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Sally "Thorn" McKnight
Biographical information


Birth October 13
Family Paul McKnight (father); Jane McKnight (mother, deceased), Matsuo Shin (husband), Lina Shina (daughter)



Thorn, Sailor Adrastea

Physical description




Hair color

black with tint of red

Eye color





control of hellfire and conduit of Evils and Demons


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter, Mystery Incorporated

First Appearance

Sally goes by Thorn, and is a satellite senshi of Jupiter, Sailor Adrastea. Her abilities are over Hellfire, and channeling the Evils of Gehenna. Although she's well known as the lead singer of the Hex Girls.

She's now married to Matsuo Shin and has a young daughter, Lina, with him.


Born to Paul and Jane McKnight in Oakhaven, Massachusetts, Sally McKnight has always had an interesting life. She was considered an outsider and a weirdo for quite a long while when she was a child. Her choice in believing in Wicca and becoming Wiccan estranged her from her parents and so she decided to form a band with her closest friends and thus they became The Hex Girls. She abandoned her name of Sally and took her stage name of Thorn.

After becoming mildly famous, The Hex Girls went to play at a festival in Oakhaven, where Thorn, Dusk, and Luna first met with Mystery Incorporated. The two groups worked together to solve the mystery of Ben Ravencraft's spectral ancestor.

They once again meet up with Mystery Incorporated in Australia for another festival, though this time they didn't need to be as involved in solving the mystery. And they met once more whilst shooting a music video in Transylvania.

The Hex Girls wanted to cool things down a bit and go back stateside so they arrive in the Hometown of Mystery Incorporated, Crystal Cove. However, after the Nibiru event, the timeline shifted, and Thorn came into understanding that she was the Jovian Satellite Senshi of Hellfire and Gehenna, Sailor Adrastea.

With this newfound knowledge and abilities, Thorn took herself to Japan to meet up with her fellow senshi.

Red Light District

Thorn went on hiatus with The Hex Girls for a while after she moved to Japan. There she began to explore what it meant to be a Sailor Senshi and she met up with Sailor StarBaker. The two of them banded together for a while and created a new band with the last surviving members of The Three Lights, Yaten Kou and Taiki Kou. Starring as lead guitarist in a visual key/metal band made her miss the easier songs of the metal eco-goth rock band of The Hex Girls so Thorn was finally able to split her time between both groups.

RLD has become fairly famous throughout Japan and just recently they went on tour with BLACK STONES. POST REBOOT THIS NEVER EXISTED

Current Whereabouts

A Star is Born

On June 20, 2017 Thorn gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Lina.


Sailor Adrastea's fuku is comprised of its primary color of dark red and her secondary color of black.

At first, Thorn did not know the full extent of her powers and abilities. She knew that she was a satellite senshi of the Amalthea[[1]] group, but she did not know why she had red, demonic runic symbols that would appear on her arms when she transformed or why whenever she would conjure up her hellfire for use in battle, she'd feel an inkling of evil in the back of her mind. It wasn't until she met Yurika, and became a Super Sailor Senshi, that her unfortunate meaning of existence came to be fully realized.

In her past life, Sailor Adrastea was a pure force of demonic energy. She was the strongest, and most dangerous, of the Amalthea senshi. While she was being reincarnated into modern times, her soul, while waiting to by judged by Archangel Uriel, wandered off and met Asmodeus, Lust of the Seven Satans. This former cherubim angel, who followed the angel Lucifel as he became the Demon Lord of Hell, Lucifer, saw potential in the lost soul. He tapped into her being and changed what her soul was. She became a conduit for himself and the other Satans. He sent her on her way to Uriel and Adrastea was judged worthy enough to be reincarnated with the rest of the sailor senshi.

Sailor Adrastea's purpose in life is to ruin the mortal world known as Assiah/Earth. Thorn, however, rebels in this idea. However, oftentimes, the pull of the Seven Satans and, even sometimes Lucifer himself, is too strong for her to ignore and she does their bidding.


Sailor Adrastea's basic abilities are conjuring and manipulating the black flames of Hellfire. However, ever since she upgraded and became Super Sailor Adrastea, one of the Seven Satans is able to take control of her, and thus her abilities change.

  • Beliel: Pride
  • Astaroth/Astarte: Sloth
  • Asmodeus: Lust
  • Mammon: Avarice
  • Barbelo: Wrath
  • Leviathan: Envy
  • Beelzebub: Gluttony


Matsuo Shin

Ishi Kou

Sailor Oberon

On February 3, 2015, on her way home from a practice session with Red Light District, she took a shortcut down a darkened alleyway. A creature appeared from the Darkness in front of her. Thorn was terrified at first and raised her hand to call out her transformation phrase and yet she hesitated. The Golem stared at her, curious, and reached out to her as though it knew her. Thorn began to go towards the creature as well but suddenly a bright person fell from the roof top and landed in between her and the monster. The globe of golden power that surrounded the figure burst outwards in all directions and hit Thorn, causing her to crash into the wall behind her. Dazed from the shock and pain, she sat on the cold, hard ground, barely conscious of what happened. The figure, a young woman clad in a satellite senshi fuku, dispatched of the creature and made her way towards Thorn.

Thorn reached out for the offered hand and as she clasped the gloved hand, a pain resounded within her soul something unlocked within her, which began to immediately pour out in a plume of blackened fire. An unknown presence filled her mind as the power surged, causing her to upgrade to her super form, and urging her to take out the fellow satellite senshi.

Thorn lost her consciousness to the Satan known as the Mad Butterfly and only came to wakefulness the next morning in an area of Tokyo far away from her home, detransformed.

Thorn was confused and scared. Her husband had left on a quest only two days before and she no longer could rely on him to help her. She became afraid of who she was and yet she felt compelled, every night, to go out into the Darkness and see what would happen.

Every time she has come into contact with Sailor Oberon, she has been under the control of one of the Seven Satans. Thorn doesn't know if she's being taken over completely or if she is merely a conduit or channel for the Demons to use their powers through her on the mortal realm of Assiah.