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Sailor Quinox
Biographical information

Earth, Quinox

Birth February 3
Family Queen Minerva (Quinox mother), King Siegfried (Quinox father), Matsuo Shin (brother)

Matsumi Kaze

Physical description

Human, Quinoxian



Hair color


Eye color





Rhapsody Flue, Spear


Powers over Air


Suki Suminaka, Masaki O`Cain

First Appearance

"I am the shining light from the darkness of space! I am Sailor Quinox! For everyone's hopes and dreams, I will defeat you!"
—Eternal Sailor Q introduction.

"Guided by the precious air of this world! Sailor Q!!"
—Super Sailor Q introduction.

"Summoned by a mysterious world! Fighting with Grace and Strength! I am Sailor Q and in the name of justice, I will defeat you!!"
—Matsumi introduces herself.

Sailor Quinox is the sailor senshi of the planet Quinox and has powers over air. She is Matsumi Kaze, and there is more information about her here.

Powers and Abilities


Matsumi Kaze, as the Sailor Senshi of Quinox, is blessed with the gift of stratokinesis, which is the control of all forms of air, as opposed to aerokinesis, the control of wind. She has a form of "air sense" in which she can "read" or hear the flow of air, often in the form of sound. Through this she can also detect subtle changes in the air around her. As her powers have grown over the years, this air sense has expanded to the point that she can detect the slightest change in the atmosphere around her, including the unique warp signatures created by time travel.


The henshin into Sailor Quinox has changed over the years, mainly as Matsumi has grown into power.

The original transformation required the use of the Quinox henshin wand, along with the words "Q Planet Power, Make-Up!"

After being killed in battle with Sailor Steel Serpent and resurrected by her mother, Matsumi gained an upgrade to super form, although the henshin itself did not really change.

Her third upgrade into Eternal mode gave her a new transformation brooch and a new henshin phrase: "Quinox Eternal Power, Make-Up!"

Hyper form doesn't require a henshin phrase or henshin wand, but absorbs a great amount of energy from the Lodestone itself. Each henshin only lasts about 15 minutes to an hour at most.


Due to training with Freya, Sailor Quinox is physically the strongest of the main Sol Senshi. While her physical strength still pales in comparison to Sailor Zephrius and Sailor Atlas, she has been known to be able to punch holes in stone walls with little to no damage to her hand.

Early on this strength was only accessible to her in her senshi form, but more recently she has learned to harness it while even in civilian form.

Fighting Style

Matsumi has her own unique style of hand to hand combat. Matsumi, when she first began as Sailor Quinox, usually used her reflexes and agility to her advantage, rather than her strength. As time has worn on, however, she has trained her body and mind to take advantage of both her senshi talents and her own natural abilities. She mainly uses melee tactics on opponents, rather violently sometimes. If possible, she will use the nearest heavy object to knock out her opponent. She will often pin-point her energy to a single area of her body, such as her fist or foot. She has also been known to take on a lot of damage to her body, especially if she is in the middle of an adrenaline rush. As said before, her ability to alter air density can be used to augment her strength. However, it can also be used to add to her natural agility, making her quite the slippery opponent.

Due to her semi-retirement, her skills have dipped slightly but she is currently training to regain her lost footing. Her style has changed slightly to being more controlled, though she doesn't mind attacking an enemies' weak and soft spots, including her favorite attack point: the throat.

Due to her time in Renaissance Italy, Matsumi has gained a new level of control over her powers. These new abilities include an "air sense," allowing her to sense the movement of currents in the air. She has also become more fluent in the use of her Rhapsody Flute/Spear.

Senshi Forms and Attacks

Click here for a list of alternate Sailor Quinoxes.

Original Form

Her original form, this was the first form that Matsumi took when she became Sailor Quinox. Her agility becomes enhanced like all senshi, allowing her to move from distance to distance with ease. Her healing ability also improves, letting her recovering from all but the most life threatening of injuries. Her major attacks were as follows:

Air Blast: Quinox's major attack. Basically gathers particles of air into her hand, infusing them with Quinox energy and firing at her foe.

Tornado Tsunami: Gathers energy into her hand and slams it into the ground, which sprouts up to 3 tornadoes at once at the enemy.

Double Air Blast: Basically the same as Air Blast, but from both hands. Used in Episode 22.

Galactic Storm: Not truly a Quinox attack. Focuses the powers of Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto through Q's body. Only been used once during the final battle against Queen Necros outside the universe.

Super Form

Upgrade from her Original Form, gained when Matsumi was resurrected by the ghost of Queen Minerva. Due to training by Freya, Q learned how to harness her energies in new and dynamic ways. The following are the new attacks in Super Form:

Four Wind Laser: Blast of energies from four of her fingers. Used intermittently during Q2.

Rhapsody Flute: A weapon Matsumi uses in battle, it allows more concentrated control of air and also seems to be tied to the power to open certain portals as well. It can transform into the Rhapsody Spear in Eternal form.

Rhapsody Shield: Creates a shield of whirling wind around Matsumi as well as anyone near her. Can be extended up to 15 ft.

Rhapsody Armageddon: Creates an explosion from under the target's feet via a powerful shock wave.

Eternal Form

The upgrade from Super Form, which she attained during her final battle against Hax. Her fuku is also unique compared to her fellow outer senshi, being one of the few to include an upgraded brooch and the only senshi for who her new form to be properly called "Eternal". New Attacks from Eternal Form includes:

Aerith Funnel Beam: Powerful beam blast; Eternal Form's main attack. Gathers energy from above her head, then fires it forward from both hands, creating a swirling beam blast.

Healing Air: Healing burst of air; can heal most injuries not counting life threatening. Only used once in the series.

Hurricane Beam: Summons power into all ten fingers and fires it as one large blast. Difficult to aim. Barely used.

Grand Air Blast: super large version of Air Blast. Takes at least a min and a half to charge. Barely used.

Q Rhapsody Echo: Large ball of air energy swung outward from the tip of the Rhapsody Spear. Eternal Q's main finishing move.

Hyper Form

This is the ultimate upgrade for Sailor Quinox via the loadstone. At this point, she connects herself directly to the Lodestone itself. She has no end to her level of power, since the energy is continually being released and restored. At present time, she can only use this power for a few minutes. before it starts to damage her body, and not even at full power.

Ultra Form

The ultimate natural upgrade of Sailor Quinox. For more information, read the Ultra Sailor Senshi page.

In this form, Matsumi has so far showed highly increased strength (perhaps as far as class 20, though it has been revealed she can function at 150 times Earth's gravity) as well as increased speed to the point of creating after images in her wake. She apparently can also fly under her own power for short bursts in this form.

Ascended Form

A form past Ultra, created when Kei funneled her natural existence as an avatar of the Cosmic Loadstone through Quinox when she was in Ultra form. In this form she has Class 50 strength and immense control over air. While she did not use much in the ways of attacks during the brief period it appeared, it has a few that can be used.

Ascended Air Blast: An immensely powerful air burst.

Ascended World Cleft: A huge air shock wave from her spear.

God Form

The culmination of Quinox's powers, Matsumi achieved this by combining herself with her entire bloodline as well as the planet itself, becoming a massive (nearly the size of half the solar system) being. She used this form to destroy the Unnameable.

Transcended Form

After achieving God Form, her powers evolved further, becoming beyond a god and a powerful entity on her own. This new form gave her several new abilities.

  • Class 100+ strength
  • Healing factor
  • Total manipulation of air
  • Matter manipulation
  • Resurrection of the dead (with limits)
  • Self Propelled Flight
  • Ability to survive in space and underwater
  • Telepathic connection with family

Cosmic Form

After deciding that she had not truely earned her God Form and abandoning it in order to try and unlock it herself, Matsumi found herself facing her own insecurities and realizing that she been fairly selflish in her quest. Due to this inner realization, Matsumi inadvertently unlocked the power of Sailor Cosmos within herself. This form is her most powerful and perhaps may make her the most powerful senshi ever to exist. Due to lack of training, she has yet to show any sort of specific attacks, however she has the potential to do the following:

  • Almost infinite class of strength
  • resurrection factor - making her nearly impossible to kill
  • Self-propelled time travel
  • total matter control
  • flight
  • purification capabilities
  • higher reality awareness


Sailor Q - 43 episodes

Sailor Q The Movie - 94 Mins

Sailor Q2 - 50 episodes

Sailor Q2 The Movie - 79 Mins

Sailor Q3 - 56 episodes

Sailor Q3 The Movie - 104 mins

Sailor Q4 - 48 episodes

Sailor Q4 The Movie - TBA

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Sailor Q: Forever (aka Finale) - 3 Episodes

Sailor Q specials- 2+ episodes (cancelled)

Sailor Q: Wonderful Stories - 13 Episodes (OAV)

Sailor Q: From New York with Love (2018) - Movie set during Sailor Q2 - 90 Mins

Sailor Q: Tower of Dreams (2019) - Movie set during Sailor Q3 - 99 Mins

Sailor Q: Great South Seas Battle (2020) - Movie set during Sailor Q3 - 102 Mins

Sailor Q x Sailor V: Great London Mission (2021) - Movie set between Sailor Q3 and Sailor Q4 - 103 Mins


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Transformation Sequence (updated)

16443173_10154451596808990_1815957278_o_zpsfwioreqx.png 16466361_10154451597178990_1873512599_o_zpsi1muoayo.png 16409536_10154451597328990_273631497_o_zpsdujwpczf.png 16466018_10154451597378990_1689757399_o_zpscb32nvlg.png 16409959_10154451597513990_356100062_o_zpsu2tbnj3g.png
Transformation Part 1 Transformation Part 2 Transformation Part 3 Transformation Part 4 Transformation Part 5


  • Compared to the other Solar System Sailor Senshi originally, Sailor Quinox's abilities were average all across the board in terms of power and defense. Her actual talent seemed to come from her versatility when it came to the use of her powers.
  • Sailor Quinox's powers do not work against electrical attacks.
  • Up until the latter half of her battle against the Dark Ones, Matsumi always referred to herself as "Sailor Q" rather then Sailor Quinox
  • Contray to popular myth, Sailor Quinox never took on a form similar to Sailor V. She claims this was due to "marketing".
  • Sailor Quinox is the only senshi other than Sailor Moon to have a unique Eternal Form, as well as the only other senshi's form is specifically called "Eternal form"
  • Minerva once suggested that Sailor Quinox is the "bridge between inner and outer senshi" as she is someone who both groups are close friends with and listen to.
  • Sailor Quinox is one of the few senshi who's physical appearance actually has changed over the years, having grown her hair out longer as she grew older.
  • Contry to some beliefs, Sailor Quinox's rhapsody flute is not a talisman.
  • While still part of the overall "court" of the senshi, in some ways Sailor Quinox stands separate from the others, having her own small group of senshi that she is very hands on in working alongside with and often having adventures on her own apart from the group. This extended even further with her successor Mirai Arashi.
  • Sailor Quinox is the third tallest Sailor Senshi, tied with Sailor Jupiter.
  • Sailor Quinox was the last Sailor Senshi to retire from the role.