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In the main Earths of Earth 1337, Sailor Quinox has appeared in multiple forms of media, many of which are obscure outside of Japan.


  • Ultra Guardian Sailor Q: The Original Anime which ran for 250 episodes, along with 5 theatrical movies. The anime's first arc was a co-production between Toei Animation and LunaShone Animation, while the last four arcs were handled by Toei alone. Unusually, the series was never shown in Tokyo, mostly being played on local stations in both Northern Japan as well as Shikoku. Riku Matsunami voiced Matsumi for the first two arcs, before being replaced by Ryoko Takazaki for the final four arcs. The first few episodes of the original series was released on VHS, while the entire series has been released on DVD and is due to be released in Blu-Ray.
  • Sailor Q: Forever: A three part OVA originally released on VHS which covered the final arc of Sailor Q. It is the only bit of Q Media which has not been released on DVD. Like the original series, it is due to be re-released on blu-ray.
  • Sailor Q Festival Series: A series of theatrical films which were announced in 2018. As of 2021, there have been four in the series. Each tells a new adventure starring Sailor Quinox, inspired by small incidents in Matsumi's life. Movie 4 is the first to introduce Yuriko Nagisa as the voice of Matsumi.
  • Sailor Q: A new anime based closer on the manga adapation then the original events that is in the works. Yuriko Nagisa has been announced to play the main role of Matsumi/Sailor Quinox.


  • Sailor Q: A BBC-Toei co-production, Sailor Q was a live action special effects series which ran for 60 episodes. Unusually, unlike it's related anime cousins, the series only very loosely adapted the real life events of Matsumi's life, preferring to go in their own direction. The series went through several leads due to high production turn over. Of the 60 episodes, only 34 still exist, due to shoddy preservation and some shady back-door production issues.


  • Sailor Q: A six part radio mini-series originally run on ABS, it tells of Sailor Quinox's battle against Dark King Faust, a man obessessed with her being the reincarnation of his lost love. The role of Matsumi was played by Saori Kaga. The series was later collected on CD under the name Sailor Q - Dark Faust Arc.
  • Sailor Q - Legendary Galaxy Hero: Originally meant to be broadcast on ABS over six weeks like it's predecessor, only three episodes were broadcast due to low ratings. It would have told of Sailor Quinox's battle against an evil scientist bent on conquering Earth as well as the awakening of Masaki and Saki as Satellite Senshi. The series was only collected together on CD in Thailand and is very difficult to procure.


  • Sailor Q: One shot manga about Sailor Quinox published during her early years in Japan. Created by Mei Hanai.
  • Ultra Guardian Sailor Q: A manga adaption of the adventures of Sailor Quinox, created by Kimiko Tanadashi and originally published in Hikari Shojou Magazine. After two arcs, it was put on hiatus, with the last three arcs being adapted later.


  • Sailor Q: A weekly newspaper strip which ran for three months in the UK based off the TV series. It has never been collected.

Live Performances

  • Sailor Moon Stars - Legendary Heroes Star Ballad: The first and only musical to appererently include Sailor Q as a character. She was played by Izumi Eto.

Video Games

  • Sailor Q Fighting Memory: A PSX game released only in the UK made by game studio New-Winds. Cheaply made, the game has become infamous for it's lackluster design and bad game engine.