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This character has been retired or abandoned.

Jalissa “starcat” Ikari
Biographical information


Birth February 15
Family Furu Ikari (husband), moonstar (adopted mother), Chohana (adopted sister), biological family unknown

Princess, Miko, Madame


Sailor C-4, Sailor Antique Rose, Princess Jalissa

Physical description

Homo sapiens



Hair color


Eye color





ceramic tonfa, most explosives

First Appearance

Jalissa “starcat” Ikari is a cosplayer with an affinity for cute girly costumes. Although her known past is rather short, consisting of only five years or so, she is fairly happy and well-adjusted. She enjoys cooking, sewing, and manipulating people, Her waffles and cookies are often available for taking in #suburbansenshi2. She's married to Furu Ikari.

History Stuff

Look, babelglyph was lazy and didn't want to lock in a serious backstory, so starcat got amnesia, it's convenient.

Before coming to the Ten'ou House, starcat worked for Timanthos as an assassin. Timanthos had found her wandering around on the street with no knowledge of who she was or where she'd come from. After saving her from being mugged, he paid for a hotel room for her for the night. She watched TV and named herself Jalissa Hanyu. she randomly chose the name Jalissa (rhymes with Melissa) then decided on Hanyu from Mimete's code name, Mimi Hanyu. When Timanthos came back in the morning, he offered her a job at his organization, Aperture Science. She was a sous-chef who worked poisons into the food she was preparing, and was rather good at her profession. She was responsible for the deaths of many up and coming politicians, but refuses to name which ones.
During the eighteen months she worked for Timanthos, he experimented on her in several ways. Her physical age was changed and perma-lolied to about 16, later undone by Shinji; a subspace pocket portal was attached to the space at her back; and her belly button was removed—although other tests and changes were probably made, her memory of them is shaky. It has been suggested that Timanthos doted on her for romantic reasons, but if so, they remain undeclared. She grew uncomfortable around Timanthos and left the organization after a year and a half, but maintained a few ties for a steady cash flow after being unable to find a job. She bought a house in Azabu-Juuban, and lives peacefully. However, when she spent four quadrillion yen on Whistler's heart, Timanthos cut off starcat's funds and broke the last links. She maintains no current relationship with anyone from Timanthos company, and does not want to go back to the way she was.

After leaving Timanthos, she renamed herself starcat and took up cosplaying. She switched from subtle to flashy weapons, and dressed flamboyantly. Starcat did not cook at all for a year. She dated Shinji in the summer of 2004, and Furu from the fall of 2004 to February of 2005. Along the way, she stopped being so hostile to newcomers, and rarely uses weapons at all today.

She bought her own country, Castle, in 2006. She gave titles to ?, Prince Adam Kanal, and Prince Furu Ikari. Princess Jalissa, as she is known, rules from the palace at Another Castle.

On February 25, 2008, moonstar adopted starcat as her daughter, hooray!

On March 19, 2008, starcat and Furu were married in a sudden improvised ceremony! It was officiated by Shinji Ikari after he won the battle against gigapriest, and Apricot Jelly was the matron of honor. Hooray Jalissa Ikari!

During the summer of 2008, starcat resumed work for Aperture Science, this time as a portal technician. She's in charge of developing products for commercial application, such as hand-held and desktop portals.

Special Edition starcats

starcat was temporarily inhabited by the goddess Hestia during the month of August, 2006, up until the Crisis. This granted her powers of glowing from “shiny” to “omfg my eyes”, and pyrokinesis. She remembers it, but doesn't miss or regret it.

For two weeks in late April/early May of 2007, starcat was a catgirl version of herself, nekocat. She had cerval-patterned ears and tail, as well as slightly better hearing and vision. The cause is currently unknown, though she was transformed while testing the new Another Castle Hot Springs branch inside the palace. Furu Ikari cured her with a potion he found underneath the ocean. The potion is believed to be a product of a later version of Furu.

Ohsnap! Vampires!

In early October, 2007, starcat was a vampire. She hid it at first, but revealed her new condition after much badgering from Furu and others. After she was outed, Furu volunteered to keep her company to help her stay sane. starcat gratefully agreed. A few weeks into the arrangement, Furu suddenly confessed his renewed love. starcat was rather shy and afraid of trying another romantic relationship with him. It took about a week before she agreed to give it another try.

In the first week of November, the vampire who first turned starcat appeared and stole her away. Furu and others mounted a rescue where they had to compete in a vampire-themed game show. They won, of course, and starcat was devampired. She still has tiny points on her teeth that were the fangs, though.

Cosplay Senshi

In the course of her visits to the Ten'ou House, starcat created three cosplay Sailor Fuku. The first was Sailor C-4, a white and pale yellow-themed fuku. The second was Sailor Something Catchy, green and red, which was soon given to Natalie McCabe. The third and most recent is Sailor Antique Rose, a dusty rose pink and black fuku. She is not a true Sailor Senshi at all.

Marriage & Mini-Crisis

starcat and Brad London were engaged to be married prior to the mini-crisis. Furu and starcat had adopted each other as brother and sister. In the current timeline, Brad and starcat had only gone on a few dates before starcat discovered his job (thief) and rejected him. Furu and starcat remained just good friends.


<tabber> Odd Facts=

  • starcat gets money from random people on the street as a part of a deal with Sakura Xadium Aino. She uses this to fund her cosplays.
  • Her house is fairly large with four bedrooms. Since she lives alone, two extra bedrooms are costume closets. One is a sewing room, and the last is her bedroom.
  • She would do almost anything to save a book.
  • starcat cannot watch any part of the movie the Sixth Sense for undisclosed reasons.

|-| Weapons= starcat specializes in explosives, but not exclusively. Her current array of weapons includes:

a high-powered bazooka
several different grenade launchers
any type of grenade
c-4 plastic explosives
a big-ass laser cannon (BALC)
a set of superhard ceramic elbow blades (tonfa)
a revolver
a cheap hong kong ripoff of mjolnir
smiting hammer
a legendary sword named Ass-Biter
|-| Favorite Costumes= Yomiko Readman
Sailor C-4
Teen Angst Hello Kitty
a belgian maid costume
a schoolgirl fuku
|-| Pets= starcat loves animals and currently takes care of these:
Purin-chan, a jigglypuff
Stardust, a gray and white normal housecat
Black Jack, a black normal housecat
Iakchos, a large hamster
Munakata, a ralts

Pulling Things from Nowhere

Occasionally starcat will pull things from behind her back. Examples might include waffles, cookies, a weapon, or a new costume. She has access to a warehouse where all of these things are stored. A permanent portable portal affixed behind her back lets her get things from it, and put new things inside. It's basically a wormhole between the warehouse and herself.