The Black Covenant

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An offshoot organization from the Thule Society, the Black Covenant was originally established by the War Lords, but has been revived and co-opted by Roman Torchwick, who has spread its power and influence through the judicious use of Dust. they have recovered and maintain a great deal of resources from the defunct Millennium Organization.

It has reported operations in Siberia, North Korea and Africa, and is suspected of creating the huge sinkholes in Russia as part of a complicated cross-dimensional matter transference scheme whose purpose apparently was to allow the mass movement of material from Earth 1337-DiC related to the production of Dust.

Nation-States under clandestine Covenant control:

  • North Korea
  • Nigeria
  • Greece
  • New Zealand

They avoid Spain and most of Europe in order to avoid a war on two fronts with the Nightfall family and the Carlini group, respectively.

Principal Operatives

Known Assets



  • In December 2014 they made arrangements for the delivery of two swords, Joyeuse and Tizona in exchange for one million weak but alive people (which they would divert from North Korea) to be delivered to Locrian. they took delivery of the swords on January 2nd, 2015.
  • On December 30th 2014, a strike team composed of Coco, Lita and Mistress 9 successfully retrieved the sword Nothung from an Icelandic Volcano, Grímsvötn.
  • On January 1st, 2015, Coco and Doctor Krieger successfully obtained the Sword of Goujian from the Hubei Provincial Museum in China, and Lita and Mistress 9 obtained a talisman that was once the Glory of Ten Powers from the Lukhang Monastary in Tibet. They then regrouped and struck Greenstone Manor, taking The Sword of Damocles from Matsuo Shin's collection.
  • On January 2nd, 2014, using several MOOCS as a diversion, they attacked the National Museum, ostensibly to steal a statue of Bassetki but in fact locating another artifact that contained the legendary flaming sword. They also stole some seemingly innocuous metal from the Kettlewell Institute in England.

It turns out all the swords and the living metal were used to create Delia.


On January 14th, 2015, Ten'ou Haruka sold The HOTEL on eBay for a little over 113 thousand USD in order to buy an expoensive 4k TV. Seeing it on eBay, Roman Torchwick purchased it, appointing Mistress 9 the new landlady on January 15th. After Solarchos' and Masked Figure's paranoia caused everyone in the HOTEL to panic, he offered to buy it back for a Billion Dollars. Solarchos jokingly replied "only a billion dollars?" causing Roman to raise the price to one HUNDRED Billion, which Kanri paid out of her trasury, deeding the HOTEL to The Intern, earning Torchwick a one million percent profit, which he intends to use to re-invest in the Organization.


In August 2015, putting significant pressure on politicians in Germany, they forced Germany to compel Greece to accept harsh austerity measures which ultimately resulted in national assets being sold off to Black Covenant shell corporations, which then proceeded to lease back the assets to the Greek people at almost usurious rates, ensuring massive profits for at least the next century.