Shizukana Kissaten

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Originally HQ Fumei, a "Super Hero" themed bar owned and run by Mike Dee, it was given an overhaul from a Hero themed establishment to a coffee shop after declining interest in hero media, it was renamed, now going by Shizukana Kissaten (静かな休憩カフェ, Peaceful Rest Cafe). While Shizukana Kissaten is a normal establishment, it also acts as a covert meeting place, as well as Mike's home and his base of operations.

Building Layout

1st Floor

The first floor of Shizukana serves as the dinning area. The main brewing area is situated in the middle of the floor and acts as the main island hub of the dinning room. The main dinning area is then split into two main sections.

2nd Floor

The second floor serves as living quarters for Mike. *more info to be added later*


The basement acts as storage, along with have a large break area for the staff. Amenities in the break area include bathroom and shower areas, an employee lounge with various seating configurations, and a changing area with lockers for personal belongings.


The sub-basement acts as Mike's "secret base" for his hero activities. *more info to be added later*


Knowing Japan's love of cosplay, Mike's wait staff mostly consists of women dressed in outfits based on traditional maid cafe outfits blended with different "relaxing" animals such as Rabbits, Sheep, Cats, and other traditionally cute animals. The establishment also has a few bakers who specialize in light fare that create the food portions of the menu, as well as a few baristas.


To come