Saki Suminaka

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Saki Suminaka
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Birth March 5

Office Lady


Sailor Aeolus

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Sailor Quinox, Sailor Zephrius

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Saki Suminaka is a Quinox satellite senshi and senshi of Air Currents.


Born to the rich Daisuke and Chika Suminaka, Saki from birth had always had an a strange life. On the day she was born, half the power in the hospital she was delivered in went out, and growing up, the private kindergarten she went to exploded on the first day (though no one was injured). However, she never seemed to notice this and continued to keep a sunny disposition.

Her life continued like this until she enrolled into Mugen Gakuen, unusually making friends with local delinquent Masaki Minamata. Both girls soon made the acquaintance of newcomer Matsumi Shin, not knowing the girl was in fact Sailor Quinox. What neither understood, though Saki commented that it seemed like destiny, was that Saki and her friend Masaki were both Satellite Senshi, with Saki being Sailor Aeolus! At some untold point in time, Saki finally awoke to her true self and began to try and help "Matsumi-Sama" in her fights.

Currently, Saki works at her father's company Suminaka Inc., working as a "goodwill ambassador" to her father's rival companies, unwittingly driving them into the ground via her bad luck.

After a forced merger between her, Matsumi and Masaki, Saki has suddenly found herself once more a 15 year old. She is fairly happy with this change of events and has continued the usual work she has with her father. As a side effect of this change, her IQ has nearly doubled, causing her to have a strange mix of ditzyness and genius.


Saki post-rejuvenation


As Senshi of Air Currents, Saki can control the movement of air particles around her. Her attacks include:

Current Reflect: Uses air currents to push back an attack.

Current Charge: Adds power to her allies attacks.

Current Slash: Her only attack that does damage so far.

Saki also seems to have an effect on the probability all around her. Those around her often experience a string of bad luck, and in battle she can cause immense damage around her without her being affected at all. Her bad luck is so powerful, it has been known to topple businesses just by her being in the building.


  • Contrary to most beliefs, Saki actually has an IQ of 250, making her extremely intelligent for her age.
  • Masaki and Matsumi are Saki's only friends.
  • While Masaki technically leads the team of senshi, Saki tends to share leadership duties with her.
  • Saki's favorite flowers are white roses.
  • Oddly enough, Saki can out drink both Masaki and Matsumi when it comes to alcohol.