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(For the woman formerly known as Sailor Titan, please see: Mayu Minamoto.)

Aine Lydie
Biographical information

Originally the Moon of Titan, Saturn

Family None

Tuber Farmer


Sailor Titan

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Hair color


Eye color

Dark Brown




Silver Bow, Starfall Arrows, Starfall Volley


Ian and the New Kingdom, Sailor Saturn, Satellite Senshi of Saturn

First Appearance


Silver Millennium

Aine was born to a family of simple tuber farmers on the moon of Titan. Titan was prosperous under the rule of the Earl of Titan and his family, so there was little poverty and Aine grew up well fed and happy. Her parents were great supporters of the Earl, but they also harbored some resentment to the Empress since she had married a human and sullied the royal bloodline. Her family acted as sympathizers to others who also wished the Empress be deposed, and the Earl promoted to the seat of Emperor, despite the Earl's proclamation of loyalty to the ruling court, and that he would refuse any attempt for a coup against his sister, the empress. When Aine was 6-years old, her father participated in a rebel faction's attempt to "persuade" the Earl into turning against the Empress by kidnapping his 8-year old son, Sean. The Rebel plan backfired, as the Earl, in turn, personally hunted down the rebels, declaring them as traitors and terrorists, and executed them for treason when he rescued his son. Aine never saw her father again.

Her mother claimed to know nothing of her husband's rebel activities and received some compensation from the Earl's estate along with other families of the activists who were executed. Despite her father's dishonorable death, she and her mother continued to work the family farm to make ends meet, and her mother and the other families continued to act as sympathizers to the anti-empress campaigns. Aine, herself, was not a rebel or supporter, but she always felt it was right to help others. Due to her mother's own activities with the activists, Aine was seen as associated to the activists, despite not being a part of any of their rallies or activities.

When Aine was 15-years old, the fall of the outer kingdoms caused a huge backlash to the moon colonies around the giant planets, including Titan. Without the protective atmospheric shields generated by their mother planet, many were forced to flee the moons, but there were not enough ships to evacuate the entire populace. Aine, along with many others lost their lives when they could not escape as the moons reverted back to exposed dead satellites that orbited the planet, leaving those on their surfaces to freeze and suffocate to death.

Rebirth in the 21st Century

It all seemed like a moment she was consumed in darkness, then the next, she found herself, along with many other bewildered Saturnians from various moon colonies alive and greeted by a young man who looked much like the Son of the Earl of Titan. His attendants proclaimed his name was Ian, and he was the rightful prince of Saturn who has resurrected them from death so that they may restore Saturn to its rightful state of power and prestige in the Sol. They learned of the fall of the Silver Millennium, and how it ended their previous lives. They also learned that Ian was cloned from the son of the Earl of Titan, but unlike his "unworthy" counterpart, he held true to the ideals of a pure blooded Saturnian lineage.

Aine saw that the majority of people who were resurrected were overjoyed to have Ian as their prince, and quickly denounced the lineage of the Empress and her descendants. It would seem that somehow, this new "Prince" has managed to resurrect a number of the anti-Empress rebel supporters. Aine did not see her mother among the resurrected, but she was grateful that this new prince had given her a second chance at life. She gladly accepted entry into Ian's "New Kingdom" on their guarded base on the moon of Mimas. She was given a home plot, and a place where she volunteered to start up her tuber farm to help support this new community.

Becoming a Senshi