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This page documents all the extra little things in the hotel. This will also now include the upgrades made by the Residents.

  • Each floor has a vending machine, including the Lobby.
  • Mundane maintenance and housekeeping in the Hotel is handled by the HazMat Prinnies, who make twice-a-day passes over the surfaces to restore rooms, bathrooms, hallways, and the Lobby itself.
  • AnTilZha has hand-drawn a large picture on one of the walls of the Lobby, showing Noriko standing and posing like Haruhi Suzumiya while Paisley, Vermellia X. Rosso, Sakura Xadium Aino, and Gemini Sunrise kneel around her with their arms outstretched towards her. His work turned out to be surprisingly skilled for someone not even eight years old.
  • [[Jennifer Amuro]'s work entitled "The Vessalius Portrait" is hanging in the lobby. It shows Jack gently holding a reclining and blindfolded Lottie, with realistic faces depicted with so much love and passionate longing that many of the straighter-laced would consider the painting scandalous!
  • Solarchos has taken the liberty installing first aid stations on each floor of the Hotel. Each first aid station consists of a large cabinet containing a goodly amount of bandages, a trauma kit, a supply of Enhanced Bandages, and an AED unit. Knowing the residents the contents of the first aid stations will have to be checked and restocked on a regular basis...
  • Solarchos has assigned a full platoon (a command squad and six full ten-person squads) of Van Saar combat engineers on the premises to handle inspections, reinforcements, and repairs to the Hotel. None of them are novices and all of them have at least some combat experience.
  • AnTilZha has completed another well-drawn picture on the walls of the Lobby. This one shows an SD (Super-Deformed) version of Vermellia X. Rosso dancing and holding hands with a bunch of Prinnies.
  • Morrigan has upgraded the Hotel's computer defenses by uploading over ten thousand Tanar'ri Alpha-grade AI infodrones into the mainframe. Alpha-grade infodrones are simple (by Tanar'ri standards) AI constructs that are incredibly cheap, easily built, and very expendable. The infodrones will basically act like ablative armor for the Hotel's computer systems, sacrificing themselves to deflect and blunt cyber-attacks in order to protect and preserve core functions.
  • At the request of the Intern, Solarchos has begun design and construction of a "GeoFront" style defensive bastion for the Hotel. Construction officially began on January 14th after some modifications to the overall designs were made. Creating the cavern in which the shelter would be made was the hard part; unpacking the Modular Colonial Structure Kits that would become the shelter and fitting them together, as well as forming and shaping the 10-meter thick alternating depleted-uranium, ceramic, and ferrocrete armor layering that would encase everything required only twelve (12) hours to complete from start to finish.
  • Callianne Janson has decorated the lobby and banisters of the upper Lobby floors with a variety of potted plants and flowers. In particular, on the main floor of the Lobby, surrounded by a plethora of comfortable pillows and resting mats, is a large catnip plant which exudes a very strong aroma.
  • Aya Mitsuske has donated two of her original, famous, paintings "Sea-lights City" and "Cosmic Sky Goddess."
  • George Glass placed a small, glass tanuki sculpture near the back wall of the Hotel. For some reason, it is partially covered by a plant.
  • For the duration of Chateaux's off-training-with, where her systems have been somewhat compromised, Yaijinden has summoned sesselja to ensure that water purification and cleanliness is maintained in the event of technological failure.