Sailor Varuna

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Verona Bianco
Biographical information


Birth 18,200 BC
Family all perished

Leader of the Kuiper Senshi, model


Sailor Varuna

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Hair color


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Chains, shackles, hammers.


controls the chains of retribution, blacksmith techniques.


Kuiper Senshi, Sailor Senshi

First Appearance

One of the three leaders of the Kuiper Senshi. Her official title is the "Warrior of Retribution."


Sailor Varuna was born under the name 'Vernoa' a few years before Estrella. She is known to be one of the more childish senshi, but also the most strict. She can never forgive someone who backstabs her or the Kuiper Senshi. She acts motherly at certain moments, but also has the worst scorn. It is believed that her scorn and persistence lead to the cryptosis of the Kuiper Senshi, as she refused to work with Sailor Quinox and Sailor Eris on any degree but that was due to her corruption from outside influences in order to force them as outcasts.

After the cryptosis, Varuna felt nothing but regret for allowing her corruption. She forged the chains to her Sailor Fuku are a form of punishment for her sins. While she still has her moments she still matured. Her growth allowed her to act more as a leader than as a child. When Ixion vanished, Varuna and nine of her fellow Kuiper Senshi searched for her in the past, but instead were found by Jedda Rain. She was manipulated into a polar opposite and was later slaughtered when she came out of her hypnotic trance.

Fortunately, Sailor Orcus pulled some strings to bring back her fallen comrades. The three could not return to their proper time. Instead of resisting this change, they moved into Tokyo and chose to live in peace.

Verona Bianco

Taking her name as a cue, Verona took the role of posing as an Italian girl who'd moved here to pursue her goal of becoming a model. Strange as the role sounded, it's brought Verona the most success of the three girls, allowing her to bring in a decent income, and allows her pictures to be all over magazines-primarily her hands or feet, but she's done a few glamor shots for magazines. She still has issues transitioning into normal human society but most dismiss her peculiar actions as "a celebrity thing."