her potential, The Actuary chose her to replace the deceased Nizhaladax as the Celestial Intervention Agency agent in charge of the Hotel's sector as both an intelligence agent and diplomatic liaison/ambassador. She is one of the few agents The Actuary absolutely trusts after the betrayal of many of her associates after the uprising of Cardinal Norom. This is her first assignment off world and she has no idea what to expect.

Adapting quickly, she's slowly revealing hidden talents even unknown to herself, such as a keen improvisational sense, fairly honed battle instincts and a strong will.

She formally adopted her title because "Interns work hard and do their best to succeed... and that's what [she] wants to do."

A sad past

Born Neminixsonara, she is the only survivor of House Sonara, a minor House from South Gallifrey with strong historical ties to Arcal Academy. As an infant, she survived a bombardment of her home by Daleks, who left her for dead after she was buried in a fall of rubble--intercepting Time Lord forces drove off the raiding party before they could completely raze the area.

Raised by a simple family of "Outsiders" -- Time Lords who had left the Capitol in order to live in the wilderness--she was taught to hone her instincts and survival skills. Food was scarce, and so she coveted every morsel, even learning how to hunt her own game with a bow and arrow.

When she came of age, she was told about her house and its fall, and she vowed to become a full Time Lord and exact bloody revenge on the Daleks. Her family tried to dissuade her, but she made her own way to the Untempered Schism, even through the war-torn battlefields of Gallifrey, and stared into it.

There, she was inspired-- not to revenge, but to make things better. She was given a new sense of hope, and she applied for admission to Arcal Academy. Due to her family's history with the Academy, she was taken in, but there were few hopes raised for her success. She was too feral, too crude. Still, she worked hard, and passed with high marks, though not honors. She received several degrees in materials science and engineering, and was awarded her Rassilon Imprimatur at the age of 521, taking on her full (as of this time) name "Neminixblipsonara".

With the formal end of the Time War, she was recruited by the Celestial Intelligence Agency while still in the Academy to do simple hardware maintenance on their badly damaged arsenal--but caught Co-Ordinator Actuary's eye as she used incredibly unconventional means to solve difficult mechanical problems that were caused by supply and parts shortages. The Actuary kept an eye on her as she slowly languished in the ranks, seemingly always a lackey, to the point where she earned the nickname, "The Intern," which she took as her full title upon formally becoming a Time Lord. Still, Neminix was fine, as she made friends and had something of a new surrogate family to surround her. She looked up to Co-Ordinator Actuary and her second in command, the stern but extremely loyal Nizhaladax, the latter of whom vanished after her mission to Mutter's Spiral.

The Intern on a break from repairing some equipment.

Barely adjusting to that loss, after Cardinal Norom's attempt to discredit the Actuary, many of Neminix' friends were either killed by those loyal to him, or imprisoned because they had turned against The Actuary. The new family she had built had once again been utterly destroyed.
""I want to try something different". "
—The Actuary, explaining her decision to assign the Intern to Earth
Despondent, Neminix was prepared to leave the agency forever and just wander, but then The Actuary, who had been looking for people of integrity she could trust, called her in and informed her--to her shock--that she was being promoted to a field agent and sent to protect Mutter's Spiral Sector 20--i.e., the most important former "backwater" in the universe. Humbled by Actuary's trust, she vowed to do the best she can for her, to help protect everyone.

Training with the Blade


Intern followed the instructions of The Actuary and initially sought to train with Gemini Sunrise, but her innate speed, reflexes, and instincts (unknown even to her) quickly outstripped her mentor's ability. Gemini then referred her to a new teacher... Sakura Xadium Aino. She also instructed Sakura to get Intern new blades that would match her speed and movements, traditional Japanese steel being too fragile for her blindingly fast and heavy strikes.

Prior to starting her training, Sakura required a new source of validium for some custom blades, and tasked The Intern with securing some--since the Time War had left the Time Lords without any stockpiles, she ordered the Intern to breach the most secure facility on Gallifrey... Rassilon's Foundry.

Initially refusing, the Intern went after Sakura reminded her that Noriko thought her up to any task, even one of this magnitude. She managed to gain access to the Foundry and get to the Forge of Rassilon, but finding herself unable to activate it due to the arcane nature of its construction, she simply engineered its theft and brought it back to The Hotel in hopes Sakura could activate it, much to the shock of everyone.

The Actuary, shocked that her protege had managed the feat, pretended it was all part of her plan, but used the situation to have the Forge safely hidden aboard Aes, where the planetoid would proceed to forget all about it.

Sakura eventually had forge twin validium folding blades for The Intern, which she now trains her in their use.

Defeat at Omicron Theta

After receiving a message from CIA agent Hiras that the individual responsible for the viral attack on the HOTEL and the Panopticon which had crippled Time Lord travel was located on Research Station Omicron Theta, The Intern assembled and led a strike team to the deal with their enemy--who turned out to be a renegade CIA Technician, Antos. Severely injured in a battle with one of Antos' "IGRIS" units--modified limited copies of Ignis--she was unable to continue her role in the mission, and Antos escaped. While she was ultimately able to aid the rest of her squad in forestalling a "doomsday clock" Antos had set off, designed to permanently destroy the Eye of Harmony, she counted the mission as a personal failure, and vowed to become strong enough to defeat Antos the next time they met.

Stopping an Interstellar War

On March 1st, 2014, after Ice Warrior Grand Marshall Issik threatened both the Earth and Unmei with war after failing to retrieve his daughter Sskt, The Intern was able to defuse tensions by convincing Sskt to return home, clearing her name and record by fabricating a cover story that explained her running away to, and activities, on Earth with the co-operation of The Shadow Architect, using all her skills as a covert agent.

First Diplomacy: Challenging Enclave

After Simon Kerrick made several suspicious moves to bring certain materials and unstable individuals into Enclave, Intern filed reports with the CIA which made their way to the High Council of Time Lords, who voted narrowly to take steps to halt the expansion of Enclave. Under those orders, Intern was forced to enter into immediate and impromptu negotiations with the Imperium of Sand in order to try and prevent them from effecting a large scale technological exchange with Kerrick's Enclave. With so much riding on the discussion, and Kerrick looming in front of her, she fought back her nervousness and fear and did her best to represent Gallifrey, even trying to find a way to amicably assist Enclave without compromising the safety of those in her care. After it was all over, she ran off and threw up, the strain too much.

Second Diplomacy: Taking Charge

On the Ides of March, 2014, Intern brokered a non-aggression pact between Gallifrey and Kerrick's Enclave, wherein Gallifrey and Enclave would sign a non-aggression pact that forbids attack and also forbids infiltration and espionage attempts, in exchange for the ambassadors and envoys of the Grand Imperium of the Sand being free to report anything they see to the outside world as neutral observers, having the right to to pursue all trade with the people and government of Enclave as they saw fit. Castellan Jemin of the High Council of Time Lords announced the approval of the terms and told Intern that the matter of relations with Enclave was now solely on her head and that of the HOTEL. Intern quickly made the decision to leverage this ultimatum into giving her unlimited discretion to act as she sees fit, which she was granted from the Actuary, who was surprised at her forwardness in the matter. That night, the Intern was awarded OPs by Sakura Xadium Aino, who symbolically handed the future over to her, giving up her old position.

The Intern wearing robes gifted to her by Adair Blacklight for formal missions to Egae and Unmei.

Third Diplomacy: Making Peace

On March 26, 2014, Intern successfully negotiated with the Sea Devils to have them peaceably leave Earth and establish themselves on a water-planet far outside the Galaxy, which they named Sealuria. She provided them with jumpgate technology and defensive technologies to protect themselves. In order to prove her integrity to the leader of the Sea Devils, she cut open her palm (assuming this would prove her honor--but it turns out that unlike Klingons, the gesture meant nothing to them). despite being able to fully heal the wound, she has left the scar on her left palm as a reminder of the successful negotiation after so many failed attempts to find peace for the Sea-Devils in the past.

Fourth Diplomacy: Stopping the Rain

On June 1, 2014, she took over the diplomatic mission to Jedda Rain's realm after Filibert Wright failed to appear, and thanks to the help of Matsuo Shin, (the research of) Paisley Pythia Peinforte, Solarchos, Nelius Raoul, and Suu along with Claudia Remieux, Mike, and Sarah Asley, she was able to show Jedda Rain the truth about the manipulation of the Rain and Aster families by Jinan and Nightfall, succeeding in halting the blood feud and snapping the chain of violence.

Controversy - Crippling the HOTEL

Feeling that the conveniences of the HOTEL's auto-defense and auto-replication technology were making the inhabitants too lax in their vigilance and training, Intern disabled the systems, to a great clamor. Remembering her own background of poverty and hunger, where the fight to survive forced her to become sharper and faster, she explained her decision as one made in the tactical best interest of the inhabitants, who had never needed such crutches in the past. Her decision to do this also seemed to mark her "coming out of her shell," being less timid and afraid to follow her convictions.

"The Deceiver"

After discussing matters with Sakura Xadium Aino, Intern became convinced that Valeria Xadium Aino was actually the future child of The Corruptor and Lady Ishtar. She never told Corruptor, even after Valeria and Ishtar were captured, because she did not want to risk the introduction of an "unstable element" into the mix when dealing with the Cult of the Nine. Simon Kerrick, however, told Corruptor the theory, and upon discovering that Intern had withheld the information, The Corruptor flew into a murderous rage, nearly strangling her to death and breaking her nose on November 9th, 2014 while she was in bed recovering from a poison attack. Declaring that he would kill her if he ever laid eyes on her again, he dubbed her "The Deceiver".


Vs. The Corruptor

The Intern vs. The Corruptor in the APC net.

While convalescing, Intern overheard The Corruptor planning to swap Doctor Xadium for Lady Ishtar in the latter stage of the Nonary game, but she was too weak to warn anyone. After recovering from her wounds with the help of Adair, she quickly attempted to intercept him, but was too late. Determined to rescue Xadium, she did the unthinkable and took the fight to Corruptor, hunting him down across time and space, and finally confronting him-- but not before cleverly entrapping him within the confines of an Amplified Pantropic Computer Net of her own design, electing to fight him within the confines of her mind, hoping to discover the location of Xadium before the game could take place.

Apparently her fighting style was so unorthodox and unexpected that Corruptor left the experience traumatized at his utter defeat at her hands.

Saving Xadium and ripping open a new future

Moving on with information gleaned from The Corruptor's mind, Intern set about trapping the eighth level of the Nonary game weeks before the enemy even took the field, using this to devastating effect, single-handedly pulling the level back in time and demolishing the level, costing its runner a leg. While this saved X, it also allowed the enemy to try again, shifting their strategy...

intern2014.jpg internsavesx.jpg

A Crisis of Conscience

On November 19, 2014, in an attempt to save The Iconoclast from the Third Nonary Game, Intern hit upon the solution of reviving the already slain villain Trista Meioh (aka Pluto) and then immediately re-sacrificing her using a special item acquired in the game to not only swap Setsuna for Iconoclast, but win the fifth round of the game by beating its "boss". Eliza McIntash interfered, scuttling the plan and berating her for not acting heroically, and sinking to the level of Hazel Ninegate for attempting to slay a bound and helpless victim rather than fighting her fairly or trying to redeem her. Intern was forced to reconcile her innately kind nature with the harsh pragmatism of being a soldier, and realized that even though it pained her greatly, she would do the same thing again to save the people she cared about. Nonetheless, the feeling of frustration boiled over and she broke down into tears, losing all composure, leaving Doctor Xadium and Matsumi Kaze to comfort and reassure her that she was doing the right thing so long as she still felt badly and was working towards a day when no more sacrifices would have to be made. Wondering if this is what it felt like to really have proper parents, Intern reassured herself and realized then that she had finally found a family to call her own once again.

Replacing Xadium

A new era begins.

On November 21, 2014, After the climactic events of The Third Nonary game, which saw Doctor Xadium killed at the hands of a possessed John Constantine, Intern was explicitly left in charge with his final words to her, delivered posthumously in a letter:

Neminix... I have been told of my impending demise. I sent you to Crown Game Center to keep you safe. You're the future, and it's time you took over. We all did our best to prepare you, and you're more than ready. Don't grieve. Take care of Gemini and the girls. Don't let them waste time looking for me... I have a job to do elsewhere now. I'll be back someday. Until then, go forth in your beliefs, and prove to me that I'm not mistaken in mine.

On November 27, she salvaged Xadium's dying TARDIS by removing the link to Xadium's biodata, imprinting her own Rassilon Imprimatur onto the device, linking it to herself.

Operation: Stormbringer

On January 7, 2014 she devised and set into motion a multilevel trap for Ashagar the Endbringer, baiting a fake city transported to the Magical Space Bus as bait. She manipulated the environment so that she could remove any food / fuel sources (such as combatants) from the field via transporter at will, leaving only Valeria Victrix to fight him--which she did, narrowly defeating him almost at the cost of her own life. Intern had a third fallback as well- she had emptied out the Netherworld-stored Tokyo, beaming the people to another area of the massive space-hulk so that if the Tenkai Kecchu pillars were breached,the returned city would still be devoid of life and thus safe to fight in. The operation succeeded.

New Owner of the HOTEL?!

On January 15, 2014, after Ten'ou Haruka stupidly eBayed the HOTEL in order to buy a giant TV worth $131,000 and Roman Torchwick bought the property, the HOTEL was deeded to Intern by Kanri, who paid One Hundred Billion Dollars from her royal treasury to get the HOTEL back.

Error in Judgement 1: Releasing the Tyrant

Desperate to find a way to defend the HOTEL against high level magical users whose abilities seemed uncounterable by conventional science, Intern sought the Matrix Echo of a notorious Gallifreyan arch-criminal who had hidden away all the planet's arcane secrets and weaponry. There, she learned the secret of Nth Metal and brought it back as a defense. Unfortunately, she had underestimated the intelligence of the being who would become known as The Tyrant, and her conversation with it had increased its power to the point where it began infecting the Matrix. Eventually, a large force had to be assembled to bring it down, but it managed to escape, setting into motion a chain of events whose repercussions have only begun to be felt. The Tyrant killed one CIA agent and corrupted another, something that greatly angered The Actuary.

Error in Judgement 2: The Destruction of the ENA Brigandine

Whilst investigating the Tyrant's activity near Jupiter, Solarchos' forces detected a Klingon Cruiser moving erratically. Piqued by reports of illicit space activity given by The EightFold Empire's Mercurians, Intern ordered the ship to be intercepted. Unfortunately, events escalated, and the ship, with all hands, was destroyed, leading to the disintegration of Simon Kerrick and the possibility of war with Enclave, an event which weighs heavily on her mind, and has also displeased her superiors.

The Prodigal Daughter

Determined to make up for the loss of life on the Brigandine, Intern sought out the Emergency Dragonballs that had been created as a counter to Kerrick's set of Dragonballs, intending to wish back to life the people lost in the explosion (other than Simon, who was found to have survived). In order to get the balls, she had to battle the extremely powerful Mr. Popo. In desperation, badly outmatched, she called upon her inner force of will and utterly decimated him with one shot. Securing the balls, she made her wish, only to discover Simon was in fact the only crew member on board the vessel.

[20:32] * Mr. Popo looks at Intern, eyes wider than normal
[20:32] <Mr. Popo> What... What are you?
[20:33] * @The Intern looks back, meeting his gaze solidly.
[20:33] <@The Intern> Hungry.
[20:33] <@The Intern> do you have baguettes?

Second Incarnation

The Intern in her second incarnation.

After being fatally wounded after her wedding to Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino, and regenerating, Intern had to quickly go into hiding before even forming her new personality. She tried to use her Time Ring to get herself and Cressida to safety but only she was transported. She was thrown into the timestream and ended up in The Forge's HQ. As an automatic protection the Time Ring forced a chameleon arch on her in the form of a Galaga pin, and turned her human, but having no background information to supply her history, her memory was just blank.

The Girl With No Name - Meiji Doyle

She appeared on Earth on June 9, 2018 in an Akihabara alleyway with no memory other than that of escaping from a hospital and a feeling of pain and wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Saving a schoolgirl from assault with martial arts skills that surprised even her, she befriended this girl and borrowed one of her extra uniforms, but left her after taking her knapsack, worried about what the girl had told her concerning disappearances in the Embassy District.

Thanks to the help of Sailor Magnus she was able to explore her only, recurring dream, where she discovers that she was being pumped full of Sodium Pentothal in a hospital room whose only identifying marks were a sign marked The Forge.


She eventually assumed the moniker "Meiji Doyle" after consulting with Eliza McIntash, and had a DNA test run on her by Ozu Reiko, which only proved her chameleon body was of European / Scandinavian descent.

"Meiji" discovered her personality as she interacted with the guests of The Hotel. She is deliberative, Thinks a lot and sometimes just blurts out what she's thinking. Desperate to remember who she was, she recklessly got into situations in the hope of something awakening her memories.

On August 4th, 2018, after seeing visions of Gallifrey being destroyed thanks to Queen Necros and then looking upon the destroyed Earth, her memories of the Time War began to awaken, and she finally remembered her true self as she discovered her Galaga pin was a Chameleon Arch.

Skills as Meiji

  • She seems to have an innate proficiency with hand to hand combat, and with a fighting staff. (She had acquired one to protect herself from people like Caligo but lost it when she was attacked by Gezora.)
  • She was able to expertly land from a moderately high fall from a kaiju's grasp with no injury, and was surprisingly calm in the face of the monster attack, both logically planning an escape strategy and making her escape.
  • She seems to pick up things quickly, for example learning to juggle just by observation.
  • She requested Harriet Weinberg set her up with a Detective's License when she was getting herself formally entered into the legal system with generated paperwork. Later, after it was pointed out that Harriet forgot to do the paperwork that would let her be a detective in the Akihabara Alien Zone, she studied hard, and after several attempts, legitimately passed the exam on interstellar law that was required for proper licensure.
  • She is also an export swordswoman with a longsword katana (but not a buster sword)
  • She learned to steal expertly from observing Eilean.
  • She seems to understand foreign languages she should have never been exposed to, such as Arabic. She spoke French to Giselle Bellerose despite not understanding it a few weeks before.
  • She exhibits resistance to intense desert heat despite wearing heavy clothes.
  • She is able to withstand a neuralizer blast at close range and Intern's mental scanning. Intern says her mental defenses as lmost as good as hers.


  • She carries a PSP modified by ENHANCED with 31st century nanotech from "Silicon" Momoko and which she has successfully modded into a Hacking tool that can attempt to penetrate a system for three times before needing a hard reboot. The Intern further modified it to have Sonic-Screwdriver like scanning and data interface capabilities with a self-regenerating battery (three hours to 100% from drained), and Meiji also bookmarked a site The Intern used to access HOTEL logs, reasoning access to those might be useful to her later.
  • She wields the Named Sword "Shusui"
  • Her past self made her backpack be made Transcendentally Dimensional so it can hold 20 gallons of contents.

Intern of the Future


On June 6, 2016, the third incarnation of The Intern appeared, having revealed herself to have been operating in the HOTEL undercover as "Kailey Sunrise," having adopted the guise based on her mistake of raising Tyrant and finding her "greatest mistake" the ideal opportunity to insert herself into the timeline in order to aid Sakura Xadium Aino and engage the Alternate universe Actuary.

Intern the Fourth


"I'd rather stick my face in the heart of a black star than attend your status meeting."

The Fourth incarnation of the Intern burst on the scene to "tag out" her second incarnation so that she could use the resources of the HOTEL to pull off a special mission she has not yet explained. She is a much faster thinker than her predecessors, but much less tactful, and she prefers using clever tricks and traps to deal with her enemies versus the more military means her predecessors might have employed. She has no patience for paperwork or protocol, and has devised many means to get out of using both.


"For this makeshift family I've made for myself through their friendship... I'll work as hard as I can to help everyone!"
—The Intern

The Intern is very friendly and caring, and also intimidated easily. But when it comes down to the wire, her hearts are in the right place.

Being an inexperienced field agent, she gets very nervous when dealing with people and new "soft skill" situations, but when faced with issues more in line with her technical training, her natural faith in herself and confidence easily come to the fore. She is usually very soft, but will not hesitate to take complete control and delegate anyone she has to to get the job done.

As of late she has gained a great deal of confidence and is no longer afraid to speak her mind or take charge of a situation when needed.

While she is very kind, she, however, holds an intense hatred for Daleks, and an almost as great hatred for Cardinal Norom due to the events of her past. Her second incarnation holds grudges strongly.

She has a tendency to keep information very close to her chest, even when disclosure is probably the better course of action. She readily admits it's a character flaw.

Her mind has been described as "an unstable Jenga tower of thoughts where she precariously stacks implausibility atop implausibility to reach heights of genius insight no one else could using a logical approach." This allows her to envision and achieve potentials most others would readily dismiss because she can take leaps of logic most hidebound Time Lord would never dare.

Because of her job she doesn't have time to indulge her conceptual daydreams, but she has been writing high-level academic papers on them which the other Time Lords view as nothing more than fanciful gibberish, but in truth she is, like a blind man trying to describe an Elephant, slowly painting out the broad strokes of a grander, more majestic painting than even she realizes-- though it will take a mind more creative than her own to finally put it all together some day in the far future.


She is very good at running away. And eating. Never forget eating. She is also immune to most poisons due to The Actuary insisting she take a full course of internal anti-poison treatments before coming to The Hotel (just in case she ran into Kaioh Michiru's cooking).

She has learned the basic principles of rhetoric, case-building and effective argumentation from Franziska von Karma in preparation for her mission to Jedda Rain's realm.

Intern is a master mechanic, and a genius improvisational builder. After Xadium's death, she single-handedly field-stripped and renovated his type 43-B TARDIS "with so many parts from newer models it might as well be a Type 90".

The results of her work (click to expand)


  • She dislikes Megan O'Cain for just lounging on a beach chair while she was being attacked by the Kaiju Gezora as Meiji Doyle.
  • She has developed a grudge against Caligo for threatening her life as Meiji Doyle.
  • She thinks of Eliza McIntash as a good friend due to her help as Meiji Doyle.
  • She has a good, almost playful rapport with her prior self thanks to her time as Meiji Doyle.


  • Intern's real name as of August 2018 is "Neminixblipsonarablyledgexadiumainomeijidoyle", which breaks down as "Neminix" for her given name, "bli" for her Academy hall designation, "p" for her CIA internal designation, "Sonara" for her House / Family name, "blyledgexadiumaino" for her married name,and "meijidoyle" for her time as a human which she considers a precious experience. After distinguishing herself with her service at the HOTEL her name was lengthened, but the extra syllables were never recorded on Paisley's urging in order to conceal her true name.
  • She can eat twice her body weight in one day with no ill effects and still be hungry for more.
  • Her CIA uniform jacket is reversible to look like any manner of jacket (i.e. denim, formal, etc) depending on what she wants. The rest of her outfit has similarly been modified with psychoactive memory threading. It has a long zip on the inside back that can be opened to stow large items in a transcendentally dimensional pocket.
  • Her phone number is 03-0867-5309.
  • Her first incarnation carried a scar on her left hand from when she cut it to demonstrate her integrity to the Sea Devils during her negotiations for the formation of Sealuria.
  • Her favorite piece of Terran literature is The Eye of Argon, which she mistakenly believes is an "Avant garde piece of literature."
  • Her favorite Genre of Terran music is Dubstep. She loves the Pipe Organ because it reminds her of similar Gallifreyan instruments.
  • She eats using temporal kata so it looks like food before her just vanishes instantly. She doesn't realize she's doing this.
  • The Intern smells like food.
  • She hates wasting food and dislikes people who do.
  • She recently purchased an extremely powerful computer from Morrigan and the Tanar'ri. It's a hyper-high capacity semi-autonomous AI system with sub-etha interface systems, holographic displays that can be keyed to specific users, and processing speeds of over five times the speed of light (tachyon processors). It incorporates numerous layers of built in redundancy to render it highly resistant to both conventional and non-conventional EMP. Unfortunately, it's high-end Eldar technology, so the original owners are certainly going to raise a stink over just HOW it got into the Intern's possession because if they'd known about the sale they would have objected to its ridiculously low cost...which is precisely why Morrigan sold it to her dirt-cheap.
  • Her Encryption method of choice is a 10 billion bit sliding quantum cipher
  • she carried a Sonic Potato Peeler, whose design was subsequently stolen by Hot Topic. It was destroyed in the assassination attempt that cost her her first life.

  • While she claims her appetite is simply due to growing up with not enough to eat, the truth is during the time war her body was damaged in a Dalek attack, and like the Saxon version of the Master, her body requires a vast amount of caloric intake to stay stable. Unlike the Master, if she doesn't get it she won't die, but she will become very tired and weak and eventually pass out. Regenerating has cured this condition for the most part, but she still likes to eat a lot.
  • The Intern lost one of her future lives to Sailor MAkeMake in the course of trying to convince her to come back to Earth. She was angry at MakeMake about it but considered it her duty to not get revenge because of the larger cause involved. In a sense, she has literally given her life for her duty.
  • Her third self revealed she uses copious amounts of coffee to keep going when working.

Second Incarnation Specific

  • She is addicted to chocolate after being given some by Eliza McIntash as a food sampler.
  • She had an infuriatingly accentless American voice but it has gone English.
  • She is a horrible singer, who makes "sounds like a cat being murdered by a piano."
  • After observing Burroughs *once*, she has learned to Moonwalk decently.
  • She has a "cat's tongue" (i.e., very sensitive to heat)
  • She smells like citrus shampoo.
  • She does not like Pepperoni or Deep Dish Pizza. She likes fish.
  • In the sun, her hair bleaches to a light pink.
  • After finding about how Diana Caprice was treated by Shinjiro Taiga, her opinion of men has lowered.

Third Incarnation Specific

Intern's third incarnation is much more impulsive, action-oriented, and casual. Alternating between brilliance and boredom, she despises paperwork and never hesitates to jump in to resolve a crisis directly. She is perhaps the best hand-to-hand fighter of all her incarnations and the most quick to anger.

She prefers to dress in a more racy and provocative style when undercover, and seems to act more like a female version of James Bond (without the lechery) when on missions. She seems to have picked up a lot of personality traits from her wife, Cressida.

  • Her Special Item is an enhanced Sonic Lipstick.
  • She stated that she has "over a thousand years" experience doing paperwork, making her somewhere around 500 years older than her first self.
  • She is a champ at holding her liquor.
  • She owned a Blue Russian cat

Fourth Incarnation Specific

  • She doesn't like being interrupted.
  • She is addicted to Jelly Babies and craves stimulants and other sugar-filled foods to keep her brain going fast.
  • She has a scarf once worn by President Romana during her travels with The Doctor.
  • She can't hold her liquor at all.

Intern's name in Gallifreyan