Sarah Christensson

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Sarah Christensson
Biographical information
Birth March 6 1906

April 19 1995

Family Peter Bjorkson (First husband, deceased), Carlos (Second husband), Megan Smithson (Daughter), Juan (Son), John Christensson (Father, deceased), Kiyone Christensson (Mother, deceased), Matsumi Kaze (Granddaughter)

Former actor



Physical description




Hair color

Light Blond

Eye color





spear (formerly)


formally manipulation of spirit energy and ectoplasm for various effects. Present unknown.


Rising Valkyrie Unit

First Appearance

Sarah Christensson is a former member of the original Rising Valkyrie Unit, a former actress and Matsumi's maternal grandmother.

Early Years

Sarah Christensson was born to John and Kiyone Christensson on March 6, 1906. Her mother Kiyone was a member of the prestigious Shin Family and a practitioner of the Yobou-Ryu style of Bojutsu. Her father John was the head of the extremely successful Christensson Imports, as well as coming from an equally wealthy family. Sadly, Kiyone would die giving birth to Sarah, leaving John to raise her alone.

Though growing up in the most privileged of places, Sarah found herself rather lonely and isolated from others, finding her only comfort in talking to some of the servants, especially the cook. At the same time, her growing spirit powers (inherited from her mother) began to frighten other people, as well as worrying her father. After her 16th birthday, her powers became so obvious that her father placed a call to an old friend of his, an Admiral Gustav Ericksen, who had been putting together a team of like powered girls. He had hoped Ericksen would take in his daughter and help her control her abilities as well as protect her. Sarah, however, overheard part of the conversation and fearing that her father was going to hand her over to a stranger to do who knows what, she fled that night for Stockholm. On arriving, she found herself being trailed by a group of unknown people and in her haste, slipped and knocked herself out.

Rising Valkyrie Unit

Waking up in a strange room, Sarah found herself looked over by a young man named Peter, who asked if she was alright. She learned she was at the Bifrost Theatre, a theater which had opened a year before where Peter is the head play write. After meeting the other members of the theater, she was introduced to Admiral Gustav, who was referred to as Odin. Explaining her abilities, Sarah was soon drafted both into working on stage, as well as fighting in the Rising Valkyrie Unit. She was given the codename Freya. Sarah would soon become well known on the stage, especially in her roles in such plays as "Tartuffe," "Pinned Butterflies," and "The Tempest." She would soon taste battle when the three children of Loki attempted to free their father from his enforced imprisonment. Sarah would especially be distinguished in her fight against Hela in Lapland. It would be also during this time that Sarah would slowly begin to fall in love with Peter, who was the captain of their unit.

Sarah would continue in her acting work, as well as work on her cooking abilities, which had swiftly become a passion for her. The Valkyrie Unit would continue as well to fight against threats to the Scandinavian countries, including a near invasion by a group of undead Normans, as well as an ancient witch searching for the Sampo. While all these threats would be dealt with by the team, none of them foresaw the great threat they would face.

Ragnarok War

On August 15, 1933, the entire city of Stockholm was shaken by explosions, destroying much of the business district of the city. This was shortly followed by an invasion of the city by Draugs, Wyrms and Trolls, who soon began to actively attack the populace.

Trying to actively defend the citizens of the city, the Valkyrie Unit soon discovered to their horror that fellow member Anne had betrayed them and as well sabotaged their selphers. While the other unit members sans Anne attempted to defeat the monsters hand to hand, Sarah and Peter grew closer after he saved her from nearly getting eaten by a Draug.

The battle ended in tragedy as the Loki possessed Anne committed suicide and Gustiv Ericson died in a kamikaze-maneuver against Loki's war machine. Deciding that the Valkyrie Unit had finally come to an end, the group disposed of the remains of their selphers and went their separate ways, Sarah leaving the city with Peter.

Later Years

Arriving in New York, Sarah and Peter applied for American citizenship and married shortly afterwards. Moving to Minnesota in 1941, Sarah soon got a job as a secretary at a law firm, while Peter continued to write. They would soon be blessed with the birth of their daughter, Megan Bjorkson.

Many years later, Her married daughter would make her a grandmother with the birth of her first grandchild, Mattie Joanna Smithson. While Sarah was very pleased by this development, she soon suspected the child of possessing the same spiritual power she once had but chalked this up to her imagination.

After her husband died in 1994, Sarah would soon follow him a year later at the age of 89. However, this would not be the end of Sarah's story.

Ghost and Resurrection

She was a ghost that first appeared when The House was connected to The Enchanted Forest over the summer of 2010. She particularly liked to materialize drinks for people, especially coffee.

One day, however, Sarah somehow became alive again through an unknown means. What this means for her now is unknown. She has also met Kore, a fellow time-displaced girl.

Posing as her granddaughter's cousin, Sarah slowly tried to adapt to her new younger age and the new country she now calls home with middling success. However, Sarah soon banded together with fellow surviving members of the old Assault Squads under the banner of the Senka. Working alongside them, she helped in the effort to destroy Brent Furlong.

She currently continues to be a member of the Senka both in her Selpher NV unit and on the stage of the New Grand Imperial Theatre.

New Family

Sarah would later fall in love with Carlos, one of Raihosha's children and the two would be married. On September 22, 2018, Sarah gave birth to their son, Juan.


On April 10, 2012, Sarah's personal self doubts finally let loose, resulting in her stabbing her granddaughter in anger. She was soon confronted by Vain, who offered to help her control her power. Taking her into The Enchanted Forest, Vain pushed her for two years, finally breaking through her mental blocks and allowing her to access her hidden potential. She soon returned, now able to control her spirit energy in the same way she once controlled ectoplasm, allow with her strengthening her personal power.


Sarah uses a spear in battle as a member of the Rising Valkyrie Unit and the Senka. Unlike her granddaughter, Sarah uses a single spear. Due to her heritage, her spear style is partially based off the Youbou-Ryu style of Sojutsu.


  • Sarah enjoyed baking as an activity.
  • Sarah owns a German Shepard puppy named Erik.
  • Has a tattoo reading "Valkyries Rule Trolls Suck" on her left buttocks
  • Sarah for some odd reason can sense the presence of ghosts.